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JacobOC Everything reminded him of her. He knew he had to get over this and home was not the place to do it. So, he ran away and it seems like a stranger and her family will be the ones who can heal him. JacobOC ECLIPSE SPOILERS Book One of the Imprints of Life series. FINAL CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED! AU


6. Chapter 6

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When you live in the same house as people, you tend to learn a lot about them. It makes me wonder how large families keep secrets. However, they do it, it must be hard. Lucky for me none of the Dawson's quirks were anything bad. In fact I tended to only focus on one person out of them all.

Her breath came out in icy gasps as she ran through the farm. From his perch on the roof he watched her flight with interest. Another weekend, another fight with the one she called mother. Sadly, Samara couldn't find it in her heart to pull out even an ounce of compassion for the woman, even over the phone. The running was to make sure she didn't snap at those who did not deserve it.

Jacob stretched his cramped muscles and kneaded one of his bare shoulders. The mock fight with Embry and Quil had taken quite a toll on his now untrained muscles. He'd have to get back in shape as soon as possible. Pulling himself up, he swung into the attic, landing with a muffled thump on the creaking floorboards. He had found this place while helping Samara carry down some old canvases she planned to reuse. No one ever came up here and he found it the perfect place to hang out in his element, half naked with cold air hitting his bare chest. He couldn't count how many times he was overheated. His shirt was laying across an old box of family photos and he pulled it on in preparation of going after Samara. The girl had run off into the woods and he didn't trust those. What kind of example would he set if the people he was living with began to disappear?

"Bye mom, I'm leaving now," Jacob heard Jack call to Emily.

"Will you be home for dinner?"


The door slammed as Jacob pulled on his boots. Jack was hardly ever at home, a thing Jacob was very thankful for, as the young man distrusted him. He visited his fiancé in town, sometimes staying away for a week at a time.

Creeping down the stairs as not to alert the occupants of the house, Jacob made it outside with no problem. Sniffing the air he caught her scent and took off at a jog towards the initial area. Once out of site of the house he broke off into a comfortable lope.

He kept his distance, following only the angry muttering and snapping of twigs. Finally she stopped and rested her hands on her hips. Jacob stayed in the shadows of the trees watching as she paced around, taking deep breaths to calm herself. Turning, her eyes flashed with annoyance.

"Why did you follow me?"

Jacob thought about ignoring her, but decided it was better in the long run if he just answered. After all if she knew he was here and he ignored her, she would make his life living hell when she got back to the house. Jacob decided there were too many he's and she's in that line of thought and knew he English teacher would not have been happy with him. No matter, Mrs. Fields was miles away.

Jacob stepped out of the gloom and walked over to her. "I didn't," he stated. "I was here first."

"Oh." She blushed and looked down. "Sorry. I guess I knew that. I didn't hear you following."

Jacob smirked and shook his head.

Samara sighed and looked away from him, wrapping her black clad arms around her body and shivered.

"Where's your coat?" he frowned, looking down at the slightly blue fingers.

She blushed again. "I-I guess I got so angry that I forgot it." She paused. "Emily's going to kill me."

Jacob shook his head and unzipped his jacket. "Here," he murmured, wrapping it tightly around her shoulder.

"W-what about you? Won't you get cold?"


She looked down and slid her arms into his oversized jacket. She flexed her fingers before covering them with the sleeves.

Jacob shook his head. "Here."


"Give me your hands."

She seemed to hesitate, before slowing withdrawing them from the sleeves and holding them out towards Jacob. He took each one in his much larger hands and she frowned.

"You are warm. I thought Sally was crazy."

Jacob cleared his throat nervously before pulling the jacket sleeves back over her hands. "There, that should do it. Lets go home, huh?"

Samara nodded. "I'm good, now. She's just trying to get me back...I don't even know why. It's a power thing. She always gets what she wants."

Jacob didn't answer as he led her through the thick woods without making a sound. He paused when he could not hear her footsteps. Turning around, he saw her starring at him with narrowed eyes. "Are you sure you didn't follow me."


"Hm," she muttered trapping through the December snow towards him. Jacob turned and continued on his way.

"How long have we been out?"

"I've been out a couple of hours," he replied, which was true for her too. Samara had some stamina for someone who sat around and painted most of the day.

