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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


3. Sources

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Chapter 3: Sources

Keep your foot out of my door.
I don't want you on my floor.
Take it from the source.
It's killing my softcore.
I'm dressed in my best soul.
You drag it through the mud.
I'd like to keep my skin on.
It's holding in my blood.
Open wounds that never heal.
You're the flies and I'm the meal.

-Softcore by Jawbreaker

He was a blur, no more than a wisp of smoke in the night when he grabbed her. She was light in his arms as he tossed her onto the dais. He leered over her, she stopped screaming and became frozen staring, as if entranced in fear, into his bright yellow eyes. But her body couldn’t help but elicit a piercing scream as he sunk his razor teeth into her neck. But she was silenced, for he now held her trachea in his mouth.


Bella slept through the morning and well into the afternoon of the twelfth. While she slept, Edward watched her, alone with his thoughts.

Carlisle had been right about one thing in their conversation last night: Bella had been through plenty already. She had seen horrific things and felt the brush of death in her teenage life, one of the hazards of having a Vampire for a boyfriend. How could he have ever thought they could have had anything remotely close to a normal relationship?

But then the possibility of marriage appeared on the horizon, and now he finally had a ring on her finger. Las Vegas was a chance for them to relocate to a place so different from Forks to give Bella a Wedding she could tolerate.

Edward gave Bella a small kiss on her cheek before raising himself off of the paisley bedspread and wandering over to the window. His pale fingers slipped through the part in the cream curtains and separated their think folds to peer down onto the swirling city below. It wasn’t just the capital for getting hitched or rich, it was a cesspool in which all manors of evil and corruption brewed. The glitzy, promisingly upscale ads and tourist destination reputation had both fooled and blinded them, and Edwards cursed himself for ever bringing Bella to a place like this.

The more he went over the last night’s events in his head the more he convinced himself that a Vampire could only be only explanation for the crime he and Bella had discovered.

He or she…Edward was betting on he based on the scent.

Male, young and wild.

A Monster.

He had killer three women, that they knew of, in the last week. All had been investigated by the Las Vegas Police Department, all were currently unsolved. They could investigate all they wanted, but there was no way that a mortal police force was going to catch a vampire. And he would go on killing until the Volturi stepped in.

Which was good news for Las Vegas, Edward supposed, but definitely bad news of him and his family.

And if a rouge Vampire was the source of the murders, he had to stop it before the Volturi swooped in and found Bella and his family in the middle of a string of sloppy, public, supernaturally produced murders.

Even with Alice’s visions for warnings, Edward had always hoped to put off their evading of the Volturi for as long as possible.

He couldn’t skip town and risk his and Bella’s human identity. He couldn’t do nothing and risk their lives altogether.

As Edward’s ever-altering eyes scanned the city below, he came to the conclusion that the only way to protect Bella was to find this monster.

A murderous Vampire.

A soulless Vampire.

Sin City indeed.


“I had a friend of mine email theses to me.” Carlisle placed a stack of color photos on the table of his and Esme’s room. The hotel rooms they had rented were designed with three rooms, a bathroom connected by a door to the bedroom and another door connecting to the outer room which contained a sofa, TV, desk, coffee table, two chairs and a kitchenette. The Cullens were gathered around the small table in the kitchenette and Carlisle proceeded to spread out the photos. The first few were of a redhead in her

thirties, the next lot was of a blonde girl with a severely mangled face. The third and final victim was an almost decapitated and bore a resemblance to the first: both possessing thin lips, high cheekbones and slight noses. All three had misplaced and broken bones displayed under their purple skin as well as gorged out throats.

“Who’s your source?” Jasper asked, picking up a close up shot of a broken arm.

“I have an old friend who works in the coroner’s office.” Carlisle explained. “I called in a favor. I had to give him my word I wouldn’t leak them to the press, I told him they were for research purposes. But he knew I was just satisfying a curiosity.”

“First girl was a Mary Andrew.” Esme informed the other Cullens, rotating her laptop to display an article. “Killed in her home. Police questioned her husband, but he had an airtight alibi.”

“You said you thought the girl you found was posed, Edward?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes, odds are the killer had to have gotten her up there.”

“Any reports on how the first girl was positioned.”

“The press claimed ‘inside sources’ had leaked to them that Mary Andrews was discovered on her kitchen table.”

“So our vamp was dining in?” Emmett suggested.

“If it is a ‘vamp’,” Edward said.

“Second victim,” Esme pulled up another window, “Jane Doe, most likely a prostitute, body was found in an alley off the Strip.”

“Wait…” Rosalie looked at the headline. “Does that say ‘Werewolf’?”

“Bloody paw-prints were found surrounding the body and teeth marks on her face were identified as Canine.” Carlisle explained.

Rosalie quickly scanned the article. “They’re blaming this on a werewolf?

“No one would expect a human to be capable of such mutilation.” Edward mused as he looked at the Jane Doe’s destroyed face.

“I was probably just a stray dog who came to investigate the carnage.” Carlisle reasoned.

“Story stuck for a while, but it died after no leads came in.” Esme said.

“Third victim, Juliana Leishman.” Carlisle went on. “Discovered at home by her friend.”

