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JacobOC Everything reminded him of her. He knew he had to get over this and home was not the place to do it. So, he ran away and it seems like a stranger and her family will be the ones who can heal him. JacobOC ECLIPSE SPOILERS Book One of the Imprints of Life series. FINAL CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED! AU


10. Chapter 10

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Samara was practically on her knees beginning her parents to leave. "It would be fun. You haven't been to a party on New Years Eve since Sally was born."

"I don't know Samara," Emily murmured, handing her the dripping plate.

Samara took it and dried it with her cloth. "I don't see why not. I can handle Sally and Brittany's hanging out with her friends."

Emily sighed. "I'll have to talk to your father-"

"You do that," Samara laughed, setting the plate in the rack and heading out of the kitchen. "Sally and I have to make sure you have formal wear."

Emily opened her mouth as if to protest, but thought better of it and just shook her head.

Jacob and Ben were working on the old tractor in the garage. It needed some work done before the thaw, which was three or so months away. Jacob was underneath the thing with a wrench and a can of oil.

"There's nothing wrong with it. Besides needing a new blade," he said, sliding out from under it.

Ben nodded. "That's normal."

Jacob got to his feet and wiped his oily hands on his pants. He couldn't get over the feeling that this normally was Jack's job, but Ben had asked him to help because it needed to be done. He shook his hair out of his eyes and looked towards the older man. He was starring off somewhere and Jacob quietly left the garage. He met Samara in the driveway and she grinned at him.

"Guess what?"

"What?" he asked looking around for anyone before kissing her on the brow.

"Mom and dad are going to a party tomorrow night."

"Really?" He sounded incredulous.

"Well, dad doesn't know yet. I think it would be best if they got out." She hesitated. "That and the only one around the house will be Sally."

"Samara, you are the most selfless person I know."

She grinned. "Why thank you, Jake."

Jacob rolled his eyes and walked with her back into the house where Emily was looking through a large box of jewelry on the kitchen table.

"I haven't worn these in years," she murmured, holding up a ruby pendent for her daughter to see. "They were my great grandmothers."

"It's lovely," Samara said, taking them from her.

"Yes...they'll be yours."

Jacob leaned against the counter and watched them from underneath his bangs.

"I don't think that would be wise. It would cause problems between me and Brit. I don't want them."

Emily just smiled and shrugged. "It doesn't matter at the moment. I'm perfectly healthy."

Samara just gave her a small smile and began to poke through the box. "Which one of these will you wear tomorrow?"

Figuring this conversation would go right over his head in a few minutes, Jacob left the kitchen and headed out to the living room where he had left a book. He sat reading for an hour, half listening to the soft voices from the kitchen. Finally Ben came in and after a conversation, where Samara inserted her opinion loudly, he agreed to go to the New Years Eve party.

Shaking his head, Jacob got to his feet and headed outside for a run, pausing in the kitchen to tell Emily where he was going.

"Be careful," was all she said.

It was colder then it had been the other part of the winter, so cold that even Jacob felt it. He didn't stay out to long, just long enough to make sure that nothing unusual was about.

Jacob returned to the house to find Ben starring with a frown at a tux laying across the couch. He wisely bypassed the man and went up to the attic where he still spent most of his free time. He was not surprised to find Samara there, curled up in a blanket, and leaning against one of the boxes.

She smiled slightly at him when he sat down and moved closer to borrow his warmth.

"Any signs of the vampires?"

"None. I think they might be gone."


"It would be hard to tell with all this fresh snow, though."


"I'm just saying, let's not let out guards down yet."

"Fine, but lets not be paranoid either."

He grunted and she smiled mischievously up at him. "My parents are leaving and Brittany won't be here."

"Sally will."

"Sally knows."

Jacob laughed slightly. "You don't kiss in front of the younger siblings...it disgusts them. I have older sisters you know."

Samara shrugged. "What do you want to do then?"

"I have some idea...all of them I doubt you would want to participate in."

She looked up, wide eyed, at his...well it only could be described as a leer. He was leering at her. She was not sure whether or not to be offended or delighted at that prospect. She shook her head slightly, though. "I plan on waiting till after High School...preferably college before I-" she trailed off a little and bit her lip. "Well, you know." She paused. "Don't think me an old fashioned prude, but I'd rather wait until I get married."

Jacob nodded. "Agreed. After high school."

Samara made an indigent sound and smacked him as hard as she could in his chest. She grabbed her sore hand gently as she went to move away with him. "I'm kidding. As long as you need. When do you plan on getting married."

"I don't know. When I'm eighteen."

"So soon?"

"We'll be together forever Jake, marrige in unavoidable. Might as well do it as soon as we can."

"Liar, you just want me."

She wacked him again in the chest. "Just shut up."

He laughed. "Fine...eighteen. It's the best idea I've heard."

