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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


2. DNA

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Chapter 2: DNA

I wouldn't front the scene if you paid me
I'm just the way that the doctor made me, on,
and on,
and on,
and on
Love is the red the rose on your coffin door
What's life like, bleeding on the floor,
the floor,
the floor

-Thank You For The Venom, My Chemical Romance

“I told you, we didn’t see anyone.”

“Let’s go through this one more time.”

“I want to see Bella.”

“She’s fine. Hey look at me, young man.” Detective Brass snapped as Edward glanced over his shoulder to check on Bella, who was sitting in an ambulance. Balding and dressed in a brown suit, Brass had wasted no time taking Edward’s statement before he could be reunited with Bella. Several police officers were dividing the area around the mouth of the alley with yellow crime scene tape as a crowd, drawn by the beacon of the flashing police lights, started to gather. More cops were arriving, ducking under the tape. Edward had told the detective exactly how he and Bella had discovered the body, but another man had joined them and Edward had been ordered to recount the whole thing again. “We take these things very seriously.”

The second man, who Detective Brass had introduced as Dr. Grissom from the crime lab, threw Brass a significant look, Edward wondered if this was going to be some sort of good cop bad cop routine.

“Just start from the beginning.” The Detective ordered Edward.

“Bella and I were out.”

“Who’s Bella?” Dr. Grissom, the criminalist, asked Edward. Brass jerked his heads towards the ambulance, where Bella was visible.

“Isabella Swan.” He informed his colleague after glancing at his notes.

“Now that were all aquatinted…” Edward muttered.

Brass ignored him. “Why did you go out?” Brass demanded.

“I really don’t think that’s any of your concern.”

“Why did you go into the alley?”

“We heard a woman scream.” Edward lied smoothly, he knew the Detective didn’t believe him. Brass had grown suspicious of Edward the first time he had questioned him, Brass had decided that something was wrong with how calmly he seemed after just discovering such a gruesome murder.

“So you led your girlfriend down an alley you suspected to be dangerous?” Brass asked, trying to rattle Edward.

“I am perfectly capable of protecting her.” Edward informed him seriously before continuing his account. “We turned a corner and saw her.”

“Did you see anyone around? Hear anything?” Detective Brass asked.


“Then what?” Brass prompted.

“We called 911.”

“What happened to your friend?” Dr. Grissom asked.

“She faints at the sight of blood, after we saw the body I took her back out to the sidewalk.” Edward left out his phone call to Carlisle, his pseudo-father had advised him to play the honest tourist and call it in. Edward had told him about the unfamiliar vampire he had smelt and had wanted to get Bella out of Las Vegas that minute. Carlisle had talked the neurotic Edward down, reminding him that nothing good could come of them seen fleeing the scene of a murder. They were innocent and they had to make sure everyone else thought so to, lest the Volturi get word otherwise.

The criminalist shone his flashlight down the alley behind them, as he did this he asked Edward if he or Bella had touched anything.

“No, but Bella did step in the blood pool.”

The criminalist frowned, his flashlight following a trail of blood drops that led up the alley.

“Are you sure that’s it?” Detective Brass asked.

“Yes.” Edward snapped, frustrated. He glanced over at the ambulance to see that a young man in a vest identifying him as a “Crime Scene Investigator” was now talking to Bella.

“I want to see Bella.”

“Fine,” Detective Brass relented. “We have to talk to her next now that she’s awake.”

The three men, Edward in the lead, made their way over to Bella and the CSI. Upon seeing Edward approaching, Bella swung her legs over the side of the gurney she had been made to lie in and made her way out of the ambulance.

Still woozy from her fainting spell, Bella’s foot caught on the edge of the ambulance floor.

In about 0.0067 seconds Edward was catching her for the second time that night, she wondered if this was a new record.

“Nice reflexes, man.” The CSI in the ambulance said, Edward could see the name on his vest read “Sanders”.

Edward didn’t respond, all his attention was on Bella. “Are you alright?”

“Fine.” Everything had begun spinning as soon as she had leapt off the gurney, but it Edward’s arms she felt thoroughly grounded.

“Are you sure?”

“They took my shoes.” Bella muttered, and Edward took notice of her bare feet. “And my socks, they had her blood on them.”

“They’re evidence.” CSI Sanders explained, jumping out of the ambulance to join them. “We need them to compare to the shoe treads at the crime scene.”