Esme spun her laptop around and pulled up an article dated three days ago with a high quality photo of a woman sprawled on a sofa.

“Oh my god.” Alice said. “How did someone ever get that close? Was it leaked?”

“Look at her positioning.” Jasper commented. “The wound at the lowest part of the body, he uses gravity to hasten consumption.”

“Just like the forth girl.” Edward recalled the similar position of the woman he and Bella had discovered.

“Look at the necks,” Jasper indicated a photo, “Completely ripped out.” He pointed at another. “Bones crushed. Do you have the autopsy reports?”

Carlisle pulled out another small stack of printouts. “Cause of death for all three was ruled esanguination through the neck, investigator were unable to match dental impressions. Medical examiners also noted the victims all had various bones crushed, cause unknown. Other bones appeared to have been snapped by blunt force.”

They all exchanged grim looks. Finally Alice spoke:

“Well folks, it looks like were on for another vampire hunt.”


He wasn’t there when she woke up. Even though he didn’t need to be he was always there when she woke up.

Immediately she thought something was wrong. But everything seemed perfectly undisturbed; the only thing wrong with the generic hotel room was that it was Edward-less. The worst state a room could be in.

He probably just needed to talk to one of the others, she reasoned, he just stepped out for a second.

But she’d dreamed about that woman from the alley and a faceless vampire buried in the folds of her hair with its mouth on her throat, and she needed to be close to Edward.

She remembered the dream vividly, quickly committing the details to memory. The Vampire had grabbed the woman, she had screamed. It had then proceeded to place the woman on the Dumpster, almost to display her.

Bella chambered out of her bed, by the light of the strip that filtered though the half-pulled curtains she found a sweater and her slippers and proceeded to pull them on. She made her way through the outer room and into the hall. She heard voices coming from Carlisle and Esme’s room and knocked.

Carlisle answered the door.

“Is Edward in there?”

“Yes,” he stepped back and Bella looked in.

All the Cullens were gathered around a table, files and pictures scattered about.

“What’s going on?” Bella asked from the doorway, subconsciously wiping sleep from her eyes.

Everyone looked at Edward.

He stood and moved closer, trying to block the gory pictures that littered the table. “Nothing.”

All eyes were fixed on her, she felt like she was intruding. “Can I talk to you.” She said to her slippers.

“All right.” Edward placed a hand on her shoulder and led her into the hall.

“What are you guys doing in there?”

“Nothing, love.”

“I didn’t look like nothing. What were those pictures?”

“Just something one of Carlisle’s source sent him.”

“Source? This is about those women?” She inquired, remembering her dream.

“Yes, but Bella it’s nothing you have to be worried about.” He said as if this ended all discussion on the matter.

“So what? You’re not going to tell me anything. You’re taking advantage of my human need for sleep to keep me oblivious?”

“Just let us take care of this.”

“So you’re not going to tell me.”

“There are somethings, Bella, that you don’t need to see.”

“Whatever it is I can handle it.”

“I’m doing this to protect you.” Edward said, exasperated. If she didn’t know he never needed to sleep, she would have thought him tired. “Just go back to bed.”

“Fine, but don’t even think about joining me.”

Bella spun on her heel and sped past Alice and Jasper’s room, adjacent to Emmett and Rosalie’s, and stormed through her and Edward’s open door. She didn’t bother to lock it, Edward had the other key. She did, however, lock the door that separated the bedroom from the outer room with the kitchenette and living area.

She crawled to the back of the bed, to the side that didn’t smell like him. His smell just made her sulk harder right now.

As Bella contemplated her attempt at putting Edward in the Doghouse, she heard a click and the door swung open.

“I thought Vampires had to be invited in.” She muttered, referring to an ancient Vampire myth trying to annoy him.

“I picked the lock. In the case of no invitation they have tips posted on the Vampire MySpace.” Edward stated as he took a seat on the bed next to her.

“Oh, mockery, that’s a good strategy.” Bella muttered as she scooted away from him.

“Strategy? A strategy for what?” He asked, inching closer to her.

“For apologizing.”

“Okay,” he kissed her neck, “maybe I should revise my tactics.” He began to trail icy kisses down her throat.

“No, no, no!” Bella protested, she bit back a gasp as Edward’s lips found some particularly sensitive skin. She placed an elbow into the center of his perfectly sculpted chest. It was like jabbing a brick wall.

Edward’s lips left her skin, but his head remained in the crook of her neck. “So I can’t distract you from this?”


“I thought you had a one track mind.”

“That was before you started purposely excluding me from Cullen family meetings. I was there with you when we found that woman; I deserve to know what happened to her. And stop trying to take advantage of my mind.”

“Bella, I don’t want to exclude you from anything, but this…this is nothing you should have to worry about.”

“But I do…last night, I dreamt about her, but this time she was still alive.” She shuddered.

Edward sat straight up and looked her in the eye. “You did? Bella, if this is bothering you that much, we can leave, we’ll-”

“No. We’re not skipping town because I’m having bad dreams. Besides, we can’t leave the police to deal with a rabid Vampire? More people will die. No.” She shook her head. “We’re staying right here.”