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The sequel to 'Damning an Angel'. Edward knows Bella is dead. He saw her murder himself. And yet,there is a girl that is just too similar to her to simply ignore. Is is Bella? Can he get close enough to her to find out?

CHAPTER SIX POSTED: EDWARD's Point of View!!!!!!!

((A/N: This is the sequel to Damning an Angel. If you have not read that, go back and read it before you read this. I'm not sure if it will make sense if you don't. To all the people who DID read Damning an Angel, here it is, a sequel, just like I promised.))

6. Chapter 6: Edward's Point of View

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Edward’s Point of View

I wasn’t really paying attention to them when they came home, each heading off into a different section of the house. Nor was I paying attention as Alice came up the stars to try to talk to me. Only when Alice came into my room did I notice that something was off.

Z Y X W V U T…

Alice was hiding something. That was obvious. She was ‘blocking’ me in the only way they knew how; thinking about something that would make me want to get out of their head. I was willing to bet that if Alice knew something, Jasper would as well. I checked his mind, to see that it was ‘blocking’ me as well.

Everybody was ‘blocking’ me.

“What’s going on?” I asked, immediately suspicious. Alice only grinned her innocent little pixie grin and danced over to me.

“I know something you don’t know,” she sang, incredibly immaturely.

I wasn’t interested enough to care.

“Can you just leave me to listen to my music, please?” I asked, my voice dull.

Another pixie grin.

“You won’t want to be all mopey when our guests come over tonight,” she told me, waving her finger back and forth as if to say ‘tsk tsk.’

“Guests?” I said monotonously.

She nodded.

“You invited humans over to our house?”

“No, they’re vampires.” Again, she grinned at me.

Can’t wait to tell him! Oh, quiero ir al centro commercial hoy. (A/N: Hopefully, that translated to I want to go to the mall today…

“Are they like us?” I asked. I didn’t really care. I just wanted her to tell me so she would leave already. I just wanted to be… alone….

“In their hunting habits? Of course. And you know them. Well, one of them.”

I knew one of them?

Alice just couldn’t seem to stop grinning.

“Someone from Alaska?” I guessed dully.

“No,” she sang. “You’ll see… Later tonight.” She closed her eyes for a minute, before she grinned again. “Oh, never mind. They’ll be here in an hour. I have to go get ready!” And with that, she ran from the room in a black and white blur.

I sighed.

Why was she bothering me like this? She knew, she knew that I just wanted to be alone, so I could … as Emmett unjustly put it… ‘sulk.’ I supposed now, that I would have to be alone with my thoughts about my fallen angel at another time.

An hour later, I hadn’t really moved much. I had played around with my stereo, alternating between Clair de Lune and heavy, angry metal. I settled on her lullaby. I turned the music up, so that it drowned everything else out, so that I barely heard Alice come into the room…

And turn off my stereo.

“What are you doing?” I asked her, annoyed.

“Our guests are here,” she told me.

“What?” But then, as if on cue, the doorbell rang. She laughed her tinkling laugh before running down the stairs to open the door. She made conversation that I didn’t listen to with them for a while, before I heard them moving into the living room, at which point I heard Jasper and Emmett joining them. I wondered where Rosalie was, and then heard her, right outside my room.

“Aren’t you going to come down?” she asked, something under her voice that I couldn’t quite place.

“No.” Flat. Uncaring.

“ I think you should. You won’t be disappointed.” Trust me, she thought, and then went down to join the others.

I sighed, turning up my music.

An hour went by, and then another. I still hadn’t come down yet. Finally, Alice’s thoughts drifted up towards me.

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, if you do not get down here soon to talk to our guests, I will drag you down here myself!

I considered ignoring her. But, then again, she usually went through on her threats. And I wasn’t in the mood to play her games. So, I sighed, turning off my stereo and dropping the remote on my couch. I walked slowly to the top of the stairway, taking my time coming down to the living room. When I was in the doorway, I saw our guests.

And froze.