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Bella/Alice NO FLAMES!

dedicated to Kaiwynn, because without her i would have never read Twilight. ily!

1. Chapter 1

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“So where can I crash tonight. Is the couch ok?” Bella asked Alice inquiringly.

“Are you kidding me? You’re sleeping in my room.” Alice replied.

It was a Friday night, and Edward was hunting with everyone but Alice. She had stayed behind for two reasons; one, because she had already hunted, and two, because she wanted to be with Bella. She had realized that she had feelings for Bella one night when Edward said he was headed to Bella’s for the night, and she felt jealousy. At first, she tried to convince herself that it was just the normal, protective feelings a person should feel for their sister. Slowly, she realized that it was the exact opposite of that. With a sister, it was ok to see her with Edward, to feel happy at the fact that she was in a relationship she was enjoying. But with Bella she felt horrible when she saw her with Edward, like if she should be the one taking Edward's place.

She had worked hard, using all of her control not to think about Bella when she knew Edward was listening to her thoughts. Obviously, Edward wondered what Alice was trying to hide, but he never thought that it would be something like that. Before Edward left, Alice had a vision of Edward finding out through her own memories of the sleepover even though she didn’t know what was going to happen. She just wanted to let the chips fall where they may.

They started out at around 6pm, watching movies. Bella wanted some suspense, so Alice rented Red Eye, and then for some comedy, She’s the Man. After watching the movies, Alice made Bella sit down, and spent about two hours doing her hair. She cut it, dyed it, and styled it. When Bella saw it, she flipped out and started yelling that Charlie was going to kill her, and the whole time, Alice just stood there with a smirk on her.

“What are you smirking about? Do you think it’s funny that Charlie is going to kick me out of my house?”

“What would you say if I told you that this makeover was Charlie’s idea?” Alice said while trying to hold back giggles that escaped her lips no matter how hard she tried.

Bella stared at Alice skeptically, trying to see if it was all a hoax, and that she was going to be in trouble. While she was studying her face, she noticed that Alice was chewing her bottom lip in a way that made Bella feel that she might want to be the one chewing that very lip. She kept studying her lips, noticing that they were pink and plump, and looked very soft. For a minute, she wondered what it would be like to press her lips against Alice’s and shook her head quickly; reminding herself that she had Edward.

No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t shake the thought of kissing Alice from her mind, and the rest of the night passed in blur for Bella. She came back to everything, when Alice reminded her that she should probably get some sleep.

Alice lead Bella to her room and set Bella’s stuff on her own bed, earning her an inquisitive look from Bella.

“Why are you putting my stuff on your bed?” she asked.

“Because you are going to be sleeping there...” she replied like if it was the most obvious answer, because it was.

“And where are you going to be sleeping?”

“I’m a vampire, remember? I don’t sleep.”

Bella accepted Alice’s answer and started to walk towards the bathroom to change, but Alice told her that she didn’t have to leave the room. Alice had to go and lock the house anyway, so that Bella could change in the room in peace.

Five minutes later, Bella opened the door to find Alice sitting on the floor reading a book.

“What are you reading?” she inquired.

“One of my all time favorites, Grapes of Wrath.” She replied while sitting up and walking into the room.

Bella climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep. She drifted in and out of slumber, and around 3 am she awoke suddenly, and sat up quickly and looked around the room panicked. She searched the room with her eyes, and quickly realized that Alice wasn’t in the room. She walked down the stairs, and found Alice sitting on the piano stool, playing Edward’s music. More specifically, Bella’s own lullaby. When she sat down, Alice turned and faced Bella with a peaceful smile on her face.

“Hi. What are you doing up this early?” she said delicately, trying not to ruin the vibe that the lullaby was creating. .

“Couldn’t sleep. I was restless.” I was thinking about you, she said in her head, wishing that Alice could hear her.

Suddenly, they reached the crescendo of the lullaby, and Bella leaned in, not completely sure of what she was doing. Alice’s eyes never wavered, staring straight into Bella’s. Bella hesitated, leaning in and stopping twice, almost pulling back the third time, but when she looked into Alice’s eyes, she couldn’t help but keep leaning in.

The moment that Bella’s lips touched Alice, the music stopped, but the two girls didn’t. Slowly, shyly, Bella dragged her tongue along Alice’s bottom lip, asking without words, if Alice would let her in. Alice opened her mouth and let Bella’s tongue do what it wished. Bella’s tongue flicked up and explored the roof of Alice’s mouth, and then captured Alice’s tongue in a battle which Alice won. They pulled away, and in that moment, Bella realized that, yes, she did love Edward, but what she felt for Alice was more then what she thought she could ever feel for anyone. She resolved on telling Edward the moment he got back.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she got up to head back to her room, “Goodnight.”

“It was my pleasure.” Alice replied quietly, raising her hand to her lips; remembering the feel of Bella’s lips.

Bella climbed into bed, and for the first time that night, she peacefully fell asleep. The next morning, Edward was back, and so was the whole family. As soon as she walked downstairs, Edward noticed that something was wrong with her, and immediately pulled her into his arms, and walked her into the forest.

When they came back an hour later, Bella’s eyes were red and rimmed and Edward had a defeated look in the corner of his eyes. Bella immediately headed towards Alice’s room. She walked in and Alice instantly jumped up.

“So…what did he say?” she asked, deathly afraid of the answer.

“He said that as long as I was sure that I wanted to be with you, that he would accept it.” Bella replied, a small smile forming on her lips.

“I’m glad he said that Bella,” Alice said, bracing herself to say it, “because I love you.”

Alice held her breath, waiting for Bella’s response.

“I love you too Alice.” Bella replied, the joy evident in her voice.

They leaned in for a quick kiss, and walked down the stairs holding hands, feeling complete with each other.