She looked up at the sky. "Looks like I have too. It's hard to tell without the sun."

Jacob nodded in agreement. "We're not far from the house."

"Do you come out here often?"

"Often enough. I enjoy running in the snow."

"You would," she grumbled under her breath as she picked up her pace to keep up with him.

The house came into site a few minutes later revealing a police car in the front yard. Samara looked at him wide eyed before sprinting towards the house.

Jacob wasted no time in following her and they both slammed into the house. Sally sat on the living room couch, where Jacob slept, with her hands in her lap. Her eyes were almost as big as her face.

"Sally what happened," Samara demanded, getting on her knees to look into her sister's face.

"I-I don't know. The police knocked on the door and said they wanted to talk to mom and dad. They kicked us out of the kitchen."

Jacob settled himself against the wall and frowned.

"Samara! Thank God you're here," Brittany shouted, running into the room. Her face was flushed and she looked near tears. "Something terrible has happened."

"What?" Jacob growled, immediately on guard.

"Jack's gone. He-He never got to Jenny's house."

"What do you mean he never arrived at her house?" Samara glared at Brittany.

"You heard me. I over heard mom and dad talking. Apparently Jack never made it to Jennifer's house. The highway patrol found the car, but it's empty." Brittany was wringing her hands as she looked at her to sisters and Jacob. "Something terrible has happened to him."

Jacob's shoulders were tense as Samara sat on the couch next to Sally in shock. "You're sure?" he asked


His lips pursed. "Where there any signs of any struggle or anything like that? Any blood?"

"I don't know," Brittany uttered as the kitchen door opened, revealing a grim Ben and a sobbing Emily.

"It's not true is it, mom?" Sally asked, tears filling her own eyes.

Emily just sat on the couch and regarded her children with a sad face. "They're going to start an investigation. There was quite a bit of blood in the car...they'll be looking for a body."

"No," Sally and Brittany wailed burying their heads in their mother's lap. Samara just sat starring out the window with blank eyes.

"W-what about Christmas," Sally moaned.

"We'll still have it, baby."

"It won't be the same," Brittany muttered.

Samara still hadn't spoken.

Ben seemed to having the same reaction as his oldest daughter. Silent denial.

That night Jacob snuck out of the house and back into the woods. Removing his clothes he changed for the first time and headed out to the highway where he knew the car had been. Embry and Quil joined him.

You think it was those vampires don't you? Quil asked, panting as Jacob picked up the pace.

A young one, he answered. Emily mentioned a lot of blood. Older ones don't make a mess nor would they attack someone with so many connections.

You don't think it was a regular murder and you're being paranoid?Embry asked incredulously.

They didn't find a body and it wasn't more then three hours between the time he left and the time the cops came to the house.


They found the scene and had to wait, as even this late there were police on the scene. Finally they left and the boys were able to sniff around a little. A mile from the scene Quill stopped at a pile of dirt and dead branches. He snorted and shook his head at the smell. I've found him...should we dig him up so they can find him?

Jacob paused. Yeah.

The two boys carefully scrapped away the loose dirt and vegetation. It was badly hidden. Once they unearthed it, one sniff was all they needed to figure it out; even then, they would have known by looking.

You were right, Embry murmured.

Jack Dawson barely had a face. The one eye he had left was open in shock and fear. Dried blood caked his clothing. The scent of fear was still imminent on his body, as was the sweet smell of vampire.

Definitely young, Quil surmised. An experienced leech wouldn't let any of the blood go to waste.

Jacob sighed and shook his furry head. I wonder where its maker was.

Probably abandoned it. We should be careful. It might still be around. Quil looked around as if expecting a young vampire to jump out from behind the trees.

We'll patrol the woods so no more of your family gets hurt, Embry added.

Jacob just nodded.

After making sure the body was partially covered in order to avoid suspicion, Jacob hurried back to the farm. After sneaking in he collapsed on the couch. A few hours later he was shook awake.

Opening his eyes he saw the clock read two in the morning. He turned his eyes to the dark, semi hunched figure in front of him.


"My brother is dead, Jacob," she murmured.

He sat up, surprised at the hysterics in her voice. "You don't know that," he lied.

She nodded. "Yeah. I do." With that she burst into tears.