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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


10. Explanations

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Chapter 10: Explanations

and you neglected I called you out don't please
I said we're stronger than this now
you resurrected mistakes years past it seemed
and they exist to still haunt you


I could see it as you turned to stone
Still clearly I can hear you say
don't leave, don't give up on me
two weeks and you ran away
I remember don't lie to me
you couldn't see that it was not that way
swear I never gave up on you

I wanted nothing but for that trust again
and brick by brick you would take it
You feared of phantoms and none exist but you
you still saw fit to destroy it

-“Two Weeks”, All That Remains

“Grissom! Grissom!”

“Doc, what happened?”


When Carlisle, Esme, Catherine, Dr. Robbins and Dr. Grissom exited the Ballroom a few of the guests were lingering in the corridor. The rest, Carlisle presumed, were responsible for the commotion down the stairs. Their fear mulled together and assaulted his heightened senses.

He scanned the stunned faces in the corridor, this was one mess where manipulating the evidence to cover up what really happened wasn’t going to be easy.

“Grissom, what the hell happened in there?” A man approached Dr. Grissom. “Did something explode?”

“I can’t talk about it right now.” Dr. Grissom responded calmly, continuing past them. His firm stride left nothing to question, he was stopping for no one.

Carlisle was relived on how lucky they were, given the circumstances. Dr. Grissom had had no objection when he had suggested they talk in private first and the woman hadn’t actually said anything at all. Carlisle had caught Dr. Robbins eye as soon as the Rogue had flung himself out the window and a silent understanding had come between them. They would need to expand their circle tonight.

“What do you mean you can’t tell us?” It was the brunette the Rogue had attacked, she had a men’s jacket wrapped around her arm. The woman didn’t seem at all put off by the injury as she fixed her molten glare upon Dr. Grissom.

“I’ll explain when we get back.”

“Where are you going?”

“We’ll all talk later, Sara.” He snapped, something – frustration - finally seeming to have worn through his cool demeanor.

The woman, Sara, gave Dr. Grissom a look so cold it was a surprise the doctor didn’t shiver, then turned and grabbed on of her companion’s arm. It was the man who had thrown the knife at the Rogue. He looked vaguely disoriented as he allowed himself to be led away. “Come on Greg, let’s see if the uniforms have shown up.” They disappeared down the stairs.

“Grissom,” A man with a Texas accent approached Dr. Grissom. “Seriously, what happened?”

“I promise that we’ll all discuss it later. Right now, I need you all to start processing the scene.”

“What about witness statements?” Another man put in, stepping forward giving Dr. Grissom an incredulous look.

“Your interpretation of the scene should not be effected by witness accounts.”

“But it’s your witness statement.”

Dr. Grissom let of a breath of air then raised his hands as if some psychic force could repel the questions from his team. “We’ll all talk later. I promise. Now, excuse us.”

He spun around and, with surprising swiftness, led Catherine, Carlisle, Robbins and Esme in the opposite direction that Greg and Sara went.

Dr. Grissom let them down the hall and around a few sharp turns before finally leading them into a vast conference room filled with hundreds of folded chair facing a dominating stage. Despite its size, they now had privacy.

“We don’t have much time, this hotel’s a crime scene.” Dr. Grissom said, closing the doors behind them.

“This is a disaster.” Catherine was muttering as she paced in-between a row of folded chairs, speaking for the first time in a while. “Right in front of the whole department, well most of it, this is a PR disaster! What the hell was that thing?” Catherine rounded on Carlisle. “You seemed…familiar with it.”

Carlisle felt all eyes on him. “You were never meant to witness any of this.” He paused.

“Well we did,” Catherine snapped her red hair spilling over her shoulders as she tossed her head. “And if you know who that man was, I demand that you tell us!”

“That man…wasn’t a man, Catherine,” Dr. Robbins spoke up and she spun to face him full on. (All eyes fell on him and Dr. Robbins suddenly felt as if he was on the vast stage instead of sulking At the back of the room having secret conversations)

“You’re in on this?” She blanched, “Well, in that case, I think you’re ready to tell us exactly what it is, then?”

“Yes…that’s thing,” his eyes skipped to Carlisle, he gave a slight nod, “was a vampire.”

