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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


1. Pretend

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There’s a thousand pretty women waiting out there
And their all living devil may care
And I’m just the devil with love to spare
Viva Las Vegas, viva Las Vegas

-Elvis, Viva Las Vegas


They’d found a nice little chapel. It was slightly off the strip, fair away from the neighborhood of themed ones they’d come across last week. The street had been full of people in costumes handing out leaflets to passersby advertising their respected chapels. They had been approached by a pirate, an egyptian, Elvis, another Elvis, the Statue of Liberty and a zombie.

Once Alice got everything organized for the wedding in the small perfect chapel, she would set a date and make sure everyone on their small guest list could attend. Renee wasn’t pleased that her daughter, Bella, was getting married so young, but once she walked into that chapel, Alice would make sure she forgot all her doubts. And also she, like everyone else, forgot they were really in Vegas.

Yes, the chapel Alice had tracked down was the tamest in Vegas. It had simple wooden pews, an altar and white flowers everywhere. As an added bonus, it was run by a man who looked like an actual priest, not like he’d confused the date of Halloween. It was traditional, not novelty.

It was perfect.

But Bella wanted nothing to do with it.

She had something totally different in mind.





“If you love me…”

“It’s ridiculous.”

“But it’s perfect!”

“Alice found us an exceptional chapel already.”

“But I like this one and the Bride runs the show.” Bella grabbed Edward’s hand and led him into the back of the chapel as they watched a man dressed in black leather robes pronounce to figures, also dressed in black, man and wife. The few tourists that had gathered in the pews to watch the show clapped.

“Look, Edward!” Bella pointed over the corner. “They have a blood fountain!”

“Whatever that is, it’s not blood.” The Vampire responded.

“Look at this place.” Bella examined a craved gargoyle. The chapel was lit with black candles that framed the aisle and hung from the ceiling in iron fixtures. At the back of the room someone had swapped out an altar for a giant dark oak anch, the symbol for eternal life. Demonic looking gargoyles and black roses decorated the pillars that supported the vaulted ceiling. “It’s awesome.”

“You do know there’s no real Vampires here.” Leaning forward to examine the gargoyle eye to eye.


“So this is a mockery…just like Halloween.” Edward said, straightening up to look Bella eye to eye.

“It’s just for fun, Edward.” She argued as they crept back to the front room, careful not to disturb the end of the service. The receptionist sat behind a simple desk painting her short nails midnight black. Intricate swirls of dark tattoos decorated the part her chest displayed by her low-cut black dress. Bella suspected that under her black sleeves, her arms were also covered.

“Hello, my name is Angra,” A man in black leather robes approached them with a sales pitch. He wore a silver Ankh pendant around his neck and had clip-on fangs attached to his teeth. “Are you two interested in being joined in eternal matrimony in the house of the damned?”



Undeterred by Edwards refusal the man called Angra pressed on, “We have a new package were trying out, after you pledge your souls to each other in front of all the underworld to see we release two bats as a symbol of your dark eternal union.”

“Oh, that sounds lovely!” Bella threw Edward a big smile and linked her arm with his. If it wasn’t for his rolling eyes they might have looked like the prefect couple.

Edward looked down at Bella, “Your going to make this as difficult as possible, aren’t you?”

“Yep.” Bella turned back to the Angra. “See my fiancée, he’s a Vampire.” Edward threw Bella a sharp look but Bella ignored him. “We were looking for a chapel that was a bit more appropriate.”

The tattooed receptionist had risen and was now leaning over Angra’s shoulder, her nose and lip rings glinted in the florescent lighting of the room. “He doesn’t look like a Vampire, he doesn’t even have any fangs.” She said, cocking her head to the side and examining Edward. Whereas most woman were immediately taken with Edward and his model looks, this one seemed put off by his relatively tame appearance compared to her and the other staff.

“We’re all adults here.” Bella sighed. “We all know your fangs are clip-ons.”

“I was born with these.” The woman gasped, as if Bella had dealt her a great offence.

“Sure. And I’m the tooth fairy.”

“You little mortal, I’m going to-”

“Jezebel…” Angra said in a warning tone. “Stop fighting with the patrons.”

