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The Darkest Hour Before Dawn

Bella and Edward right before and after the ending of Eclipse! This will contain spoliers please don't read if you haven't read Eclipse! Due to lack of reviews there will be no series to this!

Thank you so much for all of your positive reveiws!

2. Telling Charlie

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“You ready for this?” Edward mumbled into my ear,

“No, but do I have much choice?! What’s he thinking? Is he in a good mood?”

“He’s really tired but other than that he seems to be in a good mood.”

I sighed as I got up and went into the kitchen to set the table. Edward helped so things got done in record time. I sat down and waited Edwards fingers still twisted though mine. The door opened and the sound of Charlie hanging up his gear filled the room.

When he walked into the kitchen I smiled weakly at him. I started to choose my words carefully so the news would be as harmless as possible. Edward knew I was nervous and he tightened his grip on my hand. I took a few long deep breathes before I finally spoke.

“Dad, can I umm … well I mean we talk to you about something?” I said my voice more shaky than I met it to be,

“Sure, Bells! What’s on your mind?” Charlie said moving his eyes from my face to Edwards trying to figure out what was to come,

I sighed heavily before continuing, “Well, Dad Edward and I have decided to get married. We love each other and the timing is right for us. I know were young but sooner or later we will end up married so there is no reason to wait.”

I saw the color leave his face. His eyes were popping out of his head like he had just seen a ghost. I knew this was going to be hard but the worst of it was over. I saw Edwards expression change he looked kind of amused with this. Charlie must have been thinking the worst.

“Bella, I don’t understand you’re so young. You have the rest of your life ahead of you and you already want to get married. Bella, you couldn’t have given this much thought. I mean he’s the only boyfriend you’ve ever had according to Renee and you want to marry him! You won’t know what’s out there if you decided to settle down with the first boy you date!” Charlie’s face was still pale and I knew what he was thinking I need to reassure him before this went anything further,

“Dad, this is what I want to do ok? I know I’m young but I’m in love with Edward. He might be the first boy I ever dated but he’s also the only boy for me. I need you to trust me and realize he makes me happy and I need him around. I wouldn’t have agreed to marry him if I wasn’t one hundred percent sure this is what I wanted.”

His face turned a deep purple now and I could only imagine the yelling that was going to hit us in a minute. I had never seen him like this before it was almost as if he knew what was really going to happen when I left for college. This was all for him! This was his proper goodbye but yet he was going to put up a fight the entire way through it. He wouldn’t be doing this if it was Jake I was engaged to. I knew he didn’t like Edward but did he honestly think he could keep me from him.

“How stupid do you think I am? Bella, you told me you hadn’t and that he was very moral and that he wouldn’t do that until he was married! I thought I knew you better than that Bella but I guess not! I want him gone now out of my house! Don’t you dare lie to me anymore Bella! I can’t believe you’re pregnant!” Charlie yelled at the top of his lungs,

It looked like it was all he could do to control himself from jumping over the table to strangle Edward. I gasped! He thought I was pregnant that was completely off. Edward’s face changed and he looked just as shocked as I did. Could Charlie really think that was the only reason we were getting married? I wanted to slap him.

“Chief Swan, I can assure you Bella is not pregnant. I have never touched her that way and would never dream of doing so unless we were married. Bella was telling the truth the reason were getting married is because we love each other. I should have asked you before asking Bella but the thought slipped my mind. I’m so in love with her I don’t want to wait any longer to make her my wife. I would go to the ends of the Earth and back for her. I want her to be mine, now and forever.” Edward’s velvet voice said with a slight amount of panic in it,

“Dad, I’m a virgin I swear! This is crazy I love Edward and don’t want to wait to marry him. He loves me and that’s all that should matter to you that I’m happy! If it was Jake sitting here with me you would be fine with this. The only reason you don’t want this to happen is because you don’t like Edward. I’m going to marry Edward with or without you there. I thought I would do it this way so at least I could give you a proper goodbye!” my checks felt hot as I shouted that out,

I looked at Edward then smiling. We had just lied to my Charlie about sleeping together but it was better off that he didn’t know. He was already so it hurt I didn’t need to put anymore pressure on him. He probably would have tried to shoot Edward if he knew we had slept together. It was hard to see Charlie this way but I didn’t care anymore all I wanted was Edward.

Charlie looked taken aback almost as if I had slapped him. Edward was stiff next to me so I was guessing Charlie was thinking about what he would have done if it was Jake standing next to me not Edward. I felt like crying sitting there waiting like that. The silence seemed to last a life time but finally Charlie spoke.

“Ok, Bella if this is what you really want I won’t stop you! But I swear to god if you’re lying to me I will kill him! So when is the wedding?” Charlie asked still looking ticked off,

“August thirteenth! From there Edward and I will leave to take a long road trip up to Alaska for college!” I sighed,

“That’s really soon! Have you told your mother yet? I’m sure this was mild compared to what she’s going to do!” Charlie half smile thinking that if he couldn’t talk me out of it she could,

“No not yet! I was kind of waiting to tell you first. I’m going to call her tomorrow and let her know!”

“Bella is that smart? Don’t think you should call and tell her tonight? She has a right to know as soon as possible Bella!”

“Yeah I know but its late Dad! She’s probably tired her and Phil just came back from Mexico remember?”

“Oh, that’s right! Whatever you think is best Bella!”

I thought for a second and decided it was best to wait until tomorrow to tell Renee. There was one other thing I need to do. Something Edward was going to find surprising but I need this. I was going to move in with him! Of course I would tell Charlie I was staying with Alice to help her plan the wedding. I would also tell him that I would come back every night for dinner and to talk with him.

“Err, Dad there’s one other thing! I’m moving in with the Cullens tomorrow! It will be easier for me and Alice to plan the wedding that way! I promise to come back every night to have dinner with you and to talk. Except sometime in the near future Alice and I are going to L.A. to go shopping.”

Charlie’s face turned deep red again but it soon faded. Edward looked surprised but amused at the same time. He knew the entire wedding was already planned. He also knew what was running through Charlie’s mind. I could only imagine what was going to happen once he got me alone.

“Ok, Bella but promise me you won’t do anything stupid!”

“Dad, I promise I mean come on!” I groaned,

After that I cleared and washed the dishes and Edward dried them. We then made out way up to my room where I started to pack. Edward helped me through sort through all of my things. I found that everything that happened tonight made me extremely tired. After about two hours of packing there was a light knock on my door.

“Bella, its Alice can I come in? You’re really coming to live with us?!” She gushed,

I smiled weakly, “Yeah, next week we can go down to L.A. and shop for anything you want to get me! I figured you would want to play dress up with me as much as possible before I become on of you!”

Edward laughed at that. We were done packing all my stuff by then. The three of us sat there in my room talking for a long time. I couldn’t wait to become one of them. Finally we decided it was late and that I should go to bed. I helped Alice and Edward bring the majority of my stuff out to their cars before going back upstairs to get ready for bed and wait for Edward to return.

I had just finished showering and brushing my teeth when he arrived. I climbed into bed and he put his arms around me tightly. It would be so nice knowing we wouldn’t have to sneak around anymore. He started to hum my lullaby and I started to fall asleep. In the morning I would take the remainder of my stuff to his house where from now on I would be living. Everything seemed to working out finally!