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Viva Las Vampire

The Cullens hit Vegas for Bella and Edward’s wedding, but wherever Bella goes, trouble is sure to follow… CSI Crossover, although, you don’t really need to watch the show obsessively or anything to understand. banner


9. Humans

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Chapter 9 – Humans

The boys who kiss and bite,
They are the brilliant ones who speak and write with silver luck
They sing in clever tongues,
Oh how my knees go weak to be the one

And if I'm given the chance
To be a doll in his hands
I will be sure we shake the mountains while we dance

"The Boys Are Too Refined" – The Hush Sound

“See, you didn’t trip.”

“I stumbled.”

“You’re still upright.”

“It still counts.”

Edward smiled down at Bella as he guided her across the semi-crowded dance floor of one of the Bellagio’s ballrooms, careful to avoid bumping in to other perfectly normal looking couples. They were doing a pretty good job, as usual, at blending in. This was possibly due to the absence of the his brothers and sisters who would have no doubt waited an entire 45 seconds before challenging each other to a ballroom dance off…

Bella seemed to read his mind, or at least maybe they were on the same train of thought as he heard her mutter. “Up next on Dancing With The Vampires….”

He chuckled as they executed a partially successful spin, “As long as it’s not Dances With Wolves I think I’m content.”

Despite her obvious discomfort at having to participate in coordinated movement, Bella spared him a smile she couldn’t hide.

They both turned their heads as Esme’s musical laughter carried over the dance floor to them. She and Carlisle were laughing with the host and another man, the two people they had been recently introduced to, or in one case, re-introduced.

“My son, Edward, and his fiancée, Bella,” Carlisle had said as Edward had stepped forward to greet an older man leaning on a metal clutch, “This is the man I’ve been telling you about, Dr. Al Robbins.”

It was Dr. Robin’s 50th wedding anniversary and he’d sent Carlisle an invitation, a fact Carlisle had only shared with his family a few days ago. Edward made a mental note to probe both men’s thoughts to figure out how they'd met.

The group made pleasantries and talked about the weather for a few moments when they were joined by another man who, Edward swore, he saw Dr. Robbins reach into the crowd and extract him with his metal crutch. Edward had felt Bella stiffen beside him, it was one of the CSIs from the crime scene they’d called in a few nights ago.

“Gil, you made it. Carlisle, Esme, this is Dr. Gil Grissom, a friend of mine.”

"Oh, you work at the morgue, as well?" Carlisle had asked, innocently.

"No, Gil’s the nightshift supervisor at the crime lab." Dr. Robbins had explained. Dr. Grissom had given a nod of acknowledgment. His eyes then rested on Edward and Bella. Dr. Robbins had laughed "at his rudeness" and introduced them both. Dr. Grissom hadn’t given any inclination that he had met them before. Only the coroner was oblivious.

“So how do you think this is going so far?” Bella asked, snapping him back to the present.

“Well, Dr. Grissom didn’t try to arrest us, so I’d say pretty good.”

“I think he was giving you think stink-eye.”

“Stink-eye?” Edward frowned.

“I think in his mind he’s labeled us ‘boy from crime scene’ and ‘girl who fainted at crime scene.’”

“Close. However, he still knows our names. He doesn’t look like he’s watching us…but he’s keeping tabs. And he’s not the only one, look at the man in the fedora, dancing with the brunette three couples from your right. Look familiar?”

Bella looked but turned her head back quickly with a gasp, “I recognize him, that’s the guy that took my shoes! S…Saunders, something.”

“He’s watching us, and I think he’s more to contend with then the good doctor over there,” Edward informed her as they danced closer and closer to Fedora.

Bella’s brow furrowed, “Dr. Grissom’s here…this guy’s the city’s head coroner, think of how many of these people are cops!”

“Quite a few it seems.”

She seemed to notice their progression. “Why are we getting closer?”

“I’m staring him down.” Edward smirked.

The song switched to something more fast-paced, unfortunately for Bella, and the group slowly began to move in one big circle like skaters on a rink. Edward was aware of he and Bella moving closer towards where his parents stood. Fedora was moving through the crowd, fighting the current, his partner looked confused. He wanted to speak to Bella, his mind was fixated on it and Edward knew the threatening conspirator thoughts that were the route of his queries.

Just as they were approaching near collision, Fedora was contemplating lines for “cutting in” without invoking suspicion, a crash caused everyone to come to an abrupt halt.

It appeared as if one of the large windows along the side wall had exploded sending a rainfall of glass and debris to rain on a fraction of the party guests. Edward already had Bella on the other side of the room before some of the glass reached the floor.


