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The sequel to 'Damning an Angel'. Edward knows Bella is dead. He saw her murder himself. And yet,there is a girl that is just too similar to her to simply ignore. Is is Bella? Can he get close enough to her to find out?

CHAPTER SIX POSTED: EDWARD's Point of View!!!!!!!

((A/N: This is the sequel to Damning an Angel. If you have not read that, go back and read it before you read this. I'm not sure if it will make sense if you don't. To all the people who DID read Damning an Angel, here it is, a sequel, just like I promised.))

3. Chapter 3: Bella's Point of View

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Bella's Point of View

One hundred years exactly. That is how long it has been since they left. They probably assume me dead. Why wouldn't they? Not even Carlisle would have known what to look for in a vampire...

I still remember all to vividly that horrible day. The day Victoria ruined everything. The instant that the car rolled over, my head slammed against the back seat. Edward managed to get out of the car, but I wasn't as lucky. The car blew up, with me still inside it. Then, the world was black.

When I woke up, they were long gone. I've searched for them for a hundred years, but, with over 600 million people on this earth, it's quite difficult to find 7 vampires who are not exactly boasting about their presence...

So now I'm in California. Yes, I know, why California? Isn't it known for the sun? But no, Los Altos is a quite rainy little town in Northern California.

I've pretty much given up on finding them. Why bother anymore? I mean, if I couldn't find them in a hundred years, I didn't have much hope for it anymore...

So I'm back in school. A freshman at Los Altos High School. Whoop-de-freaking-do...

I do have someone with me, though. It would have been much too lonely to travel by myself. So I found Shane. He's pretty much the same age I am, only five years younger. I found him a few days after he was turned, and convinced him to switch his diet and join me. Even though Shane is younger than me, he acts like my older brother, my protector. He wards off all the human boys. Once, we even pretended to be going out, just to avoid all the humans chasing after us all together...

But now, I had to get to school...

"Shane!" I called. "How long do we have before we have to go?"

"Uh, now." Shane appeared in my doorway, his short, spiky, black hair sticking out in every possible direction. His topaz eyes were impatient, and yet still friendly, as we tried to get me out the door.

"Don't be so rash with your emotions," I teased him. "Or else I might be able to sense them from across the entire campus."

"And how would you even be that far from me in the first place?" he questioned. "We have all the same classes but one."

"Fine," I gave in easily. "Can we go now?"

He rolled his eyes. "I've been trying to get you to go for half an hour. Don't lecture me."

"Whatever. Let's just go..."

We got to school in five minutes, though we lived at least ten minutes away. That was mostly due to Shane driving fifty miled over the speed limit. He never got caught. Ever.

Oh, right. Shane. His gift is very unique. He can tell when you're lying. He can also force you to say the truth. It can be quite inconvenient. Like now.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked me as we were heading to our first class (World Studies).

"Nothing," I lied stupidly.

He sighed. "Isabella..." I used my full name most of the time now. I'm not sure why. I guess it just seems to fit me better. After ... well... THEM leaving... I don't feel like Bella anymore... So now I'm Isabella.

"Don't you dare," I warned him. I was not going to discuss THEM right here in the middle of the classroom.

"Later?" he asked.

"Later," I promised. He nodded, content.

A spasm of wild emotions caught my attention. There were four bodies releasing an overwhelming amount of emotion all at the same time. (I had fine-tuned my ability during the hundred years. I found that I don't just see emotions, I can sense them, like Jasper. Only, I can't influence them...) My head shot up, wondering what could cause such wild emotion from them at SCHOOL.

"Izzy?" Shane whispered, using my shorthand nickname.

I looked over to him, my eyes flickering towards the door and back again.

"You alright?" he asked.

I didn't answer him, just shot out of my chair and out the door.The bell hadn't actually rang yet, so a teacher wouldn't stop me. I could hear Shane following me.

"What?" he asked once we were outside.

I stopped then, having found what I was searching for - the source of the spasm of emotion.

"Oh God," I whispered. Shane looked to me, and I didn't need my gift to sense his concern.


Oh God. It was them.