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Mortal Anemones

Ana(Squiggy) and Sophia(Lenny) are changed into different species and the firsts of many problems come after them.


3. Chapter 3

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"Hello," a small brunette girl said to a girl around her age with bleach blonde hair. "Will you play with me? There's no one to play with except him, but he's mean."

"Okay," the blonde girl replied. "I'm Anastasia. What's your name?"

"Sophia. Mommy calls me Lenny, so you can too."

"Is it your middle name?" Anastasia asked.

"No," Sophia giggled. "Why would you think such a thing?"

"Oh," Anastasia said bashfully. "Because my mommy gave me a funny middle name. It's Squiggy."

Sophia laughed. "I like it! I'm going to call you Squiggy!"

"Really? Why?" Sophia just laughed. Why does this girl ask so many dumb questions?

"Because it’s perfect for you!" The rechristened Squiggy laughed nervously. Sophia sure knew too much for her own good. It would get her into trouble one day.

"I guess," Squiggy sighed, shrugging.

The two new friends walked over to the sand box to dig a hole to China, by suggestion from Squiggy. A few minutes into their dig, a boy with brown hair wandered up and sat right in the middle of their hole.

"Move it, buddy!" Squiggy demanded. "This is our hole! Go dig your own!"

"No, I think I like it here," the boy said. "Hello Sophia. How is your mom?"

"She still doesn't like you," Lenny snapped. "Rebecca sends her greeting from the bench."

"Tell her I hope she stays with you forever," he replied good naturedly. "Who is your charming friend?"

"What four year old says charming, Jacob?" Lenny demanded. "You couldn't even tell me what it means!"

"Neither can you!" he snapped.

"At least I know I can't and admit to it, Black," she snarled. "This is Squiggy. Call her that and I'll tell Billy you were being rude."

"Why? How come calling her Squiggy is rude!?" Jacob wanted to know.

Squiggy just watched this play out in fascination. The Jacob kid was really annoying, but Lenny could hold her ground pretty good without losing it.

"Because it's my special nickname for her! You can't use it!" Sophia yelled.

"I'm Anastasia," Squiggy interrupted, sensing a fight.

"Hey Anastasia. Want to play with me over on the swings?" Jacob asked her before looking at Lenny with disgust.

"What will you give me for it?" Squiggy asked, knowing she would stay with Lenny anyway. She was nicer.

"How about a sucker?"

"What kind?"


"How about you, Lenny?"

"A Ring Pop."

"I stay with Lenny. She has Ring Pops."

"You are so easily bought. It's gonna get you one day."

"You wish!" Lenny yelled after him.

"You're my best friend," Squiggy said, staring at the bag of Ring Pops. "What kinds do you have?"

"Blue Raspberry and Bubblegum."

"Can I have the blue?"

"Yeah," Lenny said, giving it up without a second thought.

"You'll be my friend forever!" Squiggy squealed.

And then she had a brilliant idea! She ran to her mom and asked for paper and a pen. When she got back to Lenny, she wrote:




The handwriting was horrible, but the meaning was clear. Their friendship would never die, even though they were only four years old.

Six years later the two girls are closer then ever. Jacob is still a poop pop but they learned to ignore him. They both knew the others' quirks; Squiggy had WAY more then Lenny.

"Squiggy, you aren't going to be able to do it! You're going to get HURT!" Lenny was screaming up at her friend who swung higher and higher on the swing. She was going to try and do a back flip.

"I can and I will. I'll show Jacob I am better than him!" With those last words, she jumped back and did a perfect back flip. But the came the landing. It looked like she as okay until she started spinning again. She let out a scream and closed her eyes.

She expected to hit hard ground and die, but with and "oof" she landed on someone else and her arm.

"For someone so little, you do seem to way a lot. I think your broke my arm!" Squiggy jumped up and looked down at the face of Jacob Black. She knew she was doomed.

"I didn't ask you to catch me! And shut up, I think I broke my arm too. And I am a year older then you so you have to listen to me." Jacob just rolled his eyes and walked away. With that, Squiggy went running for her mom saying something about great pain!