“If you must.” Edward rolled his eyes, he turned to the Detective Brass and the Criminalist. “Can we go now, I would really like to get Bella back to the Hotel.” He threw a glance down the alley, eyeing the blood trail Bella’s dripping shoes had left behind.

“Not until we get her statement.” Detective Brass informed him.

“Isabella?” Dr. Grissom addressed Bella. “Do you remember anything?”

Bella turned her head to towards the Criminalist. “Edward and I were out for a walk, check out some chapels…”

“Are you getting married?” He asked.

“Yes.” Bella answered and then returned to her story. “We were walking and then…” Bella trailed off, she couldn’t exactly explained to the authorities about Edwards’s supernatural senses that had detected the dead woman’s blood.

“What happened next?” Brass asked.

“Is this really necessary?” Edward protested. “I’ve already told you what happened.”

“Isabella?” Dr. Grissom prompted gently.

“I don’t remember.” Bella shook her head, her curtain of dark hair obscuring her face. “I just remember blood. So much blood. And then I saw the woman…and then I was in the ambulance. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Said Dr. Grissom.

“Is that all?” Edward asked the three men.

“We just need you to volunteer a DNA sample and your fingerprints, it will only take a minute, we need to know what traces you left behind.” Dr. Grissom explained, he turned to the other CSI, Sanders. “Greg.”

Greg Sanders applied ink onto Bella and Edward’s fingers with a small roller and pressed then each in turn to labeled cards. Bella, who Edward had placed in the back of the ambulance, allowed the Criminalist to swab the inside of her cheek for a DNA sample, he carefully labeled in and then turned Edward.

“I’m refusing.”

“We just want to-”

“-Rule us out, I know. But I’d rather not give you my DNA.” Edward wasn’t sure exactly what their lab would find with the DNA of a vampire.

“You know how this will look.”

“We really must be going. You’ll have to conjure a warrant if you want anything from me.”

Edward gathered up Bella in his arms, her feet still bare, and headed towards the crime scene tape to where a black Lincoln Navigator with tinted windows was waiting.

“Any further questions can be directed to my lawyer.” Edward threw over his shoulder.

“If you remember anything,” Detective Brass emerged from behind a police car, “Be sure to give us a call.”

“I will.” Edward accepted a card from Brass.

“Where can we reach you if we have anymore questions?”

“My family and I are staying at the Monte Carlo, we expect to be in town for three more weeks if nothing arises.”

And with that Edward walked the few feet to the waiting black SUV and he and Bella got into the back seat. Edward closed the door.

“Just so your aware,” Edward said, “Detective Brass finds this car highly suspicious.”

Emmett grinned back at them from the passenger seat, but Carlisle however did not look pleased. “Are you two under suspect for murder?” He asked.

“Maybe.” Edward replied, nonchalantly.


“The Detective knows something’s off, but he’s not exactly sure that we killed her.”

“I didn’t think they would,” Carlisle explained as he drove. “From what you told me I expect this is the forth death in a murder spree.”

“Forth?” Bella asked, her eyes wide. “Three more women? How come we didn’t know about this?”

“Could we talk about this later?” Edward hinted, glancing at Bella. She had had enough murder for one night.

“No.” Bella stated, she addressed Carlisle. “Is it a vampire that’s doing it?”

“Unless we were to examine the crime scenes or bodies there is no way of telling, but were considering the possibility.”

“You knew about this?” Edward hissed, outraged by his father’s unshared knowledge. “You had reason to believe a vampire was on a killing spree in Vegas and you let me bring Bella here?”

“Technically they started the say after we arrived, the very day after to be precise. You can see that this doesn’t look good.” Carlisle explained.

“I don’t care how it looks!”

“Edward, if you and Bella leave now it will bring us under suspicion. Do you want to Volturi to get word that you might have murdered four woman and threatened our secret? Do you want them to send someone to investigate?”

Edward slumped back in his seat and didn’t say anything.

“What happens if the police decide to investigate us?” Bella asked.

“I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that. As long you guys cooperate with the police, they’ll forget about you, catch the real killer and this will all be over.” Carlisle assured them.

You don’t want Bella involved in this, Carlisle thought.

“No.” Responded Edward.

She’s been through a lot already.


Maybe she can handle it.

“No. She shouldn’t have to worry about this.”

“What are you talking about?” Bella muttered, fighting the urge to sleep.

“I hate it when they do this….” Emmett said.

Four victims, dare I say it, so far? A sting of serial murders will be all over the news.

“This has nothing to do with us. We’ll just wait for it to blow over.”

You won’t be able to protect her from everything…

“We’ll see.”