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JacobOC Everything reminded him of her. He knew he had to get over this and home was not the place to do it. So, he ran away and it seems like a stranger and her family will be the ones who can heal him. JacobOC ECLIPSE SPOILERS Book One of the Imprints of Life series. FINAL CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED! AU


3. Chapter 3

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Imagine an hour and a half car ride with an eight year old who loved to talk. Sure it was very intelligent talk (I swear that girl, woman, creeps me out still today.), but ceaseless chatter was ceaseless chatter no matter what the content and I was forced to sit through the ride listening. On further inspection I saw that Ben had ear plugs in his ears. I believe that's illegal. With out her father answering her questions or even acknowledging her statements, Sally Dawson was forced to talk to me. Apparently her middle name is Susan, Samara's middle name is Elizabeth, Butterflies die when wet and the ozone layer was getting thinner by some percentage each minute. All in all I think the ride was very fulfilling don't you? Oh look, sarcasm.

I didn't know it yet, but that car trip would change my life for good. In a very horrible way or so I thought.

He hated shopping. It was annoying, tedious, and it smelled funny. He didn't even bother trying anything on, used to his size, as he threw everything into a pile in his cart.

Sally, who had come with him while he father went to get Samara, frowned. "You really should try those one. What if they don't fit."

Jacob narrowed his eyes at her as she pulled jeans and shirts out of the cart and folded them neatly. Handing him a pile she pointed to the dressing room with a look that would not be argued with.

Rolling his eyes, Jacob decided not to argue with her. Twenty minutes later, he came out carrying the pile. Everything fit, just like he thought it would.

Sally was sitting outside and chewing on a bar of chocolate happily. "I got one for you," she told him cheerfully, holding up the brown wrapped bar.

"You weren't supposed to leave," Jacob muttering, piling his clothes once again in the shopping cart.

"Don't you like chocolate?" Sally frowned, looking at the offending bar in her hand.

She sounded very disappointed and Jacob's annoyance melted away. "I love chocolate. Really."

She grinned. "Oh good."

After they paid for the clothing they sat on the many benches outside of the store. The day was cool and cloudy, odd for August. The clouds made Jacob nervous and over protective, though he knew most people lived though cloudy days with out a vampire attack. They were, however, ignorant of the dangers and if they knew, they probably would be frightened of clouds.

"You're not eating your chocolate."

Jacob fought the urge to roll his eyes, as he opened the bar. Breaking it in half, he gave part of it to a very pleased Sally and ate the other half himself. It was good. He hadn't had anything like it in a long time.

"What time did your dad say he'd meet us?"

"Four." She glanced down at her watch. "It's only three right now. What do you want to do?

Jacob pointed to the three bag on the ground next to the bench. "We can't do very much. We have to carry these."

"That's a lot of stuff."

"You realize, don't you, that two of the three are full of your school clothes?"

"Oh, right. Well, I'll carry one of them. We can go for a walk."

Jacob agreed, thinking that if he tired the hyper eight year old out before the car ride home that he wouldn't have to listen to her for the full hour or so it took to get back home.

"We can go shopping for spell supplies."

Jacob blinked down at her in surprise. "You're a witch?"

"No, of course not. I'm just kidding." She looked offended that she would think so. "My friend, Amy, has an aunt who is a witch. She's weird."

"I see."

Salem Massachusetts was an interesting town. Jacob figured all the spell and magic stores were just for the tourist's benefit. Most of it was normal looking, though, except for the tore guide wearing the black robes and leading a group of people into a large building. A sickly sweet odor caught his nose and caused him to pause.

"What's wrong?" Sally asked, as Jacob tensed and looked around. The smell was coming from the building that tore had disappeared into.

Jacob glanced at his watch and almost collapsed in relief. It was almost four. "Come on. We should be getting back."

He turned quickly and headed back to the store, knowing Sally was following him.

"What's got you spooked?" she panted, trudging after him.

He didn't answer and the store came into site. He slowed down and allowed Sally to catch up and walk beside him.

She was breathing heavily and her light eyes were darting back and forth. "There's Sammy!" Jacob wasn't sure how fast she went, but the next thing he knew Sally was in the arms of a small dark haired figure. As he got closer the figure grew a face.

Samara was tall for a girl, around five feet seven inches, with black eyes and straight brown hair that was pulled off her face in a messy bun. She was dressed in paint stained jeans and a green tanks top. Bangles adorned both arms to her elbows and jangled when ever she moved.

Sally was talking to her sister, who was smiling and nodding. A quizzical frown laced her brow and she looked up in his direction. Her eye crinkled slightly in a smile as she rose to her full height. Jacob was standing near the same bench he had been sitting at early, looking around suspiciously.

Samara turned back to her sister and whispered something. Sally shrugged and tugged her sister over to him. "Is something wrong, Jacob?"

Jacob shook his head. "Not anymore."

Samara frowned. "Was something wrong?"

Think of something, boy! "We were being followed." Oh, yes, editing the truth. "Suspicious looking guy. I took Sally back here."

"Oh." Samara looked around. "He didn't follow you here did he?"


"Couldn't you beat him up or something?" Sally muttered. "I wanted ice cream and the store was right in front of us."

