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There is an End to Every War

Bella and Edward are back, but will it last? From Bella's transformation, to the werewolves, to Vicoria and the Volturi, they have enough obstacles to break up even the most dedicated to each other. Maybe they need a little help... Discontinued.


3. Chapter 3

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When we were all in the living room, everyone started firing off questions.

“Why would we have to leave?”

“Does this have to do with her?”

“What happened?”

“Quiet!” This was Carlisle. “One question at a time! Edward, you go first.”

“Why do you smell like smoke, Bella?”

I sighed. He was jumping right into the thick of things. “Victoria caught my house on fire.”

“Is Charlie ok?” This was Alice.

I bit my lip to keep from crying. I couldn’t speak, so I just shook my head.

“Oh, no. Bella, I’m so sorry. He was a wonderful person.” I nodded. I missed him so much.

“Why exactly do we have to leave?” This was from Jasper. He didn’t sound pleased at the idea of leaving. Emmett answered this one. “One of the Quileute wolves was there too. He pulled Bella out of the fire, but wouldn’t let her leave when she asked to. I killed him.”

“So this is her fault. Edward, you did not do this family a favor when you brought her around.” Edward roared at her. “How dare you blame her! This is not Bella’s fault! Blame your husband if you have to blame anyone!”

“STOP!” I had had enough. “This is no one’s fault! Well, it might be Victoria’s fault, or Sam’s, but it is definitely not Emmett’s fault. And since I can’t think of anything I could have done differently to do anything stop this, so I really don’t think that it’s mine either. Rosalie, you don’t like me. I get that. But, please, just look at the facts.” I was crying again. Edward pulled me against his side, glaring at Rosalie.

“Emmett, does anyone else know that Bella’s alive?” Alice asked speculatively. He shook his head. “I don’t think so. There was no one else there.”


“Good? How is that good, Alice? Bella’s mother is probably going out of her mind. You’d better call her, Bella.” Edward argued. I started towards the phone, but Carlisle stopped me. Uh-oh. He was going to get into this before I was ready. “Now, let’s think about this Edward. If we call Bella’s mother, she is going to move her to Florida. This won’t work if we mean to change her after graduation. It’s only a few weeks away.”

Edward had obviously been reading Carlisle’s thoughts. “NO!” he roared. “Absolutely not! You said I had until after graduation!” “To do what? Talk her out of it? I think we all know that that isn’t going to happen.” Alice told him. “Bella knows what she wants, and even you can’t change her mind. And she could help us fight the werewolves.” I blanched at this. I wasn’t exactly on the best of terms with Jacob at the moment, but I didn’t want to hurt him.

Suddenly, Alice stopped talking. Her eyes focused on something we couldn’t see, and all of the little color she had drained out of her face. “They’re coming.” She whispered. “Who?” Edward asked, although everyone knew the answer. “The Volturi.”

“Well, I think that settles it. Bella needs to be changed. It is no longer safe for her, or the rest of us. We will finish out the rest of the school year here, and then leave after graduation. Edward, are you changing her, or am I?” Edward’s jaw was clenched, and his eyes were darkening with every passing second. “Edward,” I murmured, putting my hand on his arm gently. He shook me off, and ran out the door. I sighed, and followed him. To my relief, no one tried to stop me.

“Edward?” I called softly. I knew that he could hear me. “Edward, please, we really need to talk about this. Come here.” A rustle behind me told me of his presence. I turned slowly, and looked up into his face. It was full of pain, anger, and indecision. “What’s wrong? I don’t understand. You were willing to let this happen before. You said if I married you, you would change me. Carlisle didn’t let me say what I was planning on saying, so here it is in a nutshell. I love you Edward Cullen. I’ve tried to picture my life without you, and I can’t. I want to spend the rest of eternity by your side, and that includes marrying you. So, instead of you asking me, I’m asking you. Will you marry me?” Edward looked stunned. His stunned expression soon faded, and one of happiness took it’s place. “I’m old fashioned, I was born a hundred years ago, remember? I have to propose to you.”

“You already did!”

“Not really. Let me do it right.” And to my great surprise, he dropped to one knee, and pulled a small box out of his pocket.

“How long have you been carrying that around?” I asked in disbelief. He ignored me and said, “I love you Bella, and I would be honored if you would marry me.” I had thought it would be so easy to say yes. I mean, I had just proposed to him for God’s sake! But when I opened my mouth to speak, nothing came out. So instead, I nodded. This was good enough for him. He swept me into his arms, and whirled me around, kissing me thoroughly. “Let’s go tell everyone.”

Everyone hugged us as soon as we walked through the door. I supposed they had heard. Even though we were in extreme danger, they could still be happy for us.

“OK!” Emmett said loudly. “Does this mean you’re changing her, Edward?” Looking straight into my eyes, he nodded.

Then, he swept me into the most glorious kiss we had ever exchanged. He kissed lower and lower, until finally, he came to my neck. And then, my angel bit into my neck. The last sane thing I said for three days was, “Thank you, and don’t worry.