Squiggy ended up going to the hospital and who was there but none other then Jacob himself. Squiggy begrudgingly sat down beside him gently holding her own arm.

"Thanks for trying to catch me, Jacob; if you hadn't I could have gotten hurt much worse." She gently took his arm and started looking at it.

"It's okay, I knew you would get hurt really bad and I never want you to get hurt that bad." She playfully smacked his arm. Maybe he wasn't that bad. He grabbed her hand with his bad arm's hand and smiled. Maybe they could have a friendship.


"Well—you see—if he hadn't tried to catch me, I would be in a coma and I might have broken his arm." With that, Squiggy let go of him hand.

"You might as well have been making out, my gosh." Squiggy and Jacob looked at each other. They had an idea.

"Okay!" With that Squiggy stepped in front of Lenny's view and started moving her head like she was making out. Jacob got the hint and did the same. Lenny was about seconds away from puking when they pulled away.

"Just kidding, we didn't kiss!"

"That was not funny, Squiggy!"

"Yeah it was."

So you remember our comroderous friends, Lenny and Squiggy? Yeah, those two. The ones who would have no problem looking like idiots in front of the President of the United States, if they ever met him. We come to the two morons four years after the arm-breaking incident, as Squiggy refers to it. Currently, the two friends are at Squiggy's school dance, laughing and talking with some of her friends from school.

"I think he likes you," Squiggy whispers, standing on tip-toes to do so.

"And I think you're insane," was Lenny's automatic reply.

"We already know that," Squiggy replies, laughing slightly. "This means that what I think is true. I'm going to go find out!"

"What?!" Lenny exclaims, almost forgetting to whisper. "Do you have a death wish or something?"

"Maybe," she giggles. "Toodles." The blonde wiggles her fingers and walks toward a corner, where a very cute boy with gray eyes and brown hair is talking to some other guys. We zoom in on Lenny freaking out.

"You okay, Sophia?" a girl named Angela asks.

"Yeah, fine," Lenny replies, after a moment. "Sorry. I'm not normally called Sophia. Sometimes I forget that's my real name!"

"You look a little stressed," Angela says, changing the topic back to her concern.

"Squiggy just has a death wish, that's all," Lenny replies nonchalantly.

"Alright," the other girl responds skeptically. "Listen, I have some other friends I have to go talk to. I'll see you later?"

"Yeah. Absolutely. I'll still be here," Lenny answers.

And then she sees Jacob Black standing the corner where Squiggy, who was going to die, and Alex Marrow had been standing not too long ago. She stomps over to him, wanting to know why he was HERE of all places on the planet.

"Jacob Black, I—" She's cut off by his hand, which he placed over her mouth.

"Before you start yelling, look out on the dance floor," he says, pointing at Squiggy, who is so impossibly short, you can't miss her, and Alex, who basically towers over her. Then again, we all do.

"Wha—what---AH!" She folds her arms over her chest, glaring at Squiggy. How dare she dance with him, knowing full well that she, Lenny, likes him!

Meanwhile, when Lenny is having her epileptic fit, we center on Squiggy, who is talking very animatedly with Alex about her best friend.

"Would you care to dance?" Alex had asked, wanting a little space from the guys to talk. Of course, Squiggy had replied in the positive and now they were here, talking about, of all things, Lenny.

"Why do you call her Lenny? No one else does," Alex asks, confused by such a nickname from a person who doesn't even attend the same school as Sophia.

"Because when we met, that's what she told me to call her. When her mom got sick and died, she wouldn't let anyone else call her that," Squiggy explains. She looks down suddenly, aware that she had just spilled an important secret of her best friend's. "I shouldn't have told you that."

"I'm glad you did," Alex replies. "Even if Sophia gets mad at you. But why would she not want anyone to call her that anymore? I mean, it’s just a name, right?"

"No, it's not. Her mom always called her that. We don't know why; it just was. Her mom was the most important thing her life. She died two years ago. Only Lenny and her older brother, Sam, are left, and he's only seventeen now. Well, there's Sam fiancée, Emily, who RULES at cooking, but she's not much of a comfort to Lenny, who never really wanted to have a mom-like figure back in her life."

