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There is an End to Every War

Bella and Edward are back, but will it last? From Bella's transformation, to the werewolves, to Vicoria and the Volturi, they have enough obstacles to break up even the most dedicated to each other. Maybe they need a little help... Discontinued.


17. A Begining. Or is it?

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So, no one was exactly sure whether the Voturi were actually gone or not, and everyone was on edge about the werewolves. None of us were naïve enough to believe they were finished with us.

After Aaron and I returned from our walk, I immediately went to find Edward. He was sitting with Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and the other men from the Denali clan.

Edward stood up and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, kissing my hair gently.

“How was your walk?” he asked.
”Fine.” I replied shortly. I would fill him in on the specifics of our conversation later, when there weren’t so many ears around.

“So, what have you guys decided, and where are the rest of the women?” I asked, changing the subject.

They looked at each other.

“Well,” Carlisle began, “I have begun the process of purchasing a home in Chicago. Until we can get one, however, we will be staying in Edward’s parent’s home.” A pained look crossed my beloved’s face, showing me how much he missed his parents, and the memories that this would bring him.

“You will all be enrolled in the school, and I have a job lined up. It will be much like our lives in Forks, minus a human hanging around.”

Emmett grinned.

“Yeah. Hopefully Edward will refrain from doing the whole falling in love with a human thing again. It might not go so well this time.”

The twig Emmett had been twiddling with was suddenly a pile of dung. Emmett cursed, and dropped the illusion. Edward laughed along with me, as did Carlisle and Jasper. The other vampires stared on in amazement, and quietly left the room, giving us some family alone time.

Emmett glared after them, and Jasper continued laughing.

“Oh my God Bella, you should have felt his emotions. He went from scared, to disgusted, to embarrassed, in about a second. It was hysterical.”

“Bella, you’re getting married tonight! We have so much work to do! Come on!” I stared at Alice, who had popped her head in the door.

“What?” I asked incredulously.

“Edward, what is she talking about? Tonight?” I asked again, totally befuddled.

Carlisle explained for him.

“We weren’t quite there yet, Alice. There was an incident that distracted us.” He turned to me.

“We mean to leave in the morning Bella, as to not put the Denali’s in danger anymore. And since I know you want them at the wedding, it has to be tonight.”

I just stared at him. One night? I had one night to make the biggest step in my existence? I looked around the room, at the faces I had learned to call my family.

“Well, we’d best get moving then!” And I swept out of the room, following Alice.

I dressed in my beautiful gown and shoes, and Alice set me down to do my hair and makeup. She had even found a small tiara, and a short veil.

My hair was curled tightly, falling down to my waist in waves. Esme had let me borrow a pair of opal earrings, and a diamond necklace hung between my breasts.

I didn’t even look at the makeup, not wanting to know how hard it would be to get off later.

“Esme, where are we having the ceremony?” I wondered.

“In the dining hall, dear. Don’t worry, we have everything under control.” She replied calmly.

So I didn’t worry. I was blissfully happy, not thinking about destinies, or harpies or werewolves or evil vampires. I only thought about what I was about to do, how I was about to do the only thing that was right anymore. I was going to marry my true love. Everything would be fine.

I stood serenely with Alice behind the doors of the hall, waiting for the Bridal March to begin playing. When it did, Carlisle appeared at my side, and with a wink, Alice started up the aisle. Then, Carlisle took my arm, and led me behind her.

I wasn’t sure what happened next, but all I heard was growling, and suddenly, I was airborne, to shocked to even remember my powers. Jacob’s wolf formtook me to the ground, and ripped into the hard flesh of my arm with his claws. I screeched my fury, and threw him against the wall.
”Edward! Alanna! HELP!” And then I did something that I would regret for the rest of my days. I conjured an illusion that would haunt Jacob Black until the day he died, a vision so terrible that it would never, ever be forgotten.