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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


5. Junket

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Chapter 5: Junket

Why, oh why, do you wear sunglasses in the home
when the sun went down about an hour ago?
Why, oh why, do you wear sunglasses in the home
when the sun went down about an hour ago?
Life should not be that way.

Always up or down, never down and out.
Dream of demons while you sleep that make you stutter when you speak.
Always up or down, never down and out.
Dream of demons while you sleep that make you stutter when you speak.
Speak now or forever hold your peace in pieces.

"Down And Out" by The Academy is…

"But you look so good in them, Jazz!"

"I can’t see anything."

"Try these," Alice removed the blackout sunglasses and replaced them with a pair of Gold & Wood shades.

"Now everything’s purple."


"Why do we need sunglasses anyway? We don’t go out in the sunlight."

Alice rolled her eyes looking exasperated.

"Can you take them off now?" Jasper indicated his hands which were laden with shopping bags, preventing him from removing them himself.

"Nope," she winked, "I like them."

Jasper followed his wife with sigh as she paid the clerk –a nametag identified her as Chrissy– for the purple sunglasses and her four pairs of Oakleys in various hues. A commotion from the lobby caused the three to spin around.

"I need all units and security personal to the fourteenth floor, two suspects are reported to be heading up to the penthouse. Search every room, staircase, elevator, everywhere!" A balding man with a bullet-proof vest over a white dress shirt and brown slacks was shouting into a megaphone. A portion of the small army of security guards and police dispersed towards the elevators and stairwell. The man turned towards the casino and shops and bellowed once more into the megaphone. "If we could have everyone please remain calm and stay where they are. We have a situation, please remain where you are until we secure the building."

"Oh my god!" Alice and Jasper turned to see the clerk, Chrissy, shrieking into a lime-green cell phone. "Linds, you won’t believe it, the cops are here and everything!" She paused, presumably as the person on the other line spoke. "Shut up! No way, right outside?"

Jasper carefully sat down his armload of bags and packages and removed his shades. "Excuse me, young lady," The girl covered the receiver with her fingers and turned to Jasper. "What exactly is right outside?"

"Just, like, every major news network! I bet if I time it right I’ll get on TV." She began to eye the nearest exit eagerly.

"Why?" Alice asked.

"Just a sec," The clerk returned to her phone call. "What the hell is going on anyway?…Uh-Huh…Shut up! They think their still in the building?"

"Who?" Jasper and Alice demanded.

"I don’t know." The girl dragged out the last word as if there was a "duh" attached. "Two guys were seen scaling up the building and –get this- there’s been a murder! They think it’s the actual Werewolf Killer." She squealed as if Justin Timberlake had been the topic of conversation and not a grizzly serial murder.


"I know, right?" The girl said excited by the press circus waiting outside and the coverage that was soon to follow. She seemed unfazed by Alice and Jasper’s apparent horror and turned back to gush over the event with her caller, ignoring her customers altogether.

Finally Jasper spoke, "The youth of today are so desensitized against violence."

Alice had closed her eyes and was completely still. Jasper, meanwhile, took in the lobby from their position at the counter. A few police officers paced back and forth jabbering into walkie-talkies about positions and floors. Two men, the one who had shouted instructions to the crowd and another holding a metal flight-case, were talking to who Jasper believed to be the manager clad in a dark navy sport jacket. A group of Officers and Crime Scene Technicians watched and listened.

He turned to Alice and saw she was back to herself, "What do you got?" he asked.

"Not much. Everything’s based on chance. Those two cops." She pointed out a man and a woman in a crowd of cops and technicians headed towards a set of elevators. "Are going to chase down a suspect, and Emmett’s going to help."

"That’s it?" He said, desperately.

"These situations are very unpredictable." The pixie glared at him and took out her cell ending the conversations. "What’s going on?" She spoke into the receiver.

"We’ve got another victim, it’s the same vampire." Jasper picked up Carlisle’s voice coming out of Alice’s phone. "Emmett and I went to go investigate, we were almost caught."

Jasper’s eyes’ widen. "Did you by any chance go out the window?"

"Yes. Oh, don’t tell me…"

"Yep, more bad luck: you were seen." Alice informed him. "They’ve sent up the whole calvary to search the place for two suspicious figures."

Jasper groaned, two of their family had been seen scaling up the side of the Monte Carlo. That’s just great, He thought

"They’re having everyone remain where they are," Alice continued. "Where else would they put all these people, I guess…"

"If they do decide to evacuate the civilians we’ll meet you by the cars."


"Until then," Carlisle instructed, "Keep a low profile."


"So you were spotted?" Rosalie asked, coming up to stand next to Emmett as Carlisle hung up the phone.

"Yes, they’re searching the building…"

He was cut off as an announcement could be heard ringing through the halls on the Hotel’s rarely used intercom.

"If we could ask all guest to please remain in their rooms until further notice, all other personal please report to the lobby, thank you."

"Were under lockdown, now? Great." Edward muttered moving to pace along in-between the sofa and coffee table.

Everyone else turned towards the front door as Alice and Jasper entered carrying bags and boxes bearing in their pale arms.

"What happened to a low profile?" Esme asked.