Her eyes narrowed before she settled back down. "Thanks."

"I'm so glad this talk is over," he commented.

"Kind of awkward. I've been trying to avoid it."

"Me too."

Jacob and Samara looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"We shall win the prize for the most communicative relationship on the planet."

Jacob snorted.

The next night, Emily and Ben, dressed to the nines, set off to their party. Jacob, Samara and Sally drove Brittany into town to stay with her friends. Once the teenager was dropped off, Jacob and the two girls headed into the shopping plaza to look around. Sally was in a good mood, hopping from window to window and begging for an ice cream cone. Before long she was back to her genius self and wanting to go into the book store, where she picked up some rather large volumes on the supernatural.

"All you'll find is a lot of bull in those," Jacob told her, reading the cover of one. Samara was somewhere looking at CDs and humming the tunes of those she read on the back of the cases. The werewolf left them to their browsing and sat in one of the many chairs scattering through out the store.

He was starring into space when a sick and famlier smell assailed his nostrils. "Hell, no," he whispered and turned around. It was the little one, with the short hair, and her mate. They were browsing through, ironically, the cookbooks. Obviously it was a date of some sorts because they would not need such an item.

He turned back to face the correct way, eyes searching for the two girls. He wasn't worried about their safety, frankly he felt they could not be safer at the moment, but he did not want to deal with vampires. Not right now anyway.

Breath Jake, breath, he told himself. No attacking. Man they stink.

He turned again and found Sally, in the same section as the vampires. She was standing next to the male...Jasper and had her neck craned all the way back to look at the titles. Next to her was an impressive pile of books ranging from every subject. How she was going to buy of those, Jacob was not sure. His eye was beginning to twitch slightly as they three continued to browse. Sally was meticulously moving books so she could climb up to reach the top one. Huffing a little, she finally pulled on the hem of Alice's shirt to get her attention. She pointed to one of the books and Alice nodded with a small smile, handing it to her. The vampire paused suddenly, nostrils flaring.

Shit! He turned around quickly and focused on a magazine sitting on the table next to the chair. It was one of those nature ones with photographs of animals and scenery. Fascinating.

He could hear Alice's soft whispers, Jasper's deeper tone and Sally's childish voice. He could not discern what they were saying, but he hoped it was not about him. How pathetic! Was he really so frightened to awoke those bad memories. Or was it because he was afraid that the crazed newborn was Bella? No, it wasn't Bella, he would know.

"Where's Sally?" Samara asked coming up to him and setting a Jane Austen novel on the table next to him. Jacob jerked his head in the girl's general direction.

Samara sighed and rolled her eyes. "Who is she talking to now?" She took a step to go over to them, but paused. "They are strange looking."

Jacob sighed, body still stiff.

"Are you alright Jake? What's wrong?"

"They're vamps," he muttered.

Samara gasped. "What! And you're just-"

"They won't hurt her. I told you about them."

Samara frowned. "That's-"


Samara bent down so she was kneeling by the side of chair. "That makes no sense. Why are you just sitting here?"

"I'd rather not speak to them."

"You are afraid?"


"That one can not be her...right. Jake?"

"Get Sally. We should be heading home anyway. They'll know your connected to me, my sent is all over you."

Samara nodded and got up. "Go wait outside. We will be right there."

Jacob did what she said, feeling like a whipped dog.

Samara approached the vampires and her sister with a little trepidation. "Time to go, Sally."

Sally looked up. "Alright. Where's-"

"Outside. He needed air."

"Oh. This is Alice and Jasper. They were helping me."

"Nice to meet you. Sorry to run out on you, but-"

"It's hard to loose someone you care about. I understand," Alice said softly.

Samara just nodded. "Um, something-my brother was attacked and killed by one of...your kind. Please tell me it wasn't her."

"It wasn't. She is in Alaska living out her recovery."

Samara nodded. "Thank you."

Alice returned her nod. "You're welcome. Tell him, hello."

Samara rolled her eyes. "I'm sure he'll appreciate that."

Alice gave her a returning smile.

Samara hurriedly ushered Sally out of the store and into the cold December air. Jacob was leaning against the wall with a vacant expression on his face. Samara wrapped her arms as best she could around him. "It wasn't her," she whispered.

Jacob stood still as Sally, though not getting the whole thing, politely walked a few feet down the street. Samara pulled away to look up at him with sad eyes. "Jake?"

He just wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her down the street.

"How soon human males forget," a blond, handsome, figure said to the girl next to him.

"No one can argue with the love fate predestined for you," Alice said, poking him lightly in the stomach. "I don't think you did."

Jasper just shrugged. "Should we tell Carlisle?"

"He's at a party, Jaz."

"After, I mean."

"It's none of his business. We should tell Bella though, it might make her feel better."

Jasper nodded in agreement and the couple melted into the ally.