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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


4. Liquid

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Chapter 4: Liquid

He calls the mansion not a house, but a tomb,
He's always choking from the stench and the fumes,
The wedding party all collapsed in the room,
So send my resignation to the bride and the groom.
Let's go down!
This elevator only goes up to ten.

-To The End, My Chemical Romance

Jacob wasn’t absolutely sure where he was, or for that matter, how he got there. But he was sure, that he was sitting at a bar nursing a beer and, hopefully, somewhere in the U.S..

The werewolf wouldn’t pride his alertness in the state he was in, he felt like an over-saturated sponge slowly swimming through murky dishwater.

He didn’t know how long he had run but he did know that he’d made stop along the way. Various diners and gas stations had provided assistance in the slow process of weaning himself of his human familiarity of this world.

And them he’d smelt her.

And then he’s smelt him.

The very people he’d been trying to put behind him and, damn, he needed a drink.

Now he remembered where he was! Vegas: the land of neon, blinking lights. The shiny pulsing city was another planet compared to La Push. But the alien world had been quite fine with Jacob until Edward Cullen sauntered in the Monte Carlo Brew Pub.

“A Bloody Mary for my friend,” Jacob ordered.

“Are you stalking me?” Edward asked calmly, taking a seat next to Jacob at the bar. “We’re in Vegas, you’re in Vegas. I don’t think the phrase ‘I was just in the neighborhood’ is going to cut it.”

“Don’t you believe in fate?” Jacob proposed, pensively.

“I believe in werewolves, so I consider myself open-minded. But with you, a coincidence such as this is unlikely.”

“Don’t worry, vamp, I won’t let her see me. We’ve made our peace.”

The Bartender slid Edward’s drink towards him, Edward flicked the celery stick protruding from the red liquid and it swirled around the glass taking the black straw with it. “Good to know.”

“I know she’s-” Jacob took a swing from his tankard. “-She’s made her decision. Her choice.”

Edward just nodded.

“And it sucks…but what can I do? What can I do? I could kill you, I guess.”

Edward ignored his drink and fixed his icy glare upon Jacob, “So you came to Vegas to murder me?” He looked around before adding in a disbelieving tone, “In a bar?”

Jacob gave an unenthusiastic shrug and made a noise somewhere between a grunt and a “nah”.

“So….” Edward prompted.

“I mean, she’d never forgive me. But it might be worth it, s’long as she’s not a monster.”

“That’s a bit rich coming from a werewolf.”

“We’re nothing like you,” He spat. “Don’t try to call me a hypa…hypa…hypa…liar.”

Edward cocked an eyebrow. “How much have you had to drink?”

“Not enough.”

“By what I’ve observed it was at least ‘too much’. Werewolves can’t hold their liquor.”

“Shut up, leech.”

“It’s common knowledge in my circles.”

“Why don’t you put your money where your fangs are?”

“Are you challenging me?”

Jacob took a moment to ponder the vampire’s question. Then: “Yes, yes I am.”


A crowd had slowly formed around the bar as the two men matched each other shot for shot. People had begun to place bets, unaware of the mythological battle before them, just simply eager for a gamble.

“I’ve got twenty on the tall one.”

“My money’s on the cute pale guy!”

“Another shot and that guy’s finished!”

“Pale Dude’s a bottomless pit, man, look at him go!”

Edwards fixed his unblinking stare on Jacob as he downed another shot like water.

Jacob was at a bit of a disadvantage, having a far more human digestive system. However, although the liquor was effecting him, Jacob refused to give in. He swallowed another shot, the liquid burned his throat. “Bella wouldn’t want us to fight.”

“Is that defeat I smell?”


“Then were not fighting. Oh, and once you lose,” Edward said, “on behalf of Bella and I, we request that you leave us in peace.” He drank.

The crowed “oooooo”ed, so there was a girl between these two?

“Oooooohhhh, that’s it!” Jacob slurred before doing another shot. He slammed the glass down on the bar, cracking it, and raised his fists. “You and me. Right here.”

Edward looked at him, amused, and downed his umpteenth shot. He frowned upon swallowing it. “I feel something…”

Jacob’s eyes widened at Edward’s confession.

“…A slight tingling in my fingers.” Edward’s brow was furrowed as he examined his pale digits. “I think it’s affecting me.” He declared, looking both stunned and worried at the development.

“Stupid bloodsucker.” Jacob made to throw a punch but only managed to lose his balance and fall off the barstool. He didn’t stir.

Edward rolled Jacob on his side so he wouldn’t choke on his own vomit.

“Game over.” He smirked before exiting the bar.


Bella had become consumed with examining the floor tiles. A hotel employee eyed her quizzically as she remained stagnate in her vigil outside the entrance to the Brew Pub. In fact, she was so consumed with the intricate patterns adorning the floor that she didn’t notice the Greek god of a being exiting the door to her right.

