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Breaking Dawn (my version)

This is my version of Breaking Dawn. Post Eclipse. Edward and Bella are set to be married, but what will happen when a new clan of Vampires bent on world wonquest surface? A new character is introduced, and an old one finds new purposes. Please leave reviews!!!

Um, this is post Eclipse, so there are definately going to be some spoilers in this. I don't own any of the characters except for the ones that I have created.

8. Preface

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight. All that I own in this story are the original characters, the plot, and a few places.

This is my version of what happens after Eclipse. There are definate spoilers for Eclipse, so if you haven't read it, you might want to go back and read it.

Author’s Note: I actually wrote this after I wrote 12 other chapters. Please leave comments and reviews (no flames please), and tell me what you think. Enjoy!!!


Bella’s POV.

The thirst was killing me. It took everything I had not to massacre the town right then and there, but I knew that I couldn’t. If I lost control now, I’d kill Charlie, Renee, and so many people that I cared about. Why they were all still here was beyond me.

Part of me, the sane part, wrestled with the insane part that wanted to rip them to pieces and then drain tem of their blood.

'It would be so easy,' the hungry part said.

'No!' said the sane part. 'These are the people that you care about!'

'But they're so delicious.'

'So what? I'm not drinking people's blood. Thats just gross.'

'But it's what you are.'

'I don't care. Edward doesn't have to drink human blood, why should I?'

The silent struggle ended with my sane part winning, for now. I looked back and saw the terrified expressions on everyone's faces. Charlie met my eyes, and then looked even more horrified that he did before, most likely because my eyes were a vibrant blood red.

They were sitting in the living room of the Cullen residence for some strange reason, when the attacks began. That much is clear. The only reason I hadn't shown myself before was because Edward was in his room with me and was ensuring that my attention was focussed on him.

But then he left, and I heard the sounds of breaking glass and screams.

It was dark out now, and apparently early in the morning. I didn't know where my watch was. Edward probably took it so that I couldn't break it.

I looked to my left and saw Edward fighting a small, brown haired Vampire, who was contantly evading him with her speed and agility, but was gaining no ground.

Farther away, I saw Emmett wrestling with some freakishly huge Vampire, who’s face I swear I’ve seen before. 'Oh,' I thought. 'He's the owner of that family restaurant that went missing a while ago.'

I heard the loud howls of the werewolves in the distance, and knew that they were most likely fighting another group of Vampires not too far from here.

I kept turning, and all I could see were my family and friends, some of whom were cowering in fear. Others were fighting those who wished to destroy all of us.

'Would it ever end?' I asked myself.

Then, through the ruined window in the living room, I could see the breaking dawn on the horizon.