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There is an End to Every War

Bella and Edward are back, but will it last? From Bella's transformation, to the werewolves, to Vicoria and the Volturi, they have enough obstacles to break up even the most dedicated to each other. Maybe they need a little help... Discontinued.


10. Fear

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I was so worried about Edward. What did he mean this wasn’t going to be pretty? I found out soon enough.

We ran into the forest, Emmett right behind Edward. I was the first one to see an animal, and I was thirsty. “Carlisle, is it ok if I drink now?”

“Go ahead, but be fast. I have a feeling we’re going to need your help with Edward.” I nodded, and took off into the woods. There was an polar bear very close, and it smelled wonderful.

I took it down in seconds, and drank it dry quickly. I was actually disappointed, I had been counting on a fight. Regretfully, I rejoined my family. The sight that met me when I returned was not a good one. Alice was holding down a struggling deer, and Edward was fighting Emmett’s grasp. I was confused. When I had seen any of the others hunt before, they went crazy at the sight of blood. Edward was going crazy, but he was trying to get away from the blood. Horrible snarls were coming from deep in his throat, and his eyes were glowing red.

I walked towards them slowly. “Emmett, let go of him.”

“Bella, he’ll just run away.” Carlisle told me. “No, he won’t.”

Carlisle sighed, and gestured for Emmett to do as I said. I grabbed Edward’s arm before Emmett released him. He struggled against my grip, but I didn’t tighten it. “Edward, listen to me. Please. I love you, but you are acting ridiculous. That is blood. It is just as good as any other blood.” He sneered at me. “Is that what you think? What do you know? You’ve only been one of us for a few days, and you’re weaker than me.” His words stung, but I didn’t let go. “Maybe I don’t love you. I didn’t know that you were such a monster.” My cruel words had the desired effect. He reeled backwards as if I had struck him, all color draining from his face. “Bella!” Esme shrieked. “How could you…” Carlisle silenced her with a look. He knew what I was doing.

Meanwhile, Edward was fighting his monster side. “Please, Bella, please, no.” He was begging me. I so wanted to take him in my arms, but I knew I couldn’t yet. This had to be done. “The man I fell in love with is kind and caring, and acts like a human being instead of an animal. He would never try to hurt his family, especially Alice, and he loves me back. Are you still that person? Or are you a monster?” This was hurting me more than it was him. “If you still are the man I fell in love with,” I continued, “Then you will drink from that deer, and then come hunting with me. If not, then go drink from as many humans as you want, but know you’ll be doing it alone.”

Edward looked at me helplessly. “I can’t,” he whispered pleadingly. “It smells disgusting. We’re meant to…” I cut him off. “It’s your choice. But think very carefully about it.” I tried to sound firm, but I’m sure he could hear the waver in my voice. This was killing me. He growled, and broke free of my grip. He threw himself at the deer, and killed it with one blow to it’s spine. He drained it within a minute, and stood up again. “Happy?” he roared at me. “Not quite. Come with me. We’re going hunting.” He glared at me, but followed any way. I waved at the others as I started running, a signal for them to head back. We would be fine.

We killed two more bears before his thirst was satisfied. When he had drained the last one, he looked at me with hurt in his eyes. “Did you mean what you said earlier? About leaving me?” If I hadn’t been a vampire, my eyes would have glassed over. “No, Edward, of course not. I love you, no matter what.”

“Then why did you say those things?”

“Because I had to say something to get you to listen. You were scaring me. You actually tried to bite Emmett, and poor Alice, she was practically trembling!”

I regretted my words immediately. Pain looked like it was permanently etched on his features. I touched his face, trying to rid him of that pain. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean any of it. You are my angel, and I would become a monster if it was the only way to be with you. But I knew that wasn’t you, and I knew that you didn’t really want to kill humans. So I said those things. But it hurt every time I lied.” He smiled my favorite crooked smile, and pulled me to him. “I’m sorry for the things I did. And I’m sorry that I scared you, but that really was me. That is what I fight every day. I am a monster.” I slapped him. “Edward Cullen! Didn’t I just tell you to stop calling yourself a monster? If you’re a monster, what does that make me? You’re the one who just said I had less control that anyone!” He blanched at the reminder of his earlier words. “Well then, how about we be monsters together?”

“We’re not monsters, but as long as I have you, I don’t really care what we are.”

A shriek pierced the silence. “Alice!” Edward shouted, and ran towards the sound. I followed him, not sure to expect when we got back. It’s a good thing I didn’t expect anything, because there was no way I could have been ready for what awaited us.