"Sally, you're not supposed to invite trouble," her older sister scolded.

"Where's Ben?" Jacob asked, deciding it would be best if he changed the subject.

"He told me to walk here and he'd meet us. He wanted to talk to my mom. Well, mom wanted to talk to him. Is that man watching us?" her rapid speech sounded upset, but Jacob followed her gaze to another vampire standing under a nearby tree. He was watching them.

Sally didn't notice. "Does she want to take you again?"

"I don't know, love. Jacob, right? Is everything-"

"Wait here."

Jacob stalked across the sidewalk, back straight and body ready to make the change if he had to. He wouldn't be able to go back to the place he called home, but the girls would be safe...hopefully.

"What do you want?" he hissed, coming as close as he could stand.

The vampire observed him with a sardonic smile. "Well met, puppy."

Jacob growled.

"Dog, then."

"What do you want with them?"

"The girls? Oh, nothing. I just ate. I was sent to keep an eye on you."

Jacob snorted. "I'm not a man eater."

"Yes, well, the last werewolf that entered Salem was and we have to protect our food source."


"That's a question I won't be answering. Now, you're scaring the older one. She keeps looking over here like she expecting you to rip my head off."

"She's not far off," he growled. "If you have to watch me. Stay out of sight, where they can't see you."

The vampire smirked. "Of course, Cub. Now if you excuse me." The vampire walked passed Jacob with a graceful step and disappeared down the street. Jacob knew he would double back and stick to the shadows.

"What did he want?" Samara asked wringing her hands.


Sally pouted. "Will dad be here soon? I'm tired and I have a book at home I want to read."

"Go figure," Samara and Jacob muttered.

Sally stuck her tongue out at them, before blinking. "Oh, yeah. Jacob, Samara. Samara Jacob."

Samara laughed slightly. "I've heared a lot about you."

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Tell me about it."

She shook her head, laughing. "She does talk a lot about people she likes."

"Hello, I'm standing right here. And why is Diane talking to dad?"

Samara shrugged and avoided her sister's gaze. "There's dad."

Jacob breathed a sigh of relief, happy to be getting out of the city. There were to many unpleasant memories that he was trying to hard to keep away. He was having a hard time listening to Samara and Sally, or even looking at them for that matter.

"Well?" Samara asked her father when he approached.

He shrugged. "I'm sorry."

Samara looked down at her hands. "Will you drive me back to the house then?"


"Wait! What's happening?"

"I'm staying here for school. Sorry, Sals."

"But why?" The little girl was on the verge of crying.

Jacob looked around awkwardly, feeling like an intruder.

Samara didn't look very happy as she consoled her sister. "You can come and visit me on a weekend and I'll come and visit you. I'll be home for Christmas."


"Shush. Let's get in the car now."

Somehow Samara kept her little sister quiet through the three mile drive to Diane's house. Jacob sat in the front seat, looking out the window as the depressed atmosphere of the clouds and people in the car got to him. Wolf empathy was very annoying at times.

Ben stopped the truck and turned off the ignition. It was obvious that Samara's mother had money. The house was gigantic and set on even bigger land. It was painted a comforting beige color.

"I have to go in and sign some papers. Sammy, why don't you show Sally your winning painting," Ben sighed.

Sally brightened up slightly. "Your painting won?"

Samara nodded. "You'll come see it too, Jacob?"

Jacob nodded and gave her, what he hoped was, his best comforting smile. A small red head answered the door. "Come and sign, Ben. Let's get this over with."

"The paintings in my room," Samara murmured, ignoring her mother and grabbing Sally's hand. Motioning Jacob to follow, Samara headed up the large stair case.

Her room was big and bright, letting in as much natural light as possible. Half the room was dedicated to what you would normally find in a room: a bed, bookshelf, desk, closet and nightstand, where all decorated in hand painted designs of stars and moons. The other half of the room held her painting supplies.

Sally perched herself on the bed, looking thoughtful. "Why does dad have to sign papers?"

Samara was quiet for a minute as she sorted through a pile of canvases. Jacob leaned against the desk chair and watched them.

"You're the genius, Sals," Samara finally answered.

"It's permanent isn't it?"

Samara nodded.

"Why? How?"

"I think she pulled the guilt card," Samara murmured, stacking four paintings against the wall. "There's an art high school I was accepted at out here. It includes Scholarship opportunities. Jacob, was your mother nice?"

Jacob looked taken aback by the question, thrn shrugged. "I had two moms like you. My real mother died when I was little. My second mom was named Emily also. Yeah, they were, are, nice."

"Everyone, but mine." Samara frowned. "Here we go." She pulled out a smaller canvases and walked over to her bed. "See?"

Jacob stood up and walked over for a look. He wasn't a big art person nor did he have any idea on what art should look like, but this looked good. It was a dark wooded scene with the full moon shining bright above it. Snow covered the ground in a blanket and there were paw prints in it. The wolf they belonged to sat, muzzle towards the sky, howling mournfully. The whole tone of the painting seemed sad to him, sad and familiar. His mind was trying to process something, but before it came to a conclusion he was interrupted.

"Sally, Jacob. Time to go."