“Bella?” Her head snapped up at the sound of his musical voice. “What are you doing here? I thought you were asleep, it’s 2:00 am.”

“You fancied a drink?” she asked, nodding towards the pub as they began to make their way back to the elevators.

“I couldn’t help myself, there was an interesting smell in the air.” He left out the werewolf ex-best friend passed out beside the bar. “How did you know?”

“I asked Alice.”

“Ah, yes, she’d know.”

“How did you get in?” She asked, her brow furrowing. “You’re suppose to be 18.”

He smiled mischievously and fished out his wallet. “After you’ve been around as long as I have…” he let his wallet fall open and a steam of Ids unraveled like a roll of streamers at a party, each bearing different names, ages and locations. “You end up taking on a few identities. Bouncers never check dates.”

“Is that an Alaskan drivers license?” Bella asked as she examined the IDs.


“Eduaed Curlson?” She frowned at one of the IDs, what language was that?

“You see…”

“Eduardo Cuevas?”

“Hey,” he rolled his wallet back together and Bella grinned. “Emmett got me those ones. I’ll have him get you one.”

“I missed you,” She blurted out.


She pressed on, “Why all the nighttime trips? I mean, you don’t have to spend all your time with me, I woke up and thought maybe you were mad about me insisting that we stay in Vegas last night and we didn’t get a chance to talk yesterday because Alice dragged me off to look at decorations for the wedding…”

They’d arrived at the elevators. While Edward punched in their floor number, Bella continued.

“You weren’t there when I woke up and I just find it hard to sleep sometimes when you’re not there…”

He silenced her with a kiss, his lips molding into hers. Edward’s hand crept under her gray sweater and shirt to caress her taut stomach, she whimpered at his touch and leaned into his body. Bella swore steam should be flowing of her skin as his ice-cold hands caressed her burning flesh. Anything physical between them was always a storm. Hot and cold clashing together in repressed lust.

Bella let it last for a few moments before coming to her senses and pulling away.

“Um, Edward?”

“Yes, love? What’s wrong?”

“What about the security cameras?” She blushed at the thought of giving whoever was in the surveillance room monitoring the cameras a show.

“Oh…I forgot to tell you,” Edward explained as he played with a strand of her hair. “As of the threat of the Volturi and police coming to investigate…they are currently undergoing technical difficulties.”

“Clever.” She said wryly.

As he leaned in intent of capturing her lips with his, a ding sounded from somewhere above them, signally their arrival at their pre-desired floor.

“I was going to put you to bed, but this is much more interesting.”

“It’s a good thing I’m not tried, then.”

Edward absentmindedly pushed several random buttons and the elevator doors clanged shut.

“Now where were we…?” He trailed off suggestively before crashing his lips to hers and kissing her hard, by human standards, anyway, the last thing Bella needed was a broken jaw.

His icy hands continued their exploration of her stomach and back while Bella’s hands wound their way into his messy bronze locks. “Edward,” she moaned and began to trail passionate kisses down his jaw and throat. She longed to try and bite him but his skin was likely to shatter her teeth so she settled for raking her teeth over his jugular. She was rewarded with a gasp.

“Bella, you’re going to be the death of me.” He pinned her body between him and the wall, recapturing her devilish lips in his. His hands snaked higher and Bella savored the sensation of that combined with the chilled kisses he proceeded to place down her throat. She went limp against the railing that wound around the interior of the elevator, overcome by the feelings coursing to the center of her body, the humming in the pit of her stomach. She shuddered, but it had nothing to do with the cold.

Somewhere in a still semi-functioning section of her brain Bella imagined how easy it would be for him to bite her…so close…Would in hurt? Or would she feel a pleasant sensation caused by the steady pull of her veins emptying of-


“What?” Bella gasped.

The elevator doors clanked open and Bella smelt it to. She felt the elevator begin to spin.

Edward glanced at the numbers above the open door declaring their arrival at the fourteenth floor. He looked out and discovered the source of the smell; a stream of red water was slowly making its way down the hall towards them.

“What’s going on?” Bella prodded.

He’d been too distracted by Bella’s scent to smell the amble amount of diluted blood flowing down the fourteenth floor corridor, but the other Vampires staying in the hotel would no doubt be aware.

“Listen to me, love, something’s not right, we’re-”

“Is it a Vampire? Is it him?” Bella folded her arms around herself.

“I don’t know, but here’s what were going to do, we’re going to go straight back to our floor and find the others. No…wait-” he swore, “this elevators been programmed to stop at random floors…” As he spoke he had to stick out his hand to keep the door from closing and the elevator carrying them to a random floor.

“There’s another one next to us.” Bella said, remembering they were in one of three adjacent elevators.

“Bella, love, close your eyes.” Edward ordered in a low voice and she obeyed and he picked her up and cradled her in his arms. Not trusting her own feet if he attempted to lead her, she had enough trouble walking when she could see.


