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Breaking Dawn (my version)

This is my version of Breaking Dawn. Post Eclipse. Edward and Bella are set to be married, but what will happen when a new clan of Vampires bent on world wonquest surface? A new character is introduced, and an old one finds new purposes. Please leave reviews!!!

Um, this is post Eclipse, so there are definately going to be some spoilers in this. I don't own any of the characters except for the ones that I have created.

7. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Conquer me completely.

William's POV

I was walking through a forest... again. Ever since I left home, I was trying to stay off of the streets so that I would be able to ignore the drunks and criminals of the night. The last thing I needed was a confrontation. All I want to do is to get away, and to find a place other than that house to live in.

After half running, half hiking for an hour, I stopped, and set down my bag. I unzipped it, looking for my water bottle, when I thought I heard a faint noise, coming from not too far away. I pretended to continue looking for the water bottle while really my eyes were scanning the bushes and trees for any animal life.

I kept looking, until I saw two yellow eyes staring at me through one of the thickest bushes in the area. My eyes met with the creature's and it emerged from the bushes, while practically uprooting them.

In front of me, stood a huge red-brown wolf. My eyes widened as I thought 'Oh my god. I didn't think wolves could get that big.' I backed slowly away, until I ran into a tree. The wolf growled, and I cowered against the tree, contemplating on whether or not I should change to try to outrun it.

Then, it did the strangest thing. It stopped growling, and lay down, with its head on its paws, whining.

I staid motionless for about five minutes, watching the wolf's every twitch, and trying to figure out what it was doing, and whether or not I should try to grab my bag and go.

I slowly took a step forward, and then another one, watching the wolf's eyes, but all it seemed to do was watch me.

I grabbed my bag, and slowly started to back away, but then the wolf whined again. I was confused.

'Why do dogs whine again?' I asked myself, and then it hit me. It was hungry. 'But if it was hungry, then why didn't it just eat me?' Then I reached slowly into my bag, pulling out a handful of beef jerky.

I knew that I should just run, but something about the wolf's eyes, just seemed to conquer my will completely. It was as if it were... almost human.

The wolf's eyes widened and it lifted its head up, but did nothing more than sit there, panting.

I stood there, holding the jerky, thinking of whether or not to throw it and run, or to actually feed it. Eventually I decided on the latter, and slowly approached the wolf, my hand outstretched. I held out a piece of jerky, which it took from my hand and chewed up as soon as I had gotten close enough.

After it was finished with the first piece, it looked at me again, eyes wide and┘ almost innocent-like.

I could hear a voice buzzing around my head in the very back, like some sort of murmuring, as though there was a person far away. However, I knew better than this. I concentrated on the voice, and it became clearer. It was a males voice, and it said, 'Come on, feed me another piece of jerky.'

My eyes widened. I couldn't help it. The voice seemed to be coming from the wolf. I held out another piece of jerky, and watched it eat that one too, while listening to the voice. 'Awesome, keep them coming.'

Finally I said, "You seem to be really hungry." My thought behind this was, if I was crazy, it wouldn't respond, but to my dismay, I heard the voice say, 'You've got that right kid. I haven't eaten since I left my dad's house.'

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts, but the wolf's thoughts just seemed to get more and more clear. After a minute of listening to the wolf's mental voice trying to coax out some more jerky, I just put all of it on the wrapper and set it in front of its big mouth.

'That's the spirit,' the wolf's mind said, although I'm reasonably sure that it, he, had no idea that I could actually hear what it was thinking.

After he was done, he started sniffing the air. I looked up, and saw dark rain clouds above. "Do you think its going to rain?" I asked out loud.

His voice replied in my mind, 'Of course its going to rain, and its gonna be one big storm. You really need to take some shelter, but how do I get that point across...'

That was when I stopped paying attention, because raindrops began pouring down.

I yelped as the first one hit me, and then I jumped up and sat down against the tree I had backed into earlier. To my astonishment, the wolf sort of crawled over to me, and laid down at my feet.

