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Breaking Dawn (my version)

This is my version of Breaking Dawn. Post Eclipse. Edward and Bella are set to be married, but what will happen when a new clan of Vampires bent on world wonquest surface? A new character is introduced, and an old one finds new purposes. Please leave reviews!!!

Um, this is post Eclipse, so there are definately going to be some spoilers in this. I don't own any of the characters except for the ones that I have created.

5. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Whispering Voices

No too far away from Forks, in the old mansion, a meeting was beginning. The room was dark, and the only light came from a fireplace that seemed only to give light, not heat. The room was inhabited by spider webs and a few rodents, and there was a thin layer of dust on most surfaces. The only surface that was dust free was a long table, the only piece of furniture in the room. 13 figures sat at a table, six on each side, and one at the head of the table. Their eyes were all a similar shade of dark red, and they sat silently, waiting for the head of the table to speak. They also all wore Victorian era clothing, as if to state which era they belonged to.

The head of the table finally spoke, and everyone's eyes immediately fell onto him, unwavering, and also, slightly frightened. The head was a man, whose hair was jet black and was pulled back into a ponytail. His voice was cold and deep, and left no one with any doubts as to who was the most powerful in the room. He said softly, but so that everyone could hear him, "Our plans are coming to fruition. We have successfully turned one of the members of the Volturi, and we are also doing well in our kidnapping plot, thanks to Adam." He turned and bowed his head at a younger looking vampire, with blonde hair, who was seated at the right side of the table. "We are moving faster than I had previously believed too," the head continued. "This pleases me greatly."

The mood in the room became a fraction less tense. "Now, what is it, Benedict, that you have learned about the resident Vampires of this country?" the head asked, turning to the bulky, black haired Vampire, who was also seated on the right side of the table.

Benedict cleared his throat, and then said, "There is only one group here that will give us any serious trouble. Their domain is in the small town of Forks, Washington. They are called the Cullens."

A few of the Vampires around the table breathed at that name. One attracted the attention of the head more than the others. "Rebecca, I assume you know them?" the head asked.

Rebecca turned to face the head. She had brown hair, and was thin and shorter. "Yes," she said, in a voice that was slightly harsher than one might have thought. "I have heard of Carlisle Cullen, and of his... eating choices. Rumor has it that the whole family has chosen to abstain from draining humans."

A hiss erupted around the table. Vampires like that were considered to be soft, and worthless. They were the lowest of the low, and didn't deserve anything in this world, or so was the opinion of the clan.

"The other group that might possibly give us trouble is a smaller clan in Alaska," stated Benedict. "They too refrain from drinking the blood of humans."

"Interesting," mused the head of the table. "That life style is weak, however; too see so many of them making that choice is very interesting. However, I have heard from my source that this Carlisle Cullen is close with the Volturi. If the Volturi are to fall, then we must take out those who would seek to protect them. That does include the Cullen family."

Benedict cleared his throat, very slightly, to show that he did have more to say. The head turned in his direction, waited.

Benedict, took a deep breath and then said, "The Cullens have overcome insurmountable odds before, and they seemed to have help of some kind with the newborns that Victoria brought over. There is also the issue of the human girl who seeks to become a Vampire and join their coven."

"She will be no threat to us," dismissed the head, with a wave of his hand, and Benedict fell silent.

"We will take down the Volturi, and soon the world will be inhabited by Vampires," stated Benedict, and for a moment, the 12 other members who were seated could almost tangibly feel the fire in his voice.

"Volterra will fall, and we will have our revenge," finished the head.

Henry, who was seated at the left side of the table, turned to the woman who had knocked at their door so many years ago. "Elizabeth," he said. "I believe you were in charge of providing the entertainment for tonight."

She smiled, and disappeared through a door. She soon reappeared, leading 13 men into the room. They all seemed to be completely dazzled by her, ignoring everyone else in the room.

"I thought that food would be the best entertainment of all tonight," she whispered to the head, and who then rose from his chair, and began what was to be a viscous slaughter but ripping an arm from one of the men completely off its owner's body, releasing blood, which sent everyone into a frenzy.