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JacobOC Everything reminded him of her. He knew he had to get over this and home was not the place to do it. So, he ran away and it seems like a stranger and her family will be the ones who can heal him. JacobOC ECLIPSE SPOILERS Book One of the Imprints of Life series. FINAL CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED! AU


7. Chapter 7

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Something woke Jacob up with a start. The living room was still dark, though it was graying outside. A sniff told him nothing was wrong and that Quil and Embry were outside waiting for him. He shifted careful of the small body pressed against his. Wait. body?

He looked down blinking in surprise at the mass of tangled brown hair that greeted him. The previous night’s events came back to him in a rush. Samara had lost it and instinctively came down to him, the one person she could always trust.

That was an epiphany he developed last night as she buried her face in his chest. It was the strangest thing he had ever felt, that pull somewhere in his chest that made him know for sure that this girl, this women, was everything he need and wanted. Even the way her fingers moved complimented him perfectly. He was just to hurt and selfish to see it before. How she must have been feeling, pulled towards him, needing him; only to have her mind pull her back when he acted indifferent to her. He felt like jerk for awhile and now he felt only lost. How could he tell her? What could he tell her? She may have been an artist, but she was practical. She wouldn’t believe him; she might even be afraid and run from him. That scared him. He, and she, would go through life feeling empty, knowing for sure there was someone out there for them that was perfect.

Jacob sighed and looked down at her again. She was very pretty, he thought, peaceful looking, though her face was smeared with tears. Sighing again, he pulled himself up and over the back of the couch, landing lightly. Before he went out he pulled a blanket over her shoulders.

The predawn air was crisp and there was no sign of another snow storm. Jacob jogged down the road to the bunk house where he found Quil and Embry behind it. They were tapping their feet impatiently and glaring at him.

“You smell good,” Quil said, finally grinning.

“Like Girl,” Embry added, grinning also.

Jacob grunted. “What is it?”

“Don’t change the subject,” Quil looked outraged.

Jacob starred at his friend. “You two have ADD, don’t you?”

“No, we just want to give you a hard time.”

“What’s wrong?”

“We caught up with the leech,” Embry said.


“She got away. We didn’t want to go too far, I think she has a mate or whatever.”

“Already? Do you know who he is?”

“He’s older. If anymore deaths came and the bodies are clean we’ll know he did it. He can’t control her obviously or he wouldn’t have let her kill Jack Dawson.”

“So, did he create her for the purpose of having her around?”

“Don’t know.”

“They’re not…”

“Oh, no, no, no. Definitely not,” Quill said quickly. “Thank God.”

Jacob looked relieved. “Has anyone else disappeared?”

“No. But we’ll have to kill both of them. We don’t want any vengeful vamps running around. You know what happened last time. He might kill the rest of the Dawson’s just to spite you. Why stop at the brother.”

“Who killed my brother? And who are you?”

“Oh, damn…” Quil muttered, taking a step back. “I take it you haven’t told her anything.”

“Shut up,” Jacob murmured.

Samara was frowning at them, her arms wrapped around her middle and her eyes suspicious.

Embry cleared his throat. “We should get going. We’ll be patrolling.” With that they sprinted away.

Samara was starring hard at Jacob and he almost cringed. Drawing himself up he held his head above her, a wolfish sign of dominance. He was matching her stance. He wouldn’t back down no matter what she said.

“Who are they and what do they know about my brother?” Her voice was cool, though shaking slightly.

“Friends of mine…brothers really,” he said softly.

“Why are they here? Did they kill my brother?”

“No!” Jacob all but roared, stepping towards her.

Shocked at his change in demeanor, Samara faltered a little.

“It’s complicated,” he said more softly.

“Complicated? You said something…something about vamps. Vampires?”

Jacob met her eyes. “Yes.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Of course you don’t. What do you want me to say? My brothers killed yours? Will that make you feel better?” He asked all this wearily.

She opened her mouth to protest then said, “I don’t believe you.”

Jacob shoved his hands in his jeans pocket and looked up at the darkish sky. “Do you trust me?” he asked after a few minutes.

“I don’t know. I thought I did, I mean-”

“If you trust me, then follow me.” He turned and made to go into the bunkhouse, pleased when he heard her hesitant foot steps behind them.

Samara closed the door behind him and stood with her back to it, facing him. “You can prove to me that vampires exist?”


She huffed.

“But I can show you that werewolves exist.” He paused. “You might want to close your eyes.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Suit yourself,” he muttered and started to pull his shirt over his head.

“What the hell are you doing?” She screeched.

He pulled the shirt all the way off and threw it on the bare bed. “You didn’t want to look away.” When his hands went to the button of his jeans she squeaked and turned around.

“You pervert, stop this right now.” There was no answer. “Jacob?” A cold nose touched her hand and she spun around with a squeal. A dark eyed wolf starred up at her. A gigantic, dark eyed, wolf.

“Oh, my…” she trailed off, falling to her knees. The wolf approached her, low on his belly as not to scar her. His head and shoulders were between her knees before he finally stopped. “I-I, don’t believe it. No. No. No.” She squeezed her eyes shut again, repeating her denial over and over again. Suddenly she felt a warm hand on her knee. Her eyes sprang open, chest heaving, and she starred at Jacob. He was dressed in jeans again and looking at her with a sad, unreadable expression. She tried to back up a little more, but hit the wall.

Jacob sighed sadly and stood, moving away from her. He crossed his arms over his bare chest and leaned against the wall. “Well,” he barked. “Say something.”

She just starred, before turning back to the door.

“Samara,” he said desperately. “Don’t run away from me.”

She looked at him again and got to her feet. “I’m sorry.” With that she turned and headed for the door. As she opened it he said her name again, causing her to pause.

“I can’t not stay away from you.”

“I know,” she murmured and left.