Perhaps I should explain myself. I've always heard voices. Ever since I was a kid, I could always hear my mom's thoughts about my dad. How she had walked into some mansion, and he had raped her. Apparently, he was some monster, and little did she know, that apparently I had sort of inherited some of his traits... I think. I know that other people can't hear the thoughts of those around them. I also know that other people don't decrease in body temperature whenever they go days without eating. Nor do they have this sudden urge to drink blood whenever their body temperature decreased. Oh, and their physical appearance doesn't change either.

When my mom first saw this, I was three at the time. She screamed and ran out of the room. When she came back, she threw some meat in the room I was in, and said hysterically, "Eat that. Please eat that." And I did. After the first bite, I felt myself beginning to feel warm again, and my skin became tan again. I also lost that sudden urge to drink blood that I had been feeling.

After this, I asked my mom if we were having a picnic in my room, and she nodded. Then she told me she'd be right back, and then she came back with loads of food, which I devoured until I couldn't eat anymore.

Apparently, I seemed normal enough to her whenever I finished, and we went through our day as usual. But from that point on, my mom always kept the pantry filled with food, and sometimes, she seemed a little on edge.

By the time I was age 5, I could sometimes hear the thoughts of others, but whenever I told my mom about this, she would just say, "William, I don't ever want you to tell anyone that you can do that. Do you understand?" I would always say yes, and then would run off to play with the few toys I had.

Once when I was 10 though, I learned that I was able to do something other than read minds. I accidentally knocked an empty glass from the table, and I reached my hand out for it. To my immense shock, it stopped in midair.

I don't know if it was my shock or a lack of focus that made it fall again, but it did eventually. I looked at some of the other items on the table, and found that, with a jerk of my head and some concentration, I could make them move.

I began to experiment, making other things move in different directs, and then I tried making many objects move. All the while though, as I was conducting these experiments, I didn't feel my skin growing colder, I didn't know that my senses became more acute. After a while of moving objects, I realized I was hungry.

I looked out a window, and saw a deer outside of the fence. I'm still not sure how it happened. All I know is that I ran as fast as I could, and I bit it, and started drinking its blood.

It happened so fast, I wasn't sure that it wasn't a dream. I looked down at the now lifeless dear in front of me, I then thought about the other time I had felt this cold, and the thirst for blood. And then I heard my mom's thoughts, even though she wasn't even in the house.

I could tell by looking through her eyes that she was in her car a few blocks away. My eyes widened in fear, and I ran back into the house, thinking only of eating normal food. I quickly wolfed down a box of cheese-its, and I looked at my skin. It was tan again, instead of an off-white.

I sighed with relief, but then, I felt extremely tire, and fell asleep at the table.

My experiments continued, and I found that the more I used them, I would turn into the blood sucking creature, but I could eventually turn back by eating normal food. However, if I didn't drink blood, the powers were much weaker, and I would pass out from exhaustion if I didn't eat something soon after, which would again turn me into the creature.

Then, 7 years later, my mom died in a car accident. I wasn't in the car, but I saw it happen through her eyes, because she was close to the house, and I was at the peak of my senses. I just walked out of the house, taking my money with me, and never looked back.

The money I had, I had made by listening in on the thoughts of marketers and investers while we were on a trip to New York. I made a fortune in one day, and then I just kept investing it in high interest short term length cds: the kinds where you had to invest the high amounts of money to even qualify for.

And now I was here in the forest, with this strange wolf...

I listened in on its thoughts for a while, and occasionally would dig something else out of my bag and feed him. As night fell however, my head began to droop, and I reached in and pulled out a package of saltines. I was never big on fruits and vegetables. The only vegetables I would ever eat were green beans, corn, and potatoes of all variations. And carrots if my mom was ever able to force them down my stomach.

I ate one of the bags, and then lay down against the wolf. It was nice and warm, and it had this outdoor, woods-y smell. I fell asleep against the wolf's warm fur, feeling safer than I had since before my mom died.