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The sequel to 'Damning an Angel'. Edward knows Bella is dead. He saw her murder himself. And yet,there is a girl that is just too similar to her to simply ignore. Is is Bella? Can he get close enough to her to find out?

CHAPTER SIX POSTED: EDWARD's Point of View!!!!!!!

((A/N: This is the sequel to Damning an Angel. If you have not read that, go back and read it before you read this. I'm not sure if it will make sense if you don't. To all the people who DID read Damning an Angel, here it is, a sequel, just like I promised.))

5. Chapter 5: Shane's Point of View

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Chapter Five

Shane’s Point of View

I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand it at all.

For years, she had us searching for them, hoping, desperately hoping, to find them. And now, so many, many years later, we find them… and she doesn’t want to see them?

It didn’t make sense.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear the final bell ring, so when Isabella stood up, grabbing her bag and pulling her books into it, it surprised me. Sensing that, she looked down at me, still in my seat, and frowned.

“What?” she asked. “What is so surprising about my packing up?”

“Nothing,” I muttered, shaking my head. She gave me a look, and then headed towards the door. I packed up my stuff and ‘ran’ after her.

“Bella?” The confusion was back, and I knew she wouldn’t miss it. Isabella turned, stopping in the crowded hallway. We both stepped to the side, allowing the students to pass us, waiting for the hall to become emptier. It didn’t take long; it was a minimum day, and the humans were eager to leave this prison of a school.

“What?” she finally asked when it was just the two of us. I quickly glanced around me, listening, watching, making sure we really were alone, and that we weren’t about to be interrupted by a teacher or something.

“I have to ask,” I said, watching her carefully, my gift ready to catch her if she tried to lie. “Why don’t you want to see them?”

I didn’t have to explain whom I meant.

“I wanted to do something with you today.” She smiled up at me, and I was almost convinced.


Lie, a small voice in the back of my head whispered.

I smirked.

“Nice try, Isabella,” I said. “But you know very well that that was pointless. You can’t lie to me. I don’t know why you still try after all these years.”

“Worth a shot,” she mumbled.

I frowned. I didn’t like Isabella like this; normally she was happier. Now, I’ll admit, she did look like some small part of her was missing, but she was still normal around me. But now? These former clan-mates of hers were messing her up.

“Now, tell me why,” I demanded, making sure to keep eye contact with her; If I needed to force her to tell me, eye contact was necessary.

“Shane,” she whined. “Honestly, it’s nothing.” Lie. “I mean, it’s not like I don’t want so see them now or anything.” Lie. “I’m fine, promise.” Lie.

I groaned.

“Why do you keep lying to me, Isabella?” I asked her. “I’m only trying to help you. Or at least to understand. Why, if you were so desperate to find them, are you suddenly so bent on avoiding them?”

She sighed. I hoped that meant that she was finally ready to tell me the truth.

“It’s … complicated,” she finally whispered, a pained look coming into her eyes. Her lips turned down at the corners, and I hated seeing her so upset; she was my ‘sister’, and she shouldn’t be anything but happy. But she was telling the truth. No little voice telling me otherwise.

“What’s complicated?” I asked her. “Did they do something to you?” An image of that large, muscular once came to my mind, Emmett, I think his name was. I growled. “I swear, Isabella, if one of them hurt you-”

“No!” she interrupted me, her eyes widening in surprise. “They didn’t hurt me, I swear!”


“Then what is it?” I asked her. She shook her head, her lids becoming heavy over her eyes. The look of depression came over her again. I could see she wasn’t going to tell me willingly. I frowned. I was going to have to make her tell me, then.

“Isabella,” I said slowly, locking my gaze with hers as she glanced up at me. I concentrated on whatever she was hiding, mentally forcing her to speak.

“It’s Edward,” she said unwillingly. Then she frowned at me.

“Who is Edward?” I asked, my brows knitting together in confusion. I was very sure there were only two males before, Emmett and Jasper. No Edward’s.

She wasn’t going to tell me again.

“I’ll just have you tell me anyways,” I reminded her. She smiled a half smile.

“Edward is… was… my mate,” she finally said, of her own will.

“You had a mate? And you didn’t tell me?”

“We were separated,” she reminded me. “That’s why I had us looking for them. We were all together when there was… an accident… They thought I had died, because, since I was a vampire, they didn’t know what to look for. So they left me, buried me. It was quite disconcerting when I woke up. I hadn’t even known that vampires could become unconscious, and, when I found that I was alone, I realized what had happened.”

I realized that her body was shaking with tearless sobs, and I pulled her closer to me, comforting her. I hated seeing my sister upset like this, and held my tongue against the other question I wanted to ask.

I could feel her smiling against my shirt.

“What is it?” she asked me.


“I can 'see' your hesitation,” she told me. “I can only assume that means you have a question for me.”

I still hesitated, moving her back so I could measure her expression. She seemed to be back in control of herself, calm, almost. I pursed my lips, still unsure. She sighed.

“Ah, if I only had your gift,” she teased, her lips pulling up at the corners.

I laughed. “Alright, fine. I was wondering why you’re so unwilling to see your mate.”

Her smile fell, just a fraction. “I’m not sure whether or not he has moved on,” she admitted. “I’m nervous to see him.”

I considered, just for a moment.

“Isabella,” I finally said. She looked up at me. “Would you head over there now,” I could see that she was about to interrupt me, so I continued more swiftly, “if I were to remain with you for every instant? That way there need not be any awkwardness.” I flashed her a grin. “Your little brother will protect you.”

That earned me a punch on the arm, but she was laughing again, and that was good.

“Alright,” she finally agreed.

“Alright, then,” I echoed, grinning down at her. “Let’s go pay this mate a visit, then, shall we?”