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There is an End to Every War

Bella and Edward are back, but will it last? From Bella's transformation, to the werewolves, to Vicoria and the Volturi, they have enough obstacles to break up even the most dedicated to each other. Maybe they need a little help... Discontinued.


14. Random Fluff, and Some Plot

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I spent the night in Alanna and Aaron’s room. Alanna was funny, smart, and knew everything that I wanted. I actually had fun, even though I missed Edward with every fiber of my being. He and Aaron had gone hunting, and hadn’t stopped in to say goodbye. Alanna understood how I felt about this supposed destiny, and knew that it would be hard. “I’ll be around to help, and Aaron and the rest of your family.

As she spoke of my family, unbidden, an image of Rene popped into my head. I winced, remembering how I had never said good bye, and how I knew that she must be worried sick.

“What’s wrong?” Alanna asked with concern.

“I was remembering my mother. I never got to say goodbye to her.”

Alanna cocked her head to one side. “What’s her name?”

“Rene Dwyer. Why?” Alanna ignored me, and closed her eyes.

“She’s married to a man named Phil? A baseball player?” I stared at her, completely shocked. “Yeah.” I whispered.

“She misses you, but she’s moving on. She thinks you died in a fire. They moved to Tibet so she didn’t have constant reminders of you around, and Phil got a contract with one of their teams. She’s pregnant again, and is going to name the baby girl Danielle Isabella, after you.”

“How do you know all of that?” I asked sadly.

“I have some futuristic powers, as well as prophesizing and controlling the elements. It can be useful at times.” She cocked her head to one side again.

“Edward and Aaron are back, but you should take Edward hunting again. He didn’t hunt, even though he told Aaron he did.” I sighed.
”Is it the withdrawal again?” She nodded solemnly.

“It’s not as bad anymore, but it’s still hard for him. Be patient.”

I got up to leave, but she stopped me once more. “When you get back, come talk to Aaron. I’ll take Edward and explain some of what I told you. But remember, you must not tell him about your destiny.”

“All right. See you later.”

Edward was standing near the front door, talking to Aaron and Carlisle. It struck me that I hadn’t seen Carlisle and the rest of the family lately. “Hey everyone.” I greeted them. Carlisle and Aaron smiled at me, and Edward wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Have a nice hunt Edward?” I asked innocently. He did a double take, and lied through his teeth. “Yes. It was fine.”

My eyes narrowed. “Really?” I turned to Aaron and Carlisle. “If you’ll excuse us, I need to instruct Edward on the punishment for lying to me.” Aaron looked at Carlisle, and they ran away down the hall.

“Bella,” Edward started.

“No. Why are you doing this? You aren’t even trying!” I accused harshly. I knew this sounded cold blooded, but I had to do something. “I just want everything to go back to how it was. You loving me, and being a vegetarian like the rest of us. Can’t you do that, for me?” My voice quivered as I spoke, and I thought once again if I was still human I’d be crying. Edward looked at me with so much pain in his eyes that I almost relented, but refrained, just barely. “I’m sorry. But I am trying, honestly. It’s just so hard…” I stopped him with a kiss. It started out innocently, just something comforting, but quickly grew to something more. I barely noticed as he led me towards our room, and laid me down on the bed. All thoughts were put away for a less interesting time.

An hour or so later, I laid in his arms. “Edward?”

“Hmm?” He groaned.

“We have to go hunting. We can go alone as long as you cooperate, otherwise I’ll have to go get Emmett.”

“He and Rosalie are… otherwise occupied, and he would be very put out if we disturbed him, so I’ll do my best.”

I dressed quickly, and finished in time to see Edward slide into his shirt. I loved watching him dress, almost as much as I loved seeing him undress. He watched me watching him, and smiled suggestively. “Are you sure you want to go hunting? We could do something much more…” My shoe flying at him stopped that sentence.

We hunted all night. It was hard for him at first, but I soon figured out the way to get him to drink. All I had to do was use an illusion to change the smell of the blood to human. When we finally got back to Denali, some one was waiting very impatiently for me to get there.