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Mortal Anemones

Ana(Squiggy) and Sophia(Lenny) are changed into different species and the firsts of many problems come after them.


2. Chapter 2

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My life has never been normal. Hardly even sane, thanks to my mom. I mean, right off the bat she names me Anastasia Squiggy Jetsen. I mean, who think of a middle name like SQUIGGY!? What is a squiggy? Does anyone even really know? Since I get a dorky name my bestie, Sophia, gets called Lenny; we haven't figured out why, though.

I guess I am forever cursed to have the worst luck on the faced of the planet: Tripping and falling over everything, talking in circles and yet some how managing to live in one, too. I never really liked Jacob Black; he was always way to tall, but most people are compared to my 5 foot. How I got that short is still unknown since my mom is a giant. Ha. Ha. I made a funny.

Back to Jacob. He always picks on me!!!! So does everyone except Quil, who if his hand touches my butt one more time he is SO losing it. Okay, sorry, off topic, but anyway all the sudden I'm feeling like totally attracted to him, which isn't cool. He is, you know, a giant and I am almost legally a midget. And anyway he is always so hot, like skin wise and looks NO NOT LOOKS! ABORT ABORT!!!

Calming, calming. That kind of leads me to were I am now, pinned against a tree and Jacob in my face, Still wondering why I even came, I wonder a lot of things.

"Have you been feeling it too, Ana? Do you think of me every time you close your eyes? I think of you." Where is this coming from, why am I here? Why does this feel so yummy?

"Um…. Well… You see... I, I mean,.. No… I guess... Well… SHUT UP!" He only smirks and looks down at me. Oh how short I feel, poor poor Squiggy. Poor Poor Poor Squiggy.

"So you like me too, you feel the heat and the want and the… why are you staring at a squirrel?" How could I not be is a better question? I wonder if it's a girl.

"Bobby needs a girlfriend. He is a lonely old purple squirrel and he isn't getting any younger." I nod as I finish saying this, and slip out from under him running after the squirrel. It scampered up the tree and so did I. Until I noticed what I was doing and fell onto of somebody and they were HARD!

"You know for such a short person you way a lot!"

"Are you calling me fat? You insolent little twerp face, I should give you a whipping boy! I mean I am not---" He shut me up, he kissed me. JACOB BLACK IS KISSING ME MAKE IT STOP! NO DON'T! YES DO! AHHH ALLL THE THOUGGGGGGGHTS ARE CONFUSSING ME! So I kissed back. His lips felt really good, though; I couldn't stop. He was making me tingle all over; he made me want more.

"That's what I thought, I knew you liked me, my little one." WHY THAT LITTLE! I OUT TO! LITTLE ONE!

"Who you calling little, buster!?" He smirked at me and tapped my nose with his finger and started walking away, He can't just kiss me and walk away! Yet I am sitting here, watching him walk. This is like the most weirdestest day of my life. I stormed off after him because if I didn't, I would be lost FOREVER!

As I entered back into Sam and Lenny's house all I could think about was him kissing me and him calling me little one. I really don't see why I am so surprised. I mean, he has been dropping hints for like the last month. I was spending the night with Sophia to make sure she is okay, because Sam and Emily have a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.

"SQUIGGY! Why do you look so pissed off?"

"He I we UGH! Why kiss I mean nose falling walking GR!" I fell face first onto the floor, tripping over God only knows what. Lenny was laughing quietly, trying to hide the smile forming on her face.

"So you and Jacob FINALLY kissed. It took you two long enough! He has been hanging on every word you said and flirting with you like crazy all month but you are too STUPID to notice." I love how she doesn't ask if I'm okay.

"But I don't know; he just walked away then." She just rolled her eyes and pointed at the window and mumbled something about rocks and stupid people. I looked out and there he was about to throw a rock at Lenny's window. I stuck my head out just before he threw it. He slowly smirked and I guess maybe I had something on my face, I don’t know. He mouthed something about coming down and I looked back at Sophia and she was already asleep.

I stepped out side and there he was. He didn't look too happy as he looked at my nose. I figured it was red from the fall.

