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spur of the moment thing...REVIEW!!

1. Chapter 1

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Her heart was breaking.

That was the only thing that was going through her head. And the only thing that she could hear was a sharp crack every time she remembered what had happened. Now that she knew that last part, she could put the whole story together.

About two weeks ago, Alice had realized that something was wrong with Jasper and Rosalie. They didn’t hang out in the same room anymore, they didn’t like to talk to each other, and they avoided making eye contact. Anytime Alice tried to see their futures, she would just she herself, crying, crumpled on the floor. After a few of those visions, she gave up trying to see them, and just waited until whatever happened, happened.

Last Friday, Rosalie and Jasper were both in need of a hunt, so they went together. Alice was out, exploring more of the forest as they left, so she had no idea that they were gone. When she got home, and Esme noticed her pitch black eyes, she told Alice to go meet up with Rosalie and Jasper. She took off towards the forest, listening for any signs of the two, but stopped suddenly when she had a vision. She saw herself in the middle of the forest looking for something to splint a broken leg to, so she turned around and went back home.

As she opened the door, she ran into Edward, who had been in France all weekend, buying Bella's anniversary present. “Hey Edward! How was France? Did you get the right color necklace? The blue that looks amazing on Bella?” she inquired.

“Of course I did,” he said “I almost couldn't find it…I thought I might have had to stay longer to find it.”

“Lucky for you, I told you exactly who to look for,” she teased.

“Sure, sure…do you want to come with me and drop off the present?” he asked.

“Alright. I don’t really have anywhere to be. I can go hunting anytime.”

They took off running towards Bella’s house, and knocked on her door 4 minutes later. Charlie answered the door, looking wary when he saw Edward, but his feature’s shifting to happiness as soon as he saw Alice’s face.

“Hey Alice! Come on in!” he said with an extreme amount of enthusiasm.

“Hello Edward. Do come in.” Charlie muttered shortly without even looking at Edward. Alice and Edward exchanged loaded looks, stifled chuckles, and walked into the house.

“Bella, your friends are here,” he called.

Charlie turned to Alice and said “Go on up. I’m sure she won’t mind.” Alice took off up the stairs and barged into Bella’s room with amazing grace that still shocked Bella to this day. She spun and leaped onto Bella’s bed without ever making a sound.

“Hi Alice. To what do I owe the surprise? Or are you just here to visit your dear friend?” she teased.

“Oh, you know me Bella. I'm just showing my helpless little vampire friend around. I think you know him.” Her tone of voice playful.

“Oh really?” Bella challenged.

“Yep.” Alice answered happily.

“Can you please come up here? There’s someone who would like to see you.” She yelled down the stairs.

In the blink of an eye Bella was enveloped in huge, cold arms. For a moment she panicked, but then thought through the situation and realized that it was probably Edward. When she looked up her speculations were rewarded, and she leaned up to kiss the love of her life. After a quick peck and a loss of air, Edward sat her on the bed and made her close her eyes. He handed her the present and told her to open her eyes. Once Bella saw the box and bow, with the name in French, she screamed and wrapped her arms around Edward, trying to keep her heart steady.

Alice could see that it was her time to go, said goodbye to everyone, and walked out the front door. After being with Bella, Alice realized that it really was time for her to quench her thirst, and took off towards the place her family usually hunted. She sprinted into the forest, completely ready to go into instincts mode. She let go of everything but her sense of smell, hearing, and sight. She ran into the woods and followed the sound of an abnormal amount of movement. The leaves crinkling, the branches creaking with movement. That was her map.

Alice wondered what could be causing all that noise, and went to explore. When she found out why, she wished with her whole being that in that moment, she was in Bella’s house, with Edward and Bella by her side. But it wasn’t like that. She was alone. Watching. Watching Rosalie and Jasper against a tree, passionately kissing.

“What the hell are you doing?” her voice shrill and angry.

“Wha--” tried to ask Rosalie, but quickly shut her mouth when she saw the look on Alice’s face.

“Jasper, explain this please. Now.” she said, as calmly as she could.

“Jasper you have to lie, you can’t tell her about us.” Rosalie whispered feverishly, forgetting that Alice could hear just as well as both of them.

“No Rosalie, the lies are over. When we get home, you are telling Emmett,” said Alice, with such a tone of finality that Rosalie was actually scared to answer.

Alice stared at them, appalled at the conclusion she was drawing, and trying not to believe it.

Jasper squared his shoulders and looked straight at Alice.

“Alice, Rosalie and I realized about 2 months ago that we have feelings for each other. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. We were planning on telling you and Emmett, but we hadn’t figured out what to say yet.”

Alice was in shock. “Oh. Ok. So I’ll just wait for you at home,” her voice monotone.

She turned and ran, but she only got about half a mile before she had to stop.

As soon as she halted, she had a vision of the past. A vision of Jasper and Rosalie's relationship. The flood of memories couldn’t do anything but paralyze her. She realized that Jasper’s love had only been hers for a short amount of time before he fixated on Rosalie.

Slowly, she crumpled to the floor, feeling the betrayal in her bones.

Her heart was breaking, and that was the only thought that was going through her head.