Squiggy let go of Alex to cover her mouth. Why was she telling him these things!? It was betrayal of the worst kind!

Then again, if Alex asked her out because of this, Lenny wouldn't mind. And then it would be all worth it.

"That's why she doesn't like to talk about home!" Alex says, having a revelation.


"She always seemed to different and when I couldn't find her at school one day after I saw you two at the park, I thought I was going insane and you just had an imaginary friend that I could see too! That is such a relief." Alex laughs nervously, acutely aware of what he just said and how it could effect him.

"You looked for her?" Squiggy asks excitedly, laughing slightly. "That is SOOO cute!"

Alex blushes a little while Squiggy laughs. "Well…shut up!"

"I shouldn't tell you this either, but she sort of likes you, too," Squiggy whispers. "She was mad at me for trying to find out if you liked her. I think she may still be mad." She looks over Alex's shoulder and sees Lenny cross her arms across her chest and glare at her. Then she notices JACOB BLACK doing the EXACT SAME THING. IT WAS A CONSPIRACY, WE TELL YA, A CONSPIRACY!

"Are you kidding?" Alex laughs. "A girl like Sophia can NOT like a guy like me. I'm so…average."

"Yeah right. If you were average, Lenny would be running away as fast as she could," Squiggy says, chuckling.

And we slip back to Lenny, who is now planning how to separate the two with Jacob, when Squiggy stands in front of her, looking very much like an elementary school child compared.

"He's coming to ask you to dance," Squiggy confirms. "And if you say no, I'm going to murder you and then burn your ashes and bring you back to clean up my mess."

Lenny stands there, shocked, blinking infinitely at Squiggy. Two fast songs go by before another slow one makes it's way through the speakers to the dancers' ears.

In no time at all, Alex is in front of Lenny, asking her to dance.

She nods slowly, unsure if you can use words yet, and leaves Squiggy with Jacob Black.

The two stand there awkwardly, looking at each other with side-long glances.

"Soooooo," Squiggy says, trying to start a conversation. "Why you here?"

"Alex," he replies. "Why is Soph?"

"'Cause I brought her," Squiggy says. "Where did Soph come from?"

"Oh, come on," Jacob says, laughing. "She may yell at me all the time and we may get in fights often, but it doesn't mean we can't be friends and stuff."

"You serious?" she asks, looking in awe at Lenny. "She can be friends with you?"

"Yeah," Jake replies. "At school and home and stuff."

"And stuff," Squiggy mocks in a voice that normally stereotypes 'retard.'

"Play nice," Jacob says, laughing.

And now, since you have an idea of how wonderful THAT conversation went, let's fly over to the love birds.

When they begin to sway back at forth, ever so slowly turning in a circle, Alex starts up conversation.

"What's up with you?" he asks casually. Lenny looks at him as if he's an idiot.

"Not much really. Helping to plan the wedding at all," she shrugs.

"Oh, yeah? When is that?" Alex asks, mildly interested.

"Two years. Emily wants to get a degree at college before they get married and she's almost done. She graduated a year early and her degree takes two years," Lenny explains. She sighs. "This can't be the reason you asked me to dance. We could talk like this any old time."

"You're right," Alex sighs. "Though, I could probably do this any old time. I just wanted to know more about you, seeing as you go to an entire other school on the reservation and all." He scowls in disgust at the thought of her attending a different school than his.

"Careful," she jokes. "The reservation is my home. Insult it and you insult my entire heritage and life."

"Sorry," he laughs. "But really. I want to know all about you!"

Lenny laughs and ducks her head, slightly embarrassed, but mostly afraid. How was she to tell him about what was coming in her future? She couldn't even tell Squiggy! Of course, they were strict orders from Sam, otherwise she would know.

"You don't want to, I assure you," she whispers in response. "I'm not worth the effort."

"I think you are," he whispers back.

And now we shall leave the best friends, alone with their memory of the school dance in eighth grade, where a whole new world began for them.