"Listen, we need to talk about what happened earlier. I liked it and all, but I mean, I guess I feel weird dating—" I kissed him. I didn't know how else to make him shut up. I knew he was going to say it's weird since I'm basically Sam's sister. To my shock, he kissed me back. After what seemed like forever, Jacob suddenly sprang away from me. I looked around, dazed and confused; and then I saw it: Quil standing there, looking defeated.

I used to like him you know, until he got all perverted and junk. I tried to say something, but he just walked away, I looked at Jacob and he looked ashamed and I was totally lost, but hey what's new. Jacob wouldn't look at me, so I walked away and back into the house. The minute my head the pillow, I was out.

I woke up the next morning and right away decided to go see Jacob, I threw on a white tank-top and neon green shorts. I slipped out of the house without anyone noticing. I walked through La Push thinking about the kisses. I reached Jacob's garage and the light was on, so I figured I would surprise him. When I opened the door, he was there, but so was Leah. Though you couldn’t even tell where one ended, they were making out or more. I couldn't tell.

I let out a small gasp and quickly left. I swear I could hear Jacob calling my name, but I wouldn't turn around, not for him. I left a note on the counter saying I was going Port Angeles to look for some more books. I slid to my car, the leather seats still warm from the sun. As I drove, all I could see was them kissing and touching. I finally reached my destination.

I got out and walked around and shopped for what seemed like days; everyone I saw looked like Jacob. Suddenly I was pulled into an alley way. Some girl was standing above me, brown hair flowing around and eyes piercing. She smirked an evil smirk and I knew she was a BAAAAAD CHICKEN. She kicked me in the gut and slowly leaned down and bit my cheek. It felt nice at first and then it started to hurt and itch insanely. I rushed to my car, knowing I had to get home to see what was going on. I went thirty miles over the speed limit.

When I got home, I rushed to my room; everything was spinning and my cheek burned. I looked in my mirror and was horrified at what I saw. On my cheek there was a silver crescent moon forming with two little teeth marks in the middle. I could see myself already a little paler then before. I ran to my bed faster then usual and buried my head in the pillows. I didn't leave the room for the rest of the day. The pain was unbearable, forcing me to stay still, there on the bed. I knew what was happening, but I didn't want to accept it.

The next two days were like that. I couldn't eat, sleep or anything and then suddenly it stopped. But something else started. I wanted blood; that alone is really weird for me since when I even think of blood I really want to puke and pass out. I looked out my window wanting to go and eat someone. There was always my mom but I shook that thought away instantly. I wouldn't be a murderer, just a poacher.

I left my room and chased squirrels around all day. I finally bit one and sucked it. It was so yummy. The blood satisfied my inner monster for now. I had to go see Lenny. I just ran there and got there faster then if I had driven. I walked through La Push and everyone was staring at me like I was some zombie. I finally reached her house; I knocked twice. Emily opened and Sam was next to her.

"Is Lenny awake, I really need to talk to her?"

"Look, Sophia has a bad case of mono, and it could be contagious so you shouldn't come in." Mono my butt.

"Okay Sam, you suck at lying. To get mono you have to kiss someone and Lenny still thinks guys have cooties. Secondly, the only way I could get her mono is if we kissed and EW; that is never happening. So tell me the real reason or let me in."


"So I'm a vampire? How? When? Ohh." The girl in the alley was a Vampire.

"You didn't know what you are?"

"Of course not!" I knew I should leave so I just walked away, I saw Jacob on the way out and for some reason I got flashes of me and him kissing and Leah shoving herself upon him. But I hand's seen the Leah part, so how did I know? He looked at me as if I were a bug he wanted to squash; I looked at him as him I wanted to jump his bones right then. This is some messed up chickens.

As I walked back to my house, I saw a Volvo pulled into the driveway. No clue why though. As I got closer, I saw Alice (my friend) and her family get out of the car. They all turned to look at me; they sparkle! I giggled and wave because none of my thoughts are making sense to me anymore.

"We are what you are. I know it hurts makes no sense and you want—"

"DON'T SAY THE B WORD! I MIGHT PASS OUT! IT MAKES ME SICK, HEARING IT!!!" I started running around in circles until Edwardo Bean came and stopped me. He was TALL!

"We can explain everything if you come with us for a bit." And amazingly, I trusted Alice.