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JacobOC Everything reminded him of her. He knew he had to get over this and home was not the place to do it. So, he ran away and it seems like a stranger and her family will be the ones who can heal him. JacobOC ECLIPSE SPOILERS Book One of the Imprints of Life series. FINAL CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED! AU


14. Chapter 14

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Jake was out of his chair and out the door in seconds. The blood was pumping in his ears as he tried to think about the fact that he might have failed Samara again as the smell of that thing filled his nose. No, no, no. I should have smelt her. What the hell is going on here!

He rounded the house to the front yard and slid to a stop with a small growl. "Brittany."

She looked over at him red eyes narrowed and a sadistic smile playing on her full lips. Brittany hung from her grasp, breathing heavily and looking at him with wild eyes.


He starred at the monster with flashing eyes. They were almost black with rage and his whole frame was shaking with anger and fear. The sound of the screen door opening did not distract him, though he was very aware of Samara and Sally standing on the porch clutching at each other.

"Let her go," he finally said.

She laughed, chillingly. "I do not think I should. Who knows what you would do once she is out of harms way." She smiled, revealing gleaming teeth.

He took a step forward, fist clench in an effort not to loose control.

"Ah, ah. I would not do that if I were you." Her grip tightened and Brittany whimpered.

He stopped and eyed her, moving into a fighting stance as he did so. "What do you want?"

"To do my mistress's bidding, puppy."

His eyes narrowed as the full existent of her meaning hit him. Samara had been right. This thing was not a vampire. Whatever it was it had been summoned for a purpose. What he did not know, and he was not about to let her live so he could find out. "What are you?"

"Not even I remember that, boy."

He shifted again and took another step forward. "I will not tell you again. Let her go."

"Will you risk it? I might be faster then you and then what?" She laughed again. "Would you be able to live with yourself if I end up killing this little girl? I do not need to kill the girl. I just need certain people to bend to the will of others. I ask for nothing more and then I will stop terrorizing this family."

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Samara step forward and open her mouth to speak. Before she could, the sound of a truck interrupted them.

"Looks like mommy and daddy are home," she said gleefully, still keeping her gaze directed on the werewolf in front of her. Over her smell, Jacob could smell another and he hoped that his overwhelmed her to much for her to notice anything amiss. He moved forward again, distracting to her.

"Stop-" was all she got out before she was thrown to the ground by someone behind her. Jake wasted no time in phasing. The sound of ripping clothes and stretching muscles was heard and Samara ran forward and grabbed her sister's arm, pulling her up onto the porch. Brittany buried her face in her sisters chest and kept it there for the time being.

Jacob did not stop or notice what was around him. The only thing he was mindful of was the vampires. Somehow, the Cullens, all of them, had arrived and had effectively gotten Brittany away from that thing and to safety.

It looked from him to Jasper, who was standing in front of the porch with his fangs bared, and back again with that smile still on her face.

"Do you think you frighten me?" she hissed. "You? An over grown dog and vampires who try to deny what they truly are?"

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Alice approach with Esme. He did not dare search for the last one.

"Don't step over the line anymore then you already have," Jasper shot back.

It was Jacob's personal opinion that ‘stepping over the line' was an understatement, but he could not speak to say so he was not able to say so. He growled again, causing the monster to throw him a nervous look. Her eyes were still darting around.

A shriek made his ears ring and the monster looked away from him. Jacob never thought Emily to be a person who would outwardly shriek, nor did he think Brittany would be the one trying to quiet her. He did not let this moment pass and he launched himself at the distracted vampire like creature. His fangs sank into her flesh causing her snarl and bat at him with her free arm. He jumped out of the way in time for Jasper to try his luck.

She was not going down easily. The male vampire did not look to happy about this fact nor did Alice, who had taken up post next to the very sacred looking human parents. Ben had his brow furrowed while Samara clutched his hand talking to him softly and rapidly.

"Look out!"

That was from Sally, and Jake turned just in time to keep the vampire from breaking his neck. The force sent him flying into the barn with a crash, leaving a nice sized hole.

He made a point in ignoring the humans after that and focusing on the fight.

She was going to run, he could tell, so could Jasper apparently because the vampire motioned Esme to step around the other side. The thing was too focused on the threat that was Carlisle to notice the other three approaching. Esme attacked first, only to be thrown into the porch by a not so ignorant monster. She hissed and attacked Carlisle as he was momentarily distracted by his mate's plight, sending the doctor sprawling on the grownd. Jasper roared and lunged, blinded by a vampire rage. He got her arm between his hands and squeezed, crushing the bones of her arm before he too was sent into a tree.

