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JacobOC Everything reminded him of her. He knew he had to get over this and home was not the place to do it. So, he ran away and it seems like a stranger and her family will be the ones who can heal him. JacobOC ECLIPSE SPOILERS Book One of the Imprints of Life series. FINAL CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED! AU


5. Chapter 5

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Dreams are very weird sometimes. You know, you have dreams where you see the shape of someone and know who it is, but it just won't come to you? I had been having those dreams for weeks after Thanksgiving. There was scent, also familiar, that filled my nose every time I came close to her. The shape was a she, I knew that. And boy was I really close most of the time (if you catch my meaning). I would wake up slightly frustrated in the morning and have a hard time not yelling at what ever Dawson had the ‘privilege' of dragging me in the house for breakfast. It only got harde) as time went on.

After Thanksgiving the snow picked up again in the form of blizzards. Thanks to the bad insulation and the leak in the roof, Jacob was forced to move onto the living room couch at Emily's suggestion.

"I can't understand how you dealt with this before, Jacob," the woman shook her head and shivered in the cool room.

Jacob just shrugged, he hadn't noticed the cold.

"You really are a good kid. You shouldn't be this good however."

So it was that Jacob woke up each morning at the homey sound of dishes rattling in the sink. Occasionally, Sally would sneak down and talk with him for a few hours. Samara seemed to be ignoring him after their trip down to Salem to pick up her things. For some reason this hurt him, but he pushed it down as his imagination. He knew she was working on Emily's Christmas present. A painting of a wooded landscape that she said would look wonderful over the fireplace. Jacob, who knew nothing about interior design, just agreed with her.

Christmas was fast approaching and so was the sick feeling in Jacob's stomach. He realized he missed his family. His father, Sam, Quil, Embry and the rest of the pack would have a celebration. Every time this thought came to mind he would push it away and go work on Samara's car.

It was turning out wonderfully. Ben was impressed when he came out to check on it.

"I never would have made sense of the heap of junk."

Jacob laughed. "It still needs to be painted. You sure you want it black?"

"Yes. When will it be done?"

"Two weeks," he answered, wiping oil off one of his tools. "Just in time for Christmas."

Ben looked pleased as he left the garage.

Jacob finished up and headed into the house for a shower, being careful to keep oil off the rug and avoid Samara. Once he had cleaned up he headed outside, ignoring Emily's warning about wet hair.

He took off at a jog towards the woods where he had lived, enjoying the silence of winter. Occasionally a winter bird would flit across his line of vision, chirping a song. The air felt cold when he breathed in through his nose. Suddenly he paused and sniffed again. There was something familiar about the scent, but before he could place it he was barreled over from behind and sent sprawling face first into the snow.

His first instinct was to transform and attack, but what he heard next stopped him. "That was stupid, what if he decided to tear you to pieces."

"I would have healed."

Jacob sat up at that and flipped around. "What are you two doing here?"

Quil and Embry gave him a sheepish smile. "Marry Christmas," Quill said grinning. "Sorry I knocked you over, you just were deep in thought and it seemed like a good opportunity."

"Quil's using big words these days," Embry added, ducking away from his friend's fist.

Jacob was still sitting in the snow in shock. He hadn't expected his friends to find him or even think about finding him. He knew he hadn't been the best companion before he left and figured they were happy enough without him, even if they did try to go after him at first.

"How did you find me?"

Quil shrugged. "It's interesting, we just knew. Probably some kind of internal wolf tracking device." He said the last part somewhat mockingly, accompanied with a roll of his eyes.

"It took as awhile to convince Sam that we could visit you. And even then we had to promise we wouldn't try to drag you back if you didn't want to." Embry paused and searched Jacob's face. "You look terrible, by the way."

"Haven't been able to sleep. Dreams and a small sofa don't mix."

"You sleep on a sofa?" Quill looked outraged.

"Just recently. The people I work for found out that the bunk house gets to cold for a normal human to sleep in. I had to move into the living room."