Crouched in the middle of the mess was a man who looked thoroughly out of place, Carlisle thought. He was dressed in an all-black jogging suit with the hood pulled over his face, but two blood-red eyes still managed to peek out from under.

Bella and Edward were on the other side of the room by the main doors. Even though his human companions seemed transfixed by the sight he preferred a silent communication with his son over the option of yelling.


Edward would know the Rogue by his scent after he and Bella stumbled upon one of his kills. Carlisle recognized the scent from when he and Emmett had broken into another crime scene to take photos for their own evidence collection. He wanted Edward’s agreement.

Edward nodded.

Get the others. Get Bella away from here.

He needed no further encouragement. The couple was gone.

Carlisle and Esme slowly approached the newcomer, as did others. They wondered who the stranger was who had literally crashed their party. But Carlisle and Esme didn’t have to wonder, they knew.

But he was too close and the hooded Vampire hissed, causing several people to scream. In a flash he was on top of one of the tables, still crouched like an animal.

“Gil,” A blonde woman joined their group, she grabbed the sleeve of Dr. Grissom’s jacket. She said nothing more as they both watched the Rogue.

Carlisle continued to approach the Vampire putting himself between the Rogue and the helpless humans. Some of the party guests backtracked out the emergency exits and main doorways sensing they should move as far away from the creature as possible. Other members of the crowd remained to investigate.

“I want her. I’ll get her.” Sneered the Rogue. He spoke in a low voice, barely audible to even the closest humans, but Carlisle’s acute hearing picked up even the taunting tone.

“Who?” Carlisle demanded in a hiss.

The Rogue’s eye’s locked onto the group of remaining humans. Carlisle and Esme spun around as the Rogue lunged.

Carlisle moved forward to stop him, matching his speed, but ended up merely deflected his path towards a slender brunette. She and a man wearing a fedora had been closing in on his right. The Rogue’s nails sunk into her wrist and she cried out.

Some of the lingering guests seemed to jolt out of a stupor and dashed for the exit. Besides the couple, Dr. Grissom, Dr. Robbins and the Blonde, who were directly behind Carlisle and Esme, were the only other humans who remained, although definitely looking more alarmed.

“Get away from her!” The man in the fedora yelled, he picked up a knife from a nearby table and hurled it at the Rogue. The sharp end glanced of his chest, only piercing the material of his hoodie. “What the hell?” The man yelled as the knife sunk instead into a chair.

At the same time Carlisle landed a punch to the side of the Rogue’s head, causing him to land sprawled a good distance away. Undeterred, the Rogue jumped back to his feet and turned to the man who had thrown the knife and laughed. “I am the devil in man’s skin, boy!”

The Rogue made a lunge for the man but Esme yanked him and the woman out of the way as Carlisle threw the Rogue against the wall.

The man grabbed the brunette’s hand and dragged her out of the ballroom; the Rogue’s eyes followed the drops of blood from her wrist as they traveled to the floor.

“It’s best that you leave now.” Carlisle warned the remaining three humans.

Ceasing the distraction, the Rogue slammed his knee into Carlisle’s stomach and threw him aside.

“Carlisle!” Esme screamed, managing to half-catch him with one arm before he hit the floor.

The Rogue was a blur as he ran at the three humans, but suddenly Rosalie and Emmett were in front of them and they collided, the sound was like an earthquake, ricocheting off the walls of the Ballroom. One of the chandeliers crashed to floor, crystals skated across the tiles and scattered around the feet of man and Vampire alike.

“I’ll get you! I’ll get you! Just like the rest!” The Rogue screamed in flurry, trying to claw at the humans. “Just like the rest. So sweet. You all smell so good!”

Emmett and Rosalie threw the rabid Vampire off them and he crashed into a table, splitting it in two.

“Please leave,” Carlisle asked. He wasn’t sure if he was directing his question at the Rogue or the humans. Maybe both. They couldn't kill the Rouge with the humans present and they couldn't very welllet the Rogue kill the humans.

The Rogue was getting to his feet, his eyes darting to the human woman. “I shall have her.” He snarled, but upon realizing the impossibility of defeating the other four vampires he seemed to reconsider and, before anyone could stop him, he was out the window he came in.

Dr. Robbins stared out the window with a strange expression on his face. Dr. Grissom seemed to have come back to his senses and was now focusing his attention to his friend. “Catherine? Catherine?”

The blonde was still staring at the window out of which the Vampire had disappeared.

“Mamn, are you okay?” Esme was at Catherine’s side. Rosalie and Emmett had dissaperaed out the window as well.

The woman shook her head back and forth, “What…the fuck was that!?” She cried.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking," Dr. Grissom said, “more or less. Dr. Cullen?”