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The Darkest Hour Before Dawn

Bella and Edward right before and after the ending of Eclipse! This will contain spoliers please don't read if you haven't read Eclipse! Due to lack of reviews there will be no series to this!

Thank you so much for all of your positive reveiws!

4. The Wedding

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The next few weeks were torture on my part. Alice, Esme, and Rosalie dragged me all over the west coast shopping for things for the wedding and clothes for me and the twins. Soon enough it was the night before my wedding. Renee had been less than pleased to find out I was living with the Cullens of course she thought that I was sleeping with Edward. Which was true but she didn’t need to know that.

Alice decided that to fallow all traditions so Edward wasn’t allowed to see me until the wedding. I wanted to kill her. She had to spend most of the night setting up the meadow where we decided to have the wedding so she left Jasper in charge of making sure we didn’t see each other. I was miserable I felt horrible the pregnancy was finally starting effect me. I hurt everywhere I had been pregnant for three months and my body was in pain. I knew Jasper could feel all of this and I don’t think he liked have to torture me and Edward like this.

“Jasper, can I please see Edward? I feel horrible I need him right now! I know Alice will be mad but this is important to me!” I pleaded,

“Bella, you know I can’t do that!” Jasper said rolling his eyes because he wanted nothing more than to give in,

“Bella, honey, are you ok?” Edward’s voice came through the door,

Jasper was there in a second checking to make sure there was no way Edward could get in. He was saying something to low for me to hear. I got up off the bed and was at the door in a minute fiddling with the stupid locks Alice put on the door. Jasper pulled my hand away and snarled. Edward was mad then and started shouting at Jasper.

“Edward, I’m fine I was trying to get out of here! I just want to be with you that's it. I don’t care about stupid superstitions.” I sighed as I slide down to sit at the door,

“I know Bella but we will get through this! It’s only until the wedding it will go by sooner than you think.”

Just then I heard someone in the hall way. I heard yelling and Jasper picked me up and carried me back to the bed. I knew it had to have been Alice. Edward and I were both in a lot of trouble. Even though we didn’t see each other we still broke the rules by trying. I watched as Jasper unlocked each of the complicated locks so Alice could enter. She looked at me sternly before shutting and locking the door. She then told me it was time to sleep because I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

When I woke up I could already feel the nerves. Today was the wedding tomorrow was my change. I got up and looked around for Alice but something was wrong I was in middle of mine and Edward’s golden bed. I was going to be in so much trouble and so was Edward. But there was no one in sight. What was going on?

“Alice?” I called,

“Oh good Bella your awake go brush you teeth and shower and come right back here we have a lot to do in the next five hours!” Alice commanded,

“Why here Alice and where is Edward?”

“He’s out with the guys getting ready and this is the largest room and has the best stereo system to listen to while we get you ready.”

I sighed and headed to the bathroom I showered quickly and brushed my teeth and returned to my room. Alice, Rosalie, and Esme were all there now with tons of makeup and hair products all waiting to make me into the blushing bride. I tried to be patient as they dried and curled my hair then pinned it up putting small blue flowers in it. Then on to makeup which took a long time. Finally I was to put my dress on. Alice had insisted that I wear heals so those were also put on.

“Bella we’re going to go change and then there’s one more tradition before we go.” Alice said before rushing from the room,

She was back in a flash carrying some boxes oh great I though this was going to be awful. Rosalie and Esme came in fallowing her each also carrying a box. I knew this was going to either make me mad or make me blush I didn’t know which. I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited. Alice spoke first.

“ Do you know the tradition that goes something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?” she asked trying to with hold the excitement in her voice,

I smiled and nodded as she handed me the first box it had a card which I opened. I read it tears welling up in my eyes. This is what it said.

My dearest Bella I wanted you to have this it was my mother and it would mean the world to me to see you wear it today and became part of my family. I hope you like it this will be your something old. I love you like you really are my daughter.

-Love Esme

I opened the box and there was a beautiful golden heart shaped locket. I open the clasp and gasped there was an engraving which made my cry again. It said my dearest daughter on you wedding day I hope it is everything that you ever imagined. I love you and am really glad your my daughter. I got up and gave Esme a giant hug. If she could have cried I’m pretty sure she would have.

Next Alice handed me the other box in her hand. This one had no card. Alice smiled and said it was from her and it was my something new. Of course Alice would give me something new. I opened the box and was stunned. There was a new charm for my bracelet. It was a sterling sliver Bell. I started to cry again and gave Alice a