"We took the stairs." Jasper explained.

"Backtracked through the lobby, cops haven’t quite organized themselves yet in all the chaos. It was all too easy." Alice declared with a smirk as she stowed her purchases onto one of the plush chairs beside the sofa.

"Dude," Emmett said coming up to Jasper, "What’s with the glasses?" Jasper hasty removed the glasses Alice had bought him and demanded put back on. "You look like Ozzy Osbourne."

"Okay," Rosalie interrupted loudly. "Back to the matter at hand, people. How much do the humans know, exactly?"

"For starters they have this to work with…" Carlisle took out his camera and flashed Rosalie, Jasper and Alice the pictures of the crime scene, he scrolled through the few shots that displayed the woman’s managed throat.

"They’ve had the other bodies to work with," Esme pointed out. "I’m more worried about you two’s little show up the side of the hotel." She chided Emmett and Carlisle.

"Well, the Police know." Jasper said. "They’re searching the building for you both as we speak."

"I’m here standing outside the Monte Carlo where not twenty minutes ago witnesses reported seeing two men scaling up the walls of the hotel." The group spun around to see that Bella had turned on the room’s television, which was now showing a woman with close-cropped blond hair speaking into a microphone outside their very hotel. "Never underestimate the media." Bella told them.

The reporter continued, "Later, sources inform us, a woman was discovered brutally murdered in her hotel room by housekeeping.Police responded and are now searching the area for those two potential suspects. No word on the woman’s identity or cause of death."

"Thank you, Mary," The screen switched to show a brunette in a newsroom. "We’ll be back to check in with you as this story unfolds."

The news changed to a different story and Bella muted the television.

"Not good." Emmett said.

"At least they haven’t connected it to the serial yet." Esme pointed out.

"Not so," Jasper informed his family. "The clerk at Lunettes, the eyewear store, said her friend told her the news sources were suspicious that it might be connected."

"Really not good." Emmett said.

"Okay, okay, okay…" Carlisle closed his eyes and rubbed his palms together as if trying to warm them. "Time for some damage control." He turned to Edward. "You and Bella said you didn’t see anything."

"Just a lot of bloody water, I carried Bella down the hall and we came straight back here."

"You sure you didn't leave any trace behind? Cases as highly publicized as these will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb."

"Oh no." Edward gasped and looked down at his bear feet.

"You left your shoes behind?" Rosalie cried in disbelief. "Edward! Those were specially made designer orthopedic Dr. Scholes!"

"They might be able to trace those." Carlisle speculated.

"Not a smart move, Bro," Emmett said, shaking his head.

"They were covered in blood! I couldn’t leave a trail of her blood leading here!"

"Well, just go back and get them," Esme said passing him a plastic bag form the kitchenette. "Where did you leave them anyway?"


So that’s how Edward found himself in an elevator shaft. Secure in the knowledge that no harm would come from Bella with Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and even Rosalie around, he’d left to retrieve his socks and shoes.

Although Edward doubted anyone would thing to look on top of an elevator for clues, in situations as delicate as these it was better to be safe than sorry.

Half way down the shaft the elevator box began to ascend, Edward could hear the voices and thoughts of the two passengers insides

Almost to 20th floor…Come on, come on…

"I found some fibers. Damn, there’s got to he thousands of prints over here."

Oh no, police, thought Edward, he swore silently.

Is that blood?

"Sara, have you ever seen Silence of the Lambs"

"Shit." If that’s Hannibal up there I so quit.

Edward landed silently on the elevator and grabbed his shoes into which his socks were stuffed. He swirled the blood around to loose the pattern the thread of his shoes had left behind.

"Anyone up there?!"

"Give me a boost."

"There’s no way you’re going up there."

"I can reach the hatch…"

A ding sounded.

Shit, if that’s just nothing and we loose this guy…"Come on, we’ve got a live one to catch."

After the two police officers got off the lift and after hiding his shoes in a bag up in the ventilation with the intent on burning it on the first chance, Edward escaped back up the shaft.


"Dang." Emmett said from kitchenette, "We’re outta ice. I was meaning to get more after we checked out the corpse."

"Why do you need ice?" Bella asked from the sofa.

"I like my blood cold. Like, really cold but I draw the line with blood popsicles."

"I can’t believe you drink yours cold, I have to heat mine up." Edward said from where he and Bella lay on the sofa together, referring to the extra stores of animal blood the vampires had brought with them on their trip. The hunting opportunities the desert offered were limited. There was the odd coyote on the outskirts, though.

Emmett brought out a thawed bottle of blood from the fridge and took a swing.

"Don’t do that in front of Bella!"

"Bella does this freak you out?"

"Not really."

"Nah, not cold enough." He but the blood back in the fridge and in turn removed the plastic ice bucket from the freezer intent on departing for the nearest ice machine.

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you." Edward said. "This place is crawling with cops."

"I’ll be quick," Emmett gave an evil grin, the blood still clinging to the edges of his teeth.

"If you want to risk our species’ secret for a bucket of ice…"

"Fine. I’ll wait."

"That’s a bad idea," Alice informed them from the corner.

"Why?" Emmett asked.

"If you’re not on the 20th floor in 5 minutes a woman will die."