"Poor you. Are the people you work for crazy?" Embry asked, sitting down across from him.

Jacob shrugged.

"So, tell us what's been going on."

Jacob paused to gather his thoughts before launching into his tale. He told them about running and living in the woods, about meeting Ben and making friends with Sally, about Samara and her fight with her mother. Everything between the times he had left and now. It felt good to talk to his friends and he felt himself feeling better; though they both got these knowing looks on their face when he mentioned Samara.

"That's some story," Embry whistled when Jacob had finished.

"So there are blood suckers in Salem?"

Jacob shrugged. "I guess so. I haven't heard or smelt anything."

"You haven't turned much either."

Jacob shrugged again. "I didn't see a point. I'll occasionally go for a run, but it's harder to sneak out of the house then the bunkhouse."

"So," Quil grinned. "Is Samara hot?"

Jacob glared at his friend and felt a small surge of anger at the remark.

Quill's grin, on the other hand, widened considerably.

Embry was watching with a smirk as Jacob took a deep breath. "I guess so."

"You guess so? Don't you know a hot girl when you see one?"

"I don't want to talk about her."

"Of course you don't."

Jacob frowned quizzically at his best friend. "What does that mean?"

"Nothing. Nothing."


"JACOB BLACK YOU SHOW YOURSELF BEFORE MY TOES FALL OFF!!!" Sally screamed from somewhere in the woods.

The boys threw each other wild looks and Quil and Embry stood up to disappear.

"We'll be around. Got a room in town so don't worry about us."


Embry laughed. "Demanding child, isn't she?"

"Should she be out here alone?" Quill asked.

"He's gotten kind of fatherly ever since he imprinted Clair," Embry explained.

"Jacob?" it was Samara and Brittany's voices now.

"She's not alone. Now go," Jacob grumbled.

"We'll be around," Quil promised before he and Embry melted into the woods.

Jacob hurried through the tree towards the sound of the girl's voices. He found them in one of the clearings, shivering with worried expressions on their faces. Well, Samara just looked plain annoyed and Sally looked pained.

"Where is he?" Brittany muttered.

"I don't know," Sally forced out through chattering teeth.

"I'm going to beat him when I get a hold of him, wherever he is. I'm missing good light for painting and Sally's going to get hypothermia or something."

Brittany snorted. "Is that all you think about? Painting?"

"I'm cold," Sally whined.

"I know. I know. "Jac-ahhh-" Samara jumped back as she nearly ran into his chest.

The two younger girls were starring wide eyes.

"W-what are you doing?"

"You called me didn't you?" he smirked. "Are you really going to beat me?"

She starred up at him with a strange expression on her face. He had seen it a couple of times, but couldn't place it. "I-I-" she frowned. "I should," she snapped, back in control.

"Ah. Shall we go before your little sister freezes to death?"

Samara was still starring up at him strangely, her arms wrapped around her stomach. Jacob met her eyes with a frown and turned away quickly as that strange tugging feeling hit him again. "Come here, Sally," he murmured picking the small girl up.

"You're warm," she sighed, burying her face in his jacket. Out of all the people for him to reveal his strange temperature, Sally was not one of them. She was too smart and would try to figure out why he wasn't dead. Hypothermia, on the other hand, was even worse to think about so he had to take the chance.

"Let's go now."

Samara blinked rapidly and nodded. "Yeah. Let's go."

AN: Now that Quil and Embry are here, expect to have some action...of the adventure kind. Do I even need to clarify that? Yeah I think I do. Anyway, adventure and blood galore. You don't think I'd make poor Jacob handle it all by himself did you?


"What do you mean he never arrived at her house?" Samara glared at Brittany.

"You heard me. I over heard mom and dad talking. Apparently Jack never made it to his girlfriend's house. The highway patrol found the car, but it's empty." Brittany was wringing her hands as she looked at her to sisters and Jacob. "Something terrible has happened."