“Vampire?” Catherine shrieked, her voice considerable higher, “as in fanged, cape wearing, blood sucking vampire?”

“Not exactly.” Carlisle said. This is why he avoided telling their secret. Well, one of the reasons, anyway.

“Do explain then.” Dr. Grissom said.

“I believe the Rogue that we saw tonight the same vampire my family and I have been tracking for the past few days.”

“And what makes you and your family so adept to do this? Descendants from Van Helsing?” Catherine barked.

“Not exactly.” Esme said with a wryly smile.

“See, we’re vampires as well.” Carlisle said slowly.

“Oh, I see.” Catherine said calmly, then broke suddenly into hysteric laughter.

“Catherine…” Dr. Grissom said.

“It’s just…that’s the answer? Were all vampires! I mean…what are you going to tell me…werewolves are real, too?”

“Best take it one thing at a time.” Carlisle said. His seriousness seemed to sober Catherine up.

“You can’t seriously think that if you tell us you’re vampires we won’t haul all your asses downtown? Gil, back me up here.”

They all looked at Dr. Grissom.

“I think we should hold off on dragging then to interrogation just yet.”

“You’re buying this?”

“Catherine, think of what you saw? Can this science we have explain what we witnessed? I think we have to admit that it’s time to accept some extra help.”

“And you trust them?”

“I trust Al.”

“Al?” Catherine turned back to Dr. Robbins. “You knew all of this?”

“I’ve known Carlisle for some decades know, it seems. Do you think I wouldn’t have realized that he hasn’t aged a day?”

“So you think we should just call it vampires and leave them to it?”

“Unless you’ve been holding out on us, Catherine,” Dr. Grissom said, “and have a collection of wooden stakes at the ready?”

“Maybe not, but don’t think I’m not putting it together. Don’t think for one second that I can’t see that it’s no coincidence that some crazy evil bloodsucker crashes Doc’s party the same week girls are getting their throats ripped out. Gone on and tell me there’s no connection?”

“It’s possible.” Carlisle said slowly. “And I think, if that be the case, it would be more effective if the catching of this particular killer were left to us.”

“Oh no,” Catherine stepped forward till she was directly in front of Carlisle. “Those women’s family’s need an answer not more horror movie stuff! There is no way I trust you with this. How do I know it’s not you who’s been killing these women? You said yourself you were a vampire!”

“We don’t drink human blood.” Esme said, sternly. “We’re not murderers.”

“This is still my case, our case,” she indicated Dr. Grissom, “we can’t just hand it over to you people, ever if Doc vouches for you.”

“How about a compromise,” Dr. Grissom jumped in. “A sort of joint investigation. Dr., Mrs. Cullen and their family could lend their expertise as a consult. Unofficial, of course.”

“And if we play our cards right,” Dr. Robbins added, “We can get the Rogue and bring these families some closure without anyone knowing this was really a vampire we were dealing with.”

“By ourselves it would be impossible…” Carlisle said with a small smile.

“But together,” Dr. Robbins said, “This could just work out for everyone. Catherine?”

“As long as we get the guy and the public never hear a whisper about this vampire business…”

“No, this can never get out.” Carlisle’s face grew dark.

“If the Volturi ever found out, or felt they had to interfere-” Esme was cut off.

“Wait, Vol-what?”

“The Volturi. Vampire royalty,” Carlisle explained.

“So would we be better off dealing with them?” Catherine asked.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“You’d probably end up dead.” Dr. Robbins answered.

“Probably,” Carlisle agreed, “The Volturi have a more…intense approach to these types of situations.”

Catherine didn’t respond.

“So we’re in agreement?” Carlisle asked.

“One more thing,” Dr. Grissom said, “I request we bring one more person in on this...”

“No, it’s to dangerous, you two have complicated things too much already.”

“Captain Jim Brass is the lead detective on the case. This plan cannot work without his help.”

Just then, the door opened as the man in question strolled in.

“Gil! Catherine! There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you two. What’s going on? I go to the bathroom for five minutes and all Hell breaks loose!” He noticed Esme and Carlisle’s presence. “What’s going on here?”

“You explain, Gil,” Catherine slumped into a nearby folding chair. “I need a minute.”


Detective Brass looked at Dr. Grissom. Dr. Grissom looked at Carlisle.

“Fine, read him in, but no one else must know.”