“Shhh…don’t think about it.” Edward’s velvety voice soothed her.

The Vampire made his way over the slightly saturated hardwood floor, his movement causing red ripples to form around his feet. His acute hearing had picked up the running shower in the opposite direction. He turned and pushed the up arrow to the neighboring elevator, it popped open and Bella and Edward entered, Bella opened her eyes and punched in their floor number from her position in Edward’s arms. Once they began to move he sat Bella down and proceed to remove his wet and bloody shoes and socks and place them on top of the elevator through the hatch above them.

For down the hallway to their hotel room Edward insisted on moving at Vampire speed. Bella closed her eyes and in what seems like no time at all she was being placed back onto her feet in the safety (she hoped) of Esme and Carlisle’s room.

“Edward! Bella!” Esme cried as she rushed forward. Rosalie, the only other vampire present, remained in the corner. “Thank goodness you’re both alright.” She hugged both of them. “Edward, where are your shoes?” She scolded, taking in his bear feet.

“They had blood on them,” Edward explained.

“What’s going on? Why does the fourteenth floor smell like blood?” Bella interrupted.

“Vampire. Same one as before.” Edward reported. “Dammit! He began to pace. “Why didn’t we leave! We’re in the middle of a Vampire murder spree! This is no coincidence that the one hotel full of vampires in running with blood. Bella go pack your things.”


“We’re leaving.”

“No. We already had this discussion and we agreed we’re not leaving.”

“That was before the fourteenth floor looks like it was a set for a horror movie!”

“We can’t just leave! This Vampire will just keep killing women until the Volturi show up!”

“This is not our problem. However when the Volturi show up then it will be our problem.”

“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen you’re a coward! You’d just let this happen just so long as the Volturi don’t show up!”

“This isn’t about me, this is about you.”

“Oh! So this is my fault!”

“It’s about your safety.”

“So then bite me and we can all be invincible and go after it!”

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose. “We are not having this discussion. And, Rosalie, we are not already acting like an old married couple.”

“This is not over.” Bella glowered before turning to Esme. “Where is everyone?”

“We all smelt the blood, Carlisle and Emmett went to check out the situation. Till they get back…” She addressed Edward. “No one leaves.”

“Yes mom.” He grumbled before relocating to the kitchen to sulk.

“What about…” Bella began.

“Alice and Jasper went shopping.” Esme informed her.

“Well,” Bella sighed, “At least they have an alibi.”


As they stepped out of the elevator the sound of a shower running grew steadily louder. The ripples around Carlisle and Emmett’s feet grew clearer as they approached an open doorway, the source of the blood. Carlisle used his elbow to push open the door, Emmett pulled on a pair of leather gloves.

The room was set up differently than the Cullens’. There was no living area or kitchenette, instead it was dominated by a queen side bed flanked by two side tables, a desk and a chair stood along the side wall, a large window displayed the glittering strip. The two Vampires paused after a few feet into the room and rotated, following the trail of water that was slowly making it’s way out of the bathroom.

Despite the Vampire scent that barely registered over the blood, they had hoped for a slip up in the shower. Instead he was met with a grizzly sight: a murdered woman. Reminiscent of the girls in the crime photos, her head was hanging off the edge of the tub, throat marred. Except this time the running shower had washed away the spilt blood leaving her open wound the only redness, her pale flesh surrounded by porcelain-all pure and white.

Carlisle crouched down beside the body, Emmett hung back in the doorway. The doctor examined the girl’s gorged out throat.

“Completely severed Sternocleidomastoid muscles, the carotid arteries have been completely shredded. Nothing human could possible do this.”

“I think someone’s coming.” Emmett said, he nodded his head towards the east end of the corridor outside.

Carlisle straightened up and removed a small digital camera from his jacket, he snapped a few pictures of the scene before joining Emmett who had relocated to the window. Emmett slid open the window at the bottom and crawled out, Carlisle followed stowing the camera back in his jacket.

They scaled up the outside of hotel, keeping as much in the shadows as possible and away from the other guests’ windows. However, flood lights had been positioned to light up the side of the hotel facing the strip, making the vampires two gray dots moving hurriedly up the hotel. Once reaching their window, Carlisle knocked on the glass and soon a shocked Rosalie opened in letting he and Emmett crawl in.

“What were you thinking?” Esme asked as they entered the outer room. “What exactly is wrong with the stairs?”

“Change of plans.” Carlisle explained.

“What’s the verdict?” Rosalie asked. “Is it another one.”

Carlisle nodded.

“Should we call the police?” Bella asked from the table where the remains of a card game lay. “Technically we discovered the body.”

Carlisle frowned, “I think it’s only a matter…”

The Vampires’ ears perked up as a scream reverberated up the hotel.

“I think it’s been discovered.”