Even with one arm she still was a handful. And she was fast. They were a blur, now, fighting for their lives. Jacob was beginning to get scared and knew he had to end this fast or it would be the end of him. He feinted to the right and then moved in as quickly as he could, grabbing her throat between his teeth. A felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, but did not let go. He could feel some kind of liquid seeping from her throat and into his mouth. He did not even stop to care about what it was, he just kept holding on. Even when she struggled and that pain hit him again and again, he held on. Finally she stopped moving and everything went black.


He awoke a few minutes later to Samara's voice calling him. "Jacob?" He did not want to open his eyes.

"He will be fine," Carlisle said. "Just give him time to heal."


"Are you hurt?"

"No, but-"

"Samara!" That was Ben's voice. It sounded sharp, scared, and angry. Ben knew, and Jacob did not know what was going to happen now.

He cracked his eyes open, with some difficulty, to find Samara starring down at him with her hand clutching her heart. Carlisle Cullen was sitting next to her, inspecting a deep cut on her forehead.

"I thought you said you weren't hurt."

Samara's eyes lifted from his shoulder and up to his face. "Jake!" It hurt when she threw herself on him, but he was not about to complain. Everyone was safe, as far as he could tell, and judging by the smell the body of that thing was being burned.


Ben again.

Samara quickly let go of Jacob and got to her feet moving towards the porch where the rest of the family was standing. "Dad-"

"What the hell is going on?"

"It's a long story-"

"One I will be happy to explain," Carlisle started.

Ben gave them all a sharp look and nearly jumped out of his skin with Alice appeared out of nowhere with a pair of sweatpants on her finger tips. He threw them at Jacob who struggled into them, mindful of the wounds on his abdomen.

"I would prefer it if you were not around my family."

"I understand."

Ben nodded sharply. "Can you walk Jacob?"

"Yes, sir," Jacob grunted.

"Then I think you should leave."

"Dad!" Samara shouted. "You can't do that he-"

"I won't have him around your younger sisters."

"Would people quit interrupting me!" she screamed. "Jacob saved our lives, dad. They all did. And now you are treating them like, like, monsters."

Jasper snorted at that one and Alice sent him a glare.


"Emily. He saved Brit's life dad. If he hadn't been here we would all be dead. As it is, it was my fault she came anyway."

"I don't want to hear about it!" Ben snapped. "Now help me unload these horses."

Jacob, by now, had gotten to his feet. "I'll just get my stuff."

"He shouldn't have to leave dad. He's been with us almost a year and nothing has happened."

"How long?"

"How long what?"

"Did you know?"

She stuttered over her answer before saying, "Only since before Christmas. Not long."

"She stumbled upon it on accident," Jacob said. "I decided to go for a run and she caught me changing."

"I found out for myself," Sally said smugly.

"Sally told me," Brittany said.

"I still want everyone gone."

Jacob just nodded.

Samara glared at her father, before muttering something under her breath and running into the house.

Jacob left his stuff. There was no way he would be able to carry it anyway. He just left, with out saying anything to anybody. He did not go very far. He stayed at the edge of the woods knowing she would come out tonight and not wanting to leave without saying goodbye and figuring out what they were going to do.

Her footsteps alerted him at sun down and he slipped out of the tree he was hiding in. She looked startled when he landed a few feet in front of her. She had changed clothes and the wound on her head was stitched up.

"T-they took me to the emergency room to get it stitched up."

"I saw."

She seemed at a loss on what to say. "Jake I am so sorry. I never thought he-my father."

"Shh, I know. It's okay." He drew her in for one last hug.

"No it's not," she sobbed into his chest. "You're leaving." She paused. "Can I come with you?"

"No." He had been thinking about it all day. "No. You need to finish school. You have a year and a half left. I need to finish school too and patch some things up. It will be for the best."

She looked up at him angrily. "Then what?"

"We'll be legal adults and no one can tell you to stay away from me."

Samara focused her gaze on his chest while she thought. Finally she nodded. "You're right. Go make things right with your family. I'll try to make things right with mine. My father is angry with me. Rightly so. I kept something from him that I probably should not have."

"For which I am eternally grateful," he said with mock solemnity, causing her to giggle.

She kissed him, then, very softly before pulling back so she could look at him again. "I am really sorry for all of this."

"Don't be. I think it might be for the best. I need to stop running. I need to go back to them and you need to figure out whatever it is that needs to be figured out."

She just nodded and hugged him again. They stayed in the woods for hours, silent, talking or walking. Finally, it was time for her to go in. He said goodbye and she left.

Taking a deep breath, he removed his jeans and phased, before turning and running towards home.