The receptionist growled and stepped back from Angra, she bared fangs that were four shades whiter than her teeth. Bella and Edward fought the urge to snicker.

“His are getting reshaped.” Bella informed them, patting Edward’s forearm. “Bar fight.” She explained casually. “With a werewolf.”

Angra nodded understandably. “Happened to my cousin last month.”

“As wonderful as you’re establishment is,” Edward said. “I’m afraid it’s not what we had in mind. Good day.” He practically dragged Bella out the door into the Nevada night, taking advantage of their inter-linked arms. Outside it was bright, it was one of the reasons Las Vegas had been a good location for their wedding, the city never slept. Bella had become practically nocturnal, during the day she would crash in her and Edward’s hotel room at the Monte Carlo while the insomniac Vampires enjoyed the many attractions the resort offered including a spa, casino, mini mall, arcade and various shows. But during the night, she and the Cullens would spend their time exploring the Vegas nightlife and checking out all the local tourist attractions.

But tonight she had dragged Edward away from the others, especially Alice, to check out all the novelty chapels that the city had to offer. Not that she didn’t like Alice’s help, Bella herself had no idea how to plan a wedding and was grateful for her help, but she wasn’t sure how her friend would react to the other possible locations.

“Now, what was so bad about that place?” Bella protested.

“Are you proposing that I marry you in-” He glanced up at the neon sigh hanging over the door. “Dracula’s Coven of Love.” Besides the bright red words there was heart, the sign was animated to give the illusion of two drops of blood rolling off.

“What? It seemed like a nice place.”

“They had a ‘no garlic beyond this point’ sign!” Edward gestured to the door of the chapel with his hand.

Out of the corner of her eye, Bella could see Jezebel, the receptionist, watching them argue from the window. “Come on, look on the bright side, everyone can talk about Vampires all they want and no one will even care!”

“I am not marring you there, although we wouldn’t be the first.” Edward informed her as they began to make their way down the street.

“What?” Bella gasped, taken aback by the news. “You know a Vampire that got married there? Did it go badly? Is that why you’re so-”

“No, No and No.”

“So how do you…”

“I smelt one,” He explained. “Very stale, though.”

“See, I bet lots of Vampires have gotten hitched there, it’s probably a big joke on the Vampire circuit.”

“What do you mean?” Edward cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Well there’s got to be some Myspace or Facebook group out there…”

“You think Vampires keep track of ironic wedding locations over the internet? Bella, you know Vampires are very spread out, the only other coven we’re in contact with is Tanya’s.”

“Do you think one of them…”

Suddenly Edward grabbed her forearm and they ground to a halt.

“What? What is it?” Bella asked as him, she glanced around expecting to see some mythological creature barreling towards them.

Edward closed his eyes and inhaled. “Vampire. Maybe the same one.” He opened is mouth slightly, letting the scent hit him full in the base of the throat.

“Maybe they decided to stay for their Honeymoon.” Bella suggested, hoping whomever he was smelling was friendly. Hopefully a vegetarian also.

Edward shook his head. “Blood. Lots of blood.”



“What do we do?” They could call Carlisle and have him and another one of Edward’s ‘siblings’ investigate, Edward was not having Bella near another wild Vampire. He tried to search nearby thoughts, but unfortunately the fast paced city of Sin had lots on its mind. He couldn’t tell if the two smells had any connection, but someone could be in trouble and there was no time to waste.

“Stay close to me.” Edward advised, taking her hand and leading her further down the street before turning into a dark alleyway. Soon the coppery smell of blood hit Bella too.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” They turned another corner and Bella’s foot stepped in something wet. She looked down; the liquid splashed on her shoes and freckled her bare leg. She looked up and was met with a gruesome sight. In front of Bella and Edward, lit by a streetlight, was a rusty Dumpster brimming with garbage. Positioned on top of the heap was a woman, her throat had been ripped out and her blood soaked head was hanging on only by a strip of skin and a partially intact spinal cord. The blood had dripped down from the wound and pooled onto the ground. The woman’s head faced them, her eyes wide and open, her last moments of fear were still etched, frozen, in her features.

Bella screamed.

Edward caught her as she stumbled back into his arms.

For Bella, everything went black.