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The sequel to 'Damning an Angel'. Edward knows Bella is dead. He saw her murder himself. And yet,there is a girl that is just too similar to her to simply ignore. Is is Bella? Can he get close enough to her to find out?

CHAPTER SIX POSTED: EDWARD's Point of View!!!!!!!

((A/N: This is the sequel to Damning an Angel. If you have not read that, go back and read it before you read this. I'm not sure if it will make sense if you don't. To all the people who DID read Damning an Angel, here it is, a sequel, just like I promised.))

4. Chapter 4: Alice's Point of View

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(Alice’s Point of View)

“Bella,” I gasped.

Almost exactly after the words exited my lips, there was another gasp, just as quiet, just as shocked, with exactly the same amount of disbelief that I had put into my tone.

I spun towards the voice, away from our enclosed, private circle, searching. I know she is here. I saw it in my vision. We are standing in a circle, Bella (Is it really possible that it’s actually her?) gasps, I turn, and then she appears, as alive as our kind can be.

My eyes scanned the passing students, looking for the only one that wasn’t alive. And, just as I had seen in my vision, Bella was standing, her mouth open in a small “O” of shock, with…

With a male vampire of about the same age standing next to her.

She was alive. Oh. My. God. Bella wasn’t dead. Victoria hadn’t killed her. Carlisle was wrong. Bella was alive!

“Bella!” I called, feeling a huge grin spread across my face. The others followed my gaze, and all muttered comments of disbelief.

“Is it possible?” Jasper.

“Well what do you know…” Emmett.

“Humph.” Rosalie. Of course.

“Bella!” I repeated, running, barely, barely, keeping a human pace, over to her. But, right before I reached her, the male vampire took one step in-between us, as if to protect her.

“Bella is it really you?” I asked stupidly. Of course it was her. I just hadn’t gotten over the shock yet.

“Who are you?” the male asked, his voice low, a dangerous edge to it. I looked up, up, up. He was much taller than Bella, though, now that I was closer, I could see that Bella was older than him.

“Alice Cullen,” I greeted him. I felt an arm wrap around my waist, and smiled as Jasper asked the male, “and who are you?”

“Shane Swan,” the male said. “What business do you have with Isabella?”

Swan? The same surname as Bella’s… Were they together?

“Bella!” Emmett exclaimed, bounding up behind us. He moved through Shane’s arm as if it weren’t there, to pull Bella into a huge bear hug.

“Can’t…breathe…Emmett,” Bella gasped, speaking for the first time. Emmett laughed.

“Like you need to,” he teased. He set her down, though, releasing her. I could see out of the corner of my eye that even Rosalie had a small smile on her face.

It was so unbelievable that Bella was alive!

“How?” I asked her, knowing she would comprehend.

Shane narrowed his eyes, not liking being ignored. “Isabella, do you know these people?” he asked her, his tone warmer and softer when addressing her.

“Yes,” she said quietly. “I lived with them a hundred years ago.”

“This was your old coven?” he asked. She nodded.

Shane visibly relaxed, then. He was a very protective person, it seemed. You could tell that Bella, or Isabella as he kept referring to her as, meant a lot to him. I just wondered how close they actually were…

“So,” I asked coolly, “who’s your new friend, Bella?”

“This is my brother,” Bella told me. I noticed how shaken she seemed, and eyed Jasper implyingly. (A/N: Yes, I know it isn’t a word…) A calm wave spread over us then, but not enough for Bella to relax completely.

Brother. The word registered, then, and relief washed over me.

Bella’s brow furrowed. “Why are… all of you relieved?” she asked. I fought the urge to smile. It seems I wasn’t the only one relieved by the fact that Bella was still ‘available.’

“We’re just relieved that you’re alive,” Jasper told her, telling a half-truth. Shane’s eyes flickered to him, and he frowned.

“That’s not true,” Shane said.

“Yes it is,” I defended Jasper.

“It’s a half-truth,” Shane said confidently. “You can’t lie to us; my gift is to detect a lie and force people to tell the truth.”

“Your gift is weird,” Emmett told him. Shane laughed.

“So then what is your gift?” he challenged him.

“My strength,” Emmett said confidently. I noticed his muscles flexing around Rosalie’s waist. Showing off.

Shane smiled, one corner of his mouth curving upwards in a crooked smile that reminded me of my brother’s. “We’ll have to see who is stronger at a later time.”

Emmett grinned. Knowing him, he was probably already going over strategy in his head.

“It’s so good to see that you’re alive,” I told Bella, smiling. “But… how are you alive?”

A bell rang, then, signaling the end of the class period. The halls were flooded with students, then, and it was suddenly much louder as humans chatted with each other as they walked to their next classes.

“Later,” Bella said, taking a step back. “We have to get to class.”

“We can take you two to our house after school, then,” I said. Many emotions flashed through Bella’s eyes then in one split second, before she composed her face.

“Sorry, we have plans after school today,” Bella said. Shane’s eyes flashed, just for a millisecond, to Bella’s face. She was lying.

“Maybe another day,” Shane said, automatically playing along with his ‘sister’s’ lie. I pursed my lips, deliberating.

A flash of a vision came to me. Bella, in our house.

She would eventually come see us. As long as that was established, I was fine. Edward wouldn’t be happy about the wait, after he got over being ecstatic, but…

“Alright,” I agreed. “Another day.”

Bella was alive. And, for now, that was all that mattered.