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Breaking Dawn (my version)

This is my version of Breaking Dawn. Post Eclipse. Edward and Bella are set to be married, but what will happen when a new clan of Vampires bent on world wonquest surface? A new character is introduced, and an old one finds new purposes. Please leave reviews!!!

Um, this is post Eclipse, so there are definately going to be some spoilers in this. I don't own any of the characters except for the ones that I have created.

1. Prolouge

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18 Years Ago…

Outside of Seattle, there lay a small town that was for the most part deserted. If one actually cared enough to walk along the dirt roads, they might stumble into the ancient drive way of an old mansion. The mansion gave off the impression that any haunted house gave off, except that this haunted house had occupants in it, and the occupants did not like to be disturbed.

The Mansion looked as though it had once been grand. It was four stories tall, had amazing marble columns, and was once a pearly white. However, as time went on, and the house fell into disrepair, the paint began to peel, and the yard which was once neat and trimmed, began to grow. Ivy, and other plants made their way up the outside walls, and a certain odor of decay lingered in the air. No one dared go near the house. After one night many years before, some teenagers disappeared after they went into the house, and yet no one had been able to find them.

One night however, an ear splitting scream erupted from the house, as a woman in her mid-20’s ran from the house, screaming. The occupants of the house did not give chase, they merely laughed. One, a tall slim man, with vibrant red eyes, porcelain skin, and black hair, turned to the other man and said, “Should we give chase after a while?”

The other man was thickly built, had a goatee, and had similar eyes and skin. He laughed, and said, “Why bother? Who would believe her if she decided to say anything?” He laughed again, a cold, almost bitter laugh that seemed out of place with his normally gentlemanly voice. “And anyways, I got what I wanted from her. Its not as if there’s going to be any lasting evidence.”

They turned away from the window after they could no longer see the woman’s retreating figure. Then the slimmer of the two broke into a huge smile. “Look what she left us,” he said, pointing at the bed, where a dress laid over the footboard. The second man laughed, until he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

The slim man opened the door, and a woman with an almost blindly beautiful face entered the room. However, the expression on her face was not kindly. She was extremely annoyed, and she didn’t even need to express it in words. The two men could see every detail of what she was thinking just by looking at her face. “The meeting is about to begin,” she said in a calm, beautiful voice.

The thicker of the two men nodded once and said, “I shall be down in a moment.”

She turned and left, leaving the two men to their thoughts. After a minute, the thinner man turned to the other and said, “Are you certain that there will be no lasting evidence?”

The thicker man said irritably, “Of course not. What kind of evidence might there be?”

“A child, perhaps?”

“I think not. No one knows whether or not that is even possible, and I doubt that it is.”

“Even still,” began the thinner man, but he was cut off.

“Enough Henry!” said the thicker man, his face now contorted with rage. “I will not stand by while you attempt to play mind games with me. Save it for those who oppose us.”

Henry’s face was expressionless. “As you wish, Sir Benedict.” The two men then walked through the door and into the hall. Neither of them knew that what happened this night would indeed become a problem in their future.