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There is an End to Every War

Bella and Edward are back, but will it last? From Bella's transformation, to the werewolves, to Vicoria and the Volturi, they have enough obstacles to break up even the most dedicated to each other. Maybe they need a little help... Discontinued.


16. Fears Come True

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Aro stood in front of the door, looking straight at me. “Ah, wonderful! Marcus, Caius, they’re back! And Bella’s one of us! How delightful!” Marcus and Caius drifted out of the house, followed by Jane, Alec, and Felix. Then, another female drifted out, one I was terrifyingly familiar with. Victoria.

I felt an old fear shudder through me, before I could remind myself that she couldn’t hurt me anymore. Edward sensed my discomfort, and squeezed my hand, all the while glaring at the Volturi with his terrifyingly red eyes.

“Edward, you’ve finally come to your senses! Now will you join us?”

Edward growled, not understanding, but he would never agree with Aro, even if he did understand.

Carlisle however, understood quickly.

“Aro, Edward does not drink from humans, he’s just suffering from a temporary illness.”

Edward looked down, not wanting to admit anything to Aro. I decided to interrupt, before Edward was humiliated more.
”Well, you’ve seen me. I’m a vampire, so, I think that’s it.” Aro looked at me for the first time without good humor.

“I don’t think so Isabella. What is your Talent?”

I looked to Carlisle, and he nodded. When I looked back to Aro, his eyes were narrowed at me, looking unpleasant. What did I do to make him angry?

“Well?” He asked impatiently?

I narrowed my eyes in concentration. The whole forest landscape changed, and turned into a barren desert.

Aro clapped his hands in excitement, his anger apparently forgotten.

“Wonderful! And so convenient! This must be how you hid your family from our guard who can find anyone. Very convenient.” He mumbled again.

He was now staring at me like I was a piece of meat. Oh no.

“So, I’m willing to re-extend our offer of joining us. You would be most useful to us, and of course, you wouldn’t have to follow that ridiculous diet of only animals. You’ll enjoy our undying life if you don’t have to control your appetite all of the time.”

Edward started to growl something, but I stopped him.

“No one forced me to chose to feed this way. I chose to. It is hard, but I refuse to be a monster. I was a human a few weeks ago. How could I just start killing them?”

“You didn’t have a problem killing Sam!” A voice said from behind me. No, not now. I’m not ready, I can’t handle this. Please, please don’t make me face him.

I spun around slowly, facing Jacob. His face was haggard, and seemed to be carved from stone. He glared at me, his arms shaking. His hair had grown back since the last time that I had seen him, all of those months ago, when I had been afraid he and Edward would kill each other.

The rest of the Quiluete werewolves all stood behind him, and something clicked in my brain. I had been wondering who would become the leader after Sam had died, and now it seemed painfully obvious.

I had stood there and listened to Embry and Jared say that Jacob was better at phasing than even Sam, and was going to be larger when he reached his full growth. Why hadn’t I realized that it would be Jake who finally came after Edward and I to exact the pack’s revenge? The answer was easy, once I thought about it. I didn’t want to believe that Jake would do that. He was my best friend, and I hadn’t wanted to believe that he would try to kill me. But, here he was, and I was going to have to fight him. I could sense it.

Suddenly, Alanna’s words from earlier that day came back to me. It is your destiny to end the feud between the races. How? How could I possibly do that? Jacob hated me now, and was no more likely to listen to me than he was to Edward. He hated me for allowing myself to be changed, and for Sam’s death.

Edward grabbed me, yanking me to his side.

“What are you doing here, dog?” He demanded.

“Who cares?” Asked Emmett, flexing his biceps. “I say we kill them so we don’t have to worry about it!”

“I agree.” Alice hissed. “I had a vision just now. They’re here to kill Bella. They think she killed Sam, and that we fled because of that.”

Jasper hissed, and it rapidly turned into a roar.
”They think they can just come here and kill Bella? Surely they don’t mean to just let the rest of us watch.”

Even Esme was joining in on the anger. She began to speak, her usually motherly, calm voice morphed into one I couldn’t even recognize.

“I’m sure they don’t. They most likely mean to kill all of us, or at least they did until they realized how many of us there were.”

Carlisle looked angry, and sad, in way.

“So, this is what it has come to. I don’t want to kill you. I’m not a monster, and nor is any of my family. Sam refused to let Bella go, so Emmett made him. Emmett lost control, but did not mean to harm you Alpha wolf. Leave, and we will never bother you again, or return to Forks.”

A crowd was gathering now, the entire Denali coven standing behind us, along with Alanna. Rosalie hadn’t said anything, and looked a little scared. She knew that some of us might not make it out of this alive.

“Yeah right! Like we would believe that!” Paul exclaimed, beginning to shake.

“Paul, chill. We can’t do this right now. There’s too many of them.” Jake whispered, forgetting about our amazing hearing. The Quileutes melded into the scenery, leaving us with a few last words.

“You haven’t seen the last of us, Bella.” And then they were gone. But the question was, for how long?

Aaron walked over to my side.
”Bella, would you come for a walk with me? I know that was unsettling, but I think they want to discuss what happens now, and they won’t do it with you around. Edward doesn’t want to worry you, and we all now how close you used to be with the Alpha. Alanna wanted us to talk anyway.”

I nodded wordlessly. Where everything had been going so well before, my world now seemed to be crashing down. I had been planning my wedding, I even had a dress! But now, we’d have to leave, and I might never be able to get married. Why was this happening?

“The Volturi?” I asked, having forgotten about them for a moment.

Aaron shook his head.

“No one knows. They disappeared when the wolves showed up. Jonathon thinks that they didn’t want to risk their hides fighting werewolves.” He ended the sentence disgustedly.

“So, shall we?” He held out his arm like a gentleman.

I took it with a laugh, and we walked into the forest, leaving everyone else to discuss our fates.