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An Accident

Dean had never heard of vampires. Sure, there was the occasional horror flick that invloved them, but they werent real, right? Wrong. During the year Edward was away from Carlisle, Edward accidentally bites Dean during a moment of weakness....this is his story.

DISCLAIMER: i do not own any of the characters from twilight/new moon

3. Blood and Windows

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What will it take for us to be together again?

Dean spent the next few days in the alley; he was too afraid to venture out into the day. The fourth day after his realization, he heard voices coming toward him. He growled faintly. Dean hadn’t yet realized that he was a vampire, so he did not know the dangers of being around humans so soon after a change. When the two people came into view, his dead heart nearly imploded; Alissa was one of the people. The other person was a male…Mike, from school. Dean stood up and began to get closer. Alissa turned her head; she had heard something coming from the alley.

“Dean?!” she asked nervously.

“Lissy, stop. He’s not there,” Mike said.

“Don’t call me that.” Alissa said angrily.

“Lissy…” Dean whispered. She turned her head again. Her eyes strained to see what was in the darkness. Suddenly, Dean felt an overpowering urge to bite her soft neck. No… he thought to himself. He took a step back but the urge did not weaken. Mike grabbed Alissa’s arm, and then stood in front of her. The smell of his blood was driving Dean insane; he was so thirsty. He acted without thinking, the urge was too strong. He lept out and fell onto Mike.

“Mike!!” Alissa screamed. Dean drank greedily from his friend’s throat, not realizing, until Alissa hit him, what he was doing. He fell back onto the concrete sidewalk, stunned.


“Dean?” Alissa breathed. “Dean is that…what…what have you done?!” she said, looking at Mike’s pale body. Blood lay spattered on the concrete next to his throat, and on Dean’s lips.

“Alissa….oh my God…” Dean whispered, still to confused to make sense of anything.

“Dean, what happened to you?” Alissa said, trying futilely to hold back her tears. Dean reached a hand to her, but she just backed away. Pain shot through his chest.

“Alissa, Lissy, please. Help me,” he said, his chest aching.

“Dean, Dean I don’t know you anymore…you disappeared five days ago, and now…now…” she sobbed. Dean stood up to try and comfort her, but as soon as he placed his two cold arms around her, she pulled away.

“Dean, I can’t…not now… how could you?!”


“Stop! Don’t call me that! I’m not your Lissy anymore!” she sobbed, getting hysterical.

“I’m sorry…” Dean said, thoroughly confused now.

“Just go, Dean. I don’t’...” she sobbed, “I don’t w-want you anymore…” her voice was nearly inaudible as she spoke the last words. She collapsed onto Mike’s body, and Dean fled away.


He had spent the last ten odd years reliving his last moments with Lissy. Every time he fed, he thought of her heartbroken face, her disgust. I am a monster he thinks. He hears soft footsteps nearing him.

“Hey, that tickles!” a voice laughed. It was a beautiful voice; a voice Dean would recognize anywhere.

“Ha!” a male voice answered. Dean sits still. The two come into view, and begin to head in his direction without seeing him.

“Stop it!” the perfect voice says, still laughing. “Hey, Nate, st—” She stops walking.

“Oh my God, I don’t believe it.”

“What? What is it Lissa?” the male voice, Nate, answers. Dean stood up, and begins to back away.

“Dean, wait!”

“You don’t want me anymore, you said so yourself, Alissa. I haven’t forgotten,” Dean says softly. Alissa begins to get closer.

“Dean, you killed our best friend. What did you expect me to say?” she replied.

“Alissa, I loved you. Don’t you get that? I thought we’d be there for each other no matter what happened. And you weren’t. I’ve thought about you every single day since then, my feelings have not changed. But you,” he pauses, “you changed. You broke my heart, and even though it no longer beats, my chest is hollow. No matter what you do or say, it will never be whole again.”

Alissa just looks at him. Finally, she says, “Dean. That is bull. Why would I want to be with you after you killed our best friend since high school!?!? I loved you, yes, but I wasn’t insane!”

“Fine then. If you want things to stay the way they are, go back to your new fucking boyfriend! I’m sure he’ll think about you everyday and buy a frickin’ ENGADGMENT RING for you, too!” he said, throwing the small black velour box at her feet. She stares at him. Dean turns and runs away from her.


He stops when he reaches a small town, Forks. He walks through the woods, until he comes upon a beautiful, white house. He listens, and hears voices inside. Then, he hears a growl. It’s him, he thinks, the man who ruined my life. The stranger walks out of the door, and heads towards the path. Dean runs to face him.

“Hello you bastard.”

The stranger looks confused, until he suddenly seems to know what Dean was about to say, “How did I….when…I’ve never changed anyone….”

“Yes you did, and now it’s time to pay for it!” Dean says as he lunges for the stranger’s throat. The stranger is too quick, and quickly dodges his attack. He grabs him from behind and holds his arms.

“I don’t even know what I did, Dean. How… I never meant to turn you into one of us…I’m sorry, Dean. I didn’t know…”

“You bastard! How the hell did you know my name?? Didn’t you know I was going to propose to my girlfriend that night? Do you know how she absolutely hates me now? Did you? Can you even understand what that feels like?!” Dean exclaimed.

“I think I understand better than you think.”

“No you Don’t! You ruined my life and now you expect me to just forget about it!?! Sorry, pal but that ain’t gonna happen!”

Dean breaks free from Edward’s grasp, and is soon on the ground shaking. My Lissy hates me…he thinks. He puts his face in his hands.

“Dean, if you are so miserable with your life, then I think I know what you should do. I tried it once….” Edward whispers. “The Volturi live in Italy. They can end your life, but I would not do this unless you really, truly want this to be the end of everything. They will kill you, no questions asked, as long as you go about it the right way….” He trailed off, remember another time and place where he had utilized this knowledge, not very long ago.

“How do I get there?” Dean asked sternly.

“Volterra, Italy. Go there. But Dean, don’t do it. It’s not right… I went there because I thought I had lost my love, but I hadn’t. Are you so sure you’ve lost yours?”

“I have no doubts. I fear nothing, now. Not even death. Thank you, for telling me this. Goodbye.”


((Edward’s POV))

“Bella?” I ask.

“Yes, Edward?” my true love replies.

“I think I’ve done something terrible.”

“You can tell me, Edward,” she hedges.

“I…remember when I told you about Carlisle, and I told you I had spent some time away from him? Well…a man was just here…a vampire…who says I changed him.”

“Oh,” Bella says, too shocked to really answer.

“And I just told him about the Volturi…and he’s going there right now.”

Bella sits down on the steps, and sighs. “Edward…if that’s what he wants then I don’t think you did anything wrong.”

“But he shouldn’t have been changed in the first place! He should be married by now, with kids! But I had to ruin it for him…I…”

She walks over to Edward, and wraps her arms around him, resting her head on his chest. He puts his forehead on the top of her brown hair. “Don’t worry about it, Edward. I love you, Carlisle loves you, our whole family loves you. You did the right thing.”


((Dean’s POV))

“Kill me, please.” I ask Aro.

“Why? We would waste your life, if we did that. Give me your hand, my child.”

I hold my hand out to Aro. He touches it, and a look of curiosity comes across his face.

“Interesting, very interesting. And you wish to die because your Lissy doesn’t love you anymore?”

“Yes,” I growl.

“Well…I don’t know. Marcus? Caus? What do you think?” Aro asks.

They both shake their heads. No.

I leap out of the building, and fall. I fall forever, seeing my Lissy’s face just out of reach…