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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


6. SuSpiciouS

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Chapter 6: SuSpiciouS

Brother it don't matter
Sister don't worry
Say what you like
I'll do what you want me to do
You're a vampire
I'm a vampire too
You're a vampire
I'm a vampire too

-“Vampires” by Pet Shop Boys (good song, I like to loop it)

The brunette races down the hallway, her long legs should put speed in her favor, but large, damp boots weigh down her feet. So she shucks them off haphazardly and passes the man she’s been running beside, gaining speed. She’s lost time by stopping to remove her boots and it costs her, she looses sight of her target, a scrawny young man clad in dark clothes. She rounds a corner and finds the passage ends with two doors labeled 2041 and 2042 with a plain gray one between them. She throws it open and darts into the stairwell. But the predator becomes the prey; the man seems to have been waiting for his pursuers to open the door and land in his trap. In a flash he rams into her side, gun flying out of her hand. The woman crashes into the wall and tumbles down the stairs with a scream, by the time her body crashes through the window and plummets to the crowd below, it is silent.


“What? What do you mean someone will die if I’m not on the 20th floor!” Emmett spazzed.

“Earlier I saw you grabbing a man as two investigators were chasing him down. You grabbed him outside room 2023.” Alice explained approaching Emmett. “Now that you’ve changed your mind, you’ve changed her fate.”

“That’s a lot of pressure!”

“So?” Bella said. “Go!”



Emmett grabbed the ice bucket and tore out of the room.


“This is getting out of hand.”

Carlisle looked up from his laptop to see Esme staring out the window as she removed from it the dirt and drywall dust left behind when he and Emmett had climbed through after investigating the latest crime scene. A few flecks were stirred up by the motion and fluttered slowly towards the floor to be lost in the beige carpet.

“I agree,” He said, closing the computer, “but we’re in this for the long run.”

“I want to help catch this…monster, yet, this is really too dangerous for Bella.” Although she disagreed with Carlisle on the matter of Bella remaining in Vegas, her voice held no anger. “Maybe we should tell Edward to take her out of the city or just right back to Forks.”

“I thought about that too. However, I wonder if it would do more harm than good.”

“The Police will find it suspicious.” She sighed as she turned and proceeded to the bathroom, cloth in hand.

“Yes,” Carlisle said firmly. He was glad they agreed, although it was a rare occasion that they didn’t. “Bella and Edward discovered the first body and the next shows up in the same hotel we’re staying at? It doesn’t look good.”

Esme returned from the bathroom with the cloth dampened and went back to the window to continue to clean. She said, “even if they do put her on the Most Wanted List we can hide her.”

“From the cops, yes, but from the Volturi?”

Carlisle could see his bluntness had diminished her optimism. Esme frowned, as she ran the damp cloth along the side of the wall, her russet eyes scanning the crowd below. After a moment she said, “if she stays, do you think we can stop the rogue and close the case?”

“I’m confident that my contact will do everything he can to make sure this whole thing is kept under wraps.” Their informant had assured Carlisle over the phone that he was aware of the magnitude of the situation and that he would do everything in his power to keep the word “vampire” as far away from the investigation as possible.

“But what can he do, Carlisle? If the killings stop and the one responsible falls off the face of the earth we can’t really expect everyone to take his word for it, that it’s been taken care of and they can all stop looking.”

“What choice to we have?” Carlisle asked, wearily, his voice betraying his mental fatigue.

“Do you really think that with just one inside man this whole thing can be hushed up?”

“Best case scenario: my source feeds us enough evidence to catch the rogue, the killings stop and the case goes cold.”

“This vampire’s loving the spotlight and the media’s loving the story, are you sure your source has enough influence to keep people from looking towards us?” Esme said, turning around.

“I’ve told you his position, they’ll believe anything he tells them – within reason. If you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to meet him.”

“I thought we decided to turn down Albert’s invitation.” They both glanced at the envelope containing the party invite which was sitting on the room’s desk. “I thought you wanted to keep this strictly through fax and email.”

“Well…I wasn’t planning to go but, I think, given the situation, making our presence know at this event might be the best course of action. I was thinking just Edward, Bella, you and I. The others won’t mind sitting this one out and it’s best we don’t show up the size of a small army. It’s a little intimidating.”

“Carlisle, I think we’re past intimidating.”

“We’ll fool them, then.”

“So we show up to a party-” Esme said slowly, walking towards Carlisle as she walked though the plan, “-swarming with cops and play nice and we’ll pass as respectable citizens and not conspiring serial killers. ”

“That’s the idea,” Carlisle said, dryly, as he stood up to meet her halfway.

“Hmmm…well, in that case,” She said placing her hands on his chest, the corner of her lips curling upwards. “I’ll dust off my cocktail dress.”

Carlisle raised his hand to gently caress the side of her face. She leaned into his touch and gave him a wicked smile.

“Dust,” he explained, “from the plaster.”

Esme didn’t believe him.


Emmett tried not to leave a dent, he really did, but a small one formed nonetheless in the wall that he checked the man into. Emmett would place him in his mid-thirties with a shallow complexion, five o’clock shadow and a now very sore left arm.

“Ow! What was that for?” The man whined from the corner he was situated in. Both investigators, their vests identifying the man as “Stokes” and the woman as “Sidle”, had their guns pointed at the unruly suspect.

“Hey man,” Emmett responded in mock seriousness. “There’s a werewolf on the loose, I’m not taking an chances.” He brandished his still-empty ice container at the man.

“Do I look like a fuckin’ werewolf to you, pretty-boy?” he yelled at Emmett.

“Hey,” Stokes said turning the man’s attention to himself as Sidle finished up a conversation on her cell phone requesting someone come and arrest their foul-mouthed rebel. “If you’re not a mythological creature, got a name?”


“Original. Okay, Smith, if you’re not who we’re looking for, then why’d you run for it?”

“You scared me s’all.”

“How is two people saying “excuse me, sir” scary?”

“It wasn’t like that and you know it, pretty-boy!” Smith bellowed. He looked back and forth between the impending and muscular figures of Emmett and Stokes then added, “I’m surrounded by fuckin’ pretty-boys!” Of course, then Smith remembered Sidle and his manners. “’Cept you, sweetheart, you’re just pretty.”

Sidle merely kept her indifferent stare and gun fixed on Smith.

“No love…” Smith sighed.

“Listen, Smith, you still haven’t answered my ques-”

“So what if I ran? What are you going to do...” He stood up, getting ready to make his exit. “Shoot me?”

“I won’t,” Stokes said, “But she might.”

Smith took a good look at Sidle’s semiautomatic and opted to sit back down silently and nurse his injured arm.

Stokes left Smith under the watchful eye of Sidle and turned to address Emmett, “Hey thanks for taking him down, idiot had a pretty good head start on us.”

“No problem, just doing my civic duty,” Emmett rubbed his shoulder as if the earlier impact had bothered him. “Now, if you don’t mind, my wife will worry if I’m not back.”

If Stokes, Sidle or Smith were startled by his young marriage, they didn’t show it. This was Vegas after all. Stokes shook Emmett’s hand. “Well good luck, Mr….?

“Cullen. Emmett Cullen.” He supplied before he departed towards the elevators. (A/N: James Bond reference by request of xbitemex)


“Are you sure you didn’t see anything?” Detective Brass repeated.

“No, we were enjoying a quiet night in.” Carlisle gestured to the TV, which was in the middle of displaying an episode of Wheel of Fortune.

“All clear.” An officer emerged from inspecting the other room for murderers. When the Police had shown up at the hotel door, the Cullens had ushered them in immediately to show they had nothing to hide. Of course, they doubted the Police would even believe the secrets they kept.

Brass nodded and glanced at his notes. “Where were you and your family at midnight?”

“My wife and I were here, as were Emmett and Rosalie. Bella and Edward had gone out, Jasper and Alice were downstairs shopping.”

“Can anyone verify that?”

“I’m sure one member from each pair will verify for the other member’s whereabouts. If that’s not enough I’m sure some of the other hotel employees will probably remember seeing them.”

“I see.” The Detective added a few more notes to his pad. “And none of you saw anything, nothing suspicious?”

“Nothing suspicious.”

The Detective’s wary eyes swept over the vampires and Bella, as if hoping his skeptical stare might cause one of them to snap and confess to the crime. Out of questions, he nodded and left.

“Well that was rude,” Emmett said. “I thought he came to give me an award of commendation for assisting in the apprehension of a dangerous criminal.”

“We’re suspects in a string of serial murders.” Edwards said. “I don’t think they’re quite ready to give you key to the city just yet.”

“Time to get to work.” Carlisle interrupted, he withdrew the digital camera from his jacket pocket and made his way over to the laptop on the counter. He plugged the USB cord into the camera and soon a window popped up displaying the photos it contained. Carlisle opened one of the close-up shots of the latest victim with an editing program.

“What are you doing?” Rosalie asked, coming up behind him.

“Taking a closure look.” Carlisle explained. “There’s something off about these bite marks.”

“How can you tell?” Bella asked, careful not to look at the gruesome pictures on the computer screen.

“Can’t be sure…” Carlisle trailed off. He turned away from the computer, his eyes scanning the room in thought.

“Aaaa…Carlisle, you seriously want to do an experiment? Now?” Edward said, reading his father’s thoughts.

“Yes. All I need is about ten pounds of meat…”

“I’ll go hit up one of the kitchens.” Emmett volunteered, referring to the kitchens of the many restaurants the Monte Carlo Resort hosted as well as its own personal one for room service. He departed out the door and headed at Vampire speed towards the staircase.

As he left, Rosalie’s eyes shifted over to Bella’s position on the sofa.

“Rosalie!” Edward yelled.

“What? I didn’t say anything…”

“No, but you were thinking it.”

“What?” Bella frowned.

“Well, my dear sister here seems to think that-”

“I was just joking! Do you think I would volunteer one of Bella’s legs for an experiment just because she’s the only human in the room?”

“I wouldn’t put it past you.” Edward said through gritted teeth.

“Children.” Esme chided as she and Carlisle spread out an assortment of plastic bags over a section of the table.

“I’m back!” Emmett announced his return, he proudly held up a bunched up sheet of plastic.

“Were you seen?” Rosalie asked, folding her arms. “Because the last time…”

“I was careful.” Emmett assured her, dropping the meat onto the table. “Check it out.” He unwrapped a giant raw ham. “Prosciutto Ham courtesy of Andre’s.”

“Wow.” Bella stared at the giant hunk of dead farm animal. “Anybody got any green eggs?”

“Ah, Bella.”

“Yes, Edward?”

“You might not want to be here for this.”

“It’s just a ham, Edward. I’m sure I can handle it.”

“Okay,” Carlisle declared. “Who’s hungry?”

Emmett began jumping up and down, his hand raised in the air. “Me! Me! Me!” He declared like a kindergartner demanding to be allowed to pass out the crayons.

“You’re up, Emmett.” Carlisle stated, stepping aside, letting his pseudo-son take his position in front of the doomed ham.

Edward tried to cover Bella’s eyes, she batted them away.

On cue, Emmett began to rip apart the unfortunate ham like a rabid dog. Bits of the meat flew off like wood out of a chipper, the Cullens backed away, Bella frowned.

Emmett was almost a blur as he devoured the ham, tearing it apart at a supernatural-pace. When he had finally defeated the ham, a crevice remained like the wound in the victim’s neck.

“Excellent.” Carlisle declared. He brought over the laptop displaying the close-up of the murdered woman’s neck. “Look at the two wounds, they’re different. Whoever killed this woman did it slowly.”

“Why?” Edward asked. “He would have to have exceptional control to withstand his natural bloodlust enough to take his time with her.”

“Maybe something slowed him down.” Jasper said, staring intently at the screen.

“Like what?” Edward asked.

“Check it out right at the top.” Jasper said, he zoomed in even further on a particular gash at the top of the wound, he pressed a few buttons and the image sharpened. He stepped back to let the others see. “The indentations from his teeth, they’re not uniform. He bit her here and his top row of teeth left this specific incision. As you can see, his incisors are significantly more protruding, compared to Emmett’s.”

“Are you seriously saying what I think your saying?” Alice gasped, her eyes bulging. “That the guy were dealing with has fangs!” she bared her own teeth adding her two index fingers onto of her incisors.

“Without dental molds it will be impossible to tell.” Jasper informed her.

“Maybe were dealing with a canine after all.” Bella suggested.

“That doesn’t explain the Vampire smell.” Edward said, his brow furrowed.

“A Vampire with a dog?” Bella suggested halfheartedly.

Edward sighed. “Now you’re grasping at straws.”

“Well, once the authorities start processing the body I’ll get my contact to send me the report on the dental impressions.” Carlisle assured them.

“In the mean time, are we just going to stay here?” Alice asked, indicting the sieged hotel around them.

“Yeah,” Rosalie agreed, “its kind of hard to keep a low profile with a bunch of suspicious cops snooping around a few floors below our feet. How are we suppose to solve these murders for them?”

“I think this is the perfect opportunity for a change in scenery.” Carlisle said, a ghost of a grin crossed his face.

“We’re leaving Vegas?” Edward asked hopefully.

Carlisle withdrew a white embellished envelope from the inside of his jacket. “Not exactly.”