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There is an End to Every War

Bella and Edward are back, but will it last? From Bella's transformation, to the werewolves, to Vicoria and the Volturi, they have enough obstacles to break up even the most dedicated to each other. Maybe they need a little help... Discontinued.


15. An Outing

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Alice stood there waiting for me in the doorway.“Isabella Marie!” She called in a singsong voice. “Come along my dear! We have wedding arrangements to make!” She was clearly excited. I, on the other hand, was less than thrilled. Wedding arrangements meant shopping. Shopping meant torture. Oh, no. Edward squeezed my hand and smirked at me. “Oh, come on love. You know that you’ll have to do it sooner or later, and I have to talk to Carlisle about when we’re leaving, and our plans for the future.” He grinned wickedly. “Plus, Rosalie wants to know some things that she doesn’t think are appropriate for me to hear.” I blushed, even though I didn’t know what he was talking about. I had a feeling that it would be embarrassing. With a kiss, Edward walked away. I stared after him, feeling forlorn. That feeling was quickly replaced by chagrin. Alice yanked me into her and Jasper’s room, where Rosalie, Esme, Alanna, Tanya, Carol and Lily were waiting. “Oh my God! I’m so excited! Lily and I have so many ideas! Don’t we sis?” Carol gushed excitedly. Lily just nodded sagely. She was the calm one, where Carol was loud and easily excited. Alanna looked at them with amusement. “Calm down you two. Bella probably wants a say in her own wedding.” I smiled my thanks at her. “Ok Bella. The first thing we need is a location. Where do you want to have it?” I thought about it for a minute. “How about here?” Alice mulled it over, and Tanya nodded. “Jonathon is licensed to perform the ceremony. I mean, Carlisle could do it, but I was assuming that he was walking you down the aisle.” This thought brought me sadness. When I had imagined my wedding as a human, I had always pictured Charlie walking me down the aisle, and Rene sitting in the front row crying. I knew now that this would never happen. “Here’s perfect.” Esme finalized the arrangement. “Great. We have a place. Bella, you need a maid of honor.” Alice looked at me with a pout. “Hmm… I don’t know. Who should I choose?” Alice threw her shoe at me. “I am going to hold it against you for eternity if you don’t chose me Bella. And you always say that I’m your best friend.” She whined. “Oh, I suppose. Alice, you’re my maid of honor.” She beamed, and said, “Good. The only other thing you have to worry about now is your dress. You know what that means!” “Shopping!” The other women yelled. I groaned. I knew this was coming. We all piled into vehicles, and headed for the nearest town. It was called Parksville, and only had one place to buy wedding dresses. We went in, and Alice started looking through huge stacks of dresses, and systematically pulling a few out. The others did the same, saying, “I’ll wear this one.” Or, “Bella would look just perfect in this.” But then I saw it. The perfect wedding dress. It was an off the shoulder, pearly white dress. Delicate lace designs covered the front, and a white flower pin held a sash on the middle. It had a v-cut neck, and pearls were sewn to the bottom. Alice saw my preoccupation with this dress, and grabbed it. “Go try it on.” So I did. And I was right. It was perfect. I walked out, and slowly spun in a circle. “What do you think?” Everyone was speechless. Carol was the first one to regain use of her tongue. “It’s absolutely gorgeous! We found the dress!” Soon we were leaving the store with my dress, and a pair of white heeled sandals, and everyone else’s dresses. They were all light purple, but in completely different styles. For the first time, I was genuinely excited about getting married. I mean, I had been ecstatic when Edward first asked me, or when I had asked him, but so many things had happened since then, and I had forgotten that feeling. Then something happened to make me very glad that I had Edward. A man in a blue t-shirt and jeans swaggered up to us, with a wide, self assured grin. “Hey there, loves. What’s a bunch of pretty ladies doing walkin’ around all by yourselves? Lookin’ for a good time?” Now, I suppose, if I hadn’t been a vampire, and if I wasn’t with Edward, this man would have been attractive. But seriously, come on. We were clearly way out of his league. I know it sounds conceited, but if this guy was smart, he would have just kept walking. “We were actually shopping for our sisters wedding, and now we’re on our way to meet our husbands, so if you’ll excuse us…” Alice breezed by the man, followed by the others. When I started to follow, though, the creep grabbed my arm. Oh no. He was too close, right up in my face, blowing the delicious scent of his blood into my nose. I could almost feel my eyes turn black. “Come on, beautiful. You ain’t married yet.” He whispered in a way he must have thought was attractive. It was attractive to me, but not in the way he wanted it to be, I’m sure. I wanted his blood. Oh, how I wanted it. Luckily, Rosalie and Alanna intervened. Rose grabbed my shoulder, and Alanna grabbed Mr. Idiot. “Consider yourself warned, dog. You don’t want to play with these ladies.” Her eyes flashed purple on the last word, and a dangerous hiss punctuated the entire sentence. The guy took one last look at me, and fled. Alanna shook her hair and turned to me. “Are my eyes the right color again?” I nodded wordlessly, my mouth still hanging open. “So, Bella, are you ready to go? The guys really are meeting us at the diner.” Rosalie asked in an understanding sort of way. She obviously understood how I was feeling, which was a little strange, considering it hadn’t been that long ago that she had hated me. “You get used to it Bella. It’s the way we are, and the egos that humans have.” Carol told me kindly. Lily looked at me and nodded solemnly. We drove to the California diner, and immediately saw the men folk of the family, waiting for us in the parking lot. I watched as Edward’s face went from an amiable smile to a livid frown. He must have been reading some one’s thoughts, and finding out about our little run in. I made it to him just in time to grab his arm and hold tight. “Edward, it’s ok. I’m fine, we’re all fine.” “Not for long.” He growled. “I’m going to kill that son of a bitch.” I decided I was going to have to be cruel again. “Why? So you have an excuse to drink from another human?” Edward flinched visibly, and pulled away from my touch, his anger deflated. “Let’s go.” Carlisle said, no emotions visible in his eyes. I nodded, and got in Edward’s Volvo. We were going to talk, damn it. No one talked at all for the first five minutes. “Edward,” I started. “This has got to stop. I’m not a frail, weak human being any more, and you don’t need to protect me from them. I can handle it.” “I wasn’t trying to protect you from him.” He stated quietly, still staring straight ahead. “Then why in the world were you going to rush off to try and kill him? Or was I right? Did you really just want to drink from him?” He finally looked at me, the glimmer of anger in his eyes. “Of course not! I wanted to protect you from, from, killing.” I stared at him disbelievingly as he continued. “I saw you in Alice’s thoughts as she worried. You were going to drink from him, and that’s my fault! I changed you, and now you almost had to go through the pain, the agony of withdrawal, and I couldn’t let that happen to you. I couldn’t, but I almost did. I wasn’t there! Don’t you get it? I couldn’t protect you!” I sat back in my seat, completely stunned. He regretted changing me? Since when? Why? Wasn’t I still the same, or at least mostly the same? “I love you Edward, and you don’t need to protect me. Sometimes you have to go through things to get stronger, and to be able to resist them. I didn’t kill that guy back there, and that’s all that matters. That guy is still alive, and we’re both ok.” He smiled, but all of the sudden went stiff. It was then that I realized that we had pulled up in the driveway to the Denali coven’s home, and that something didn’t smell right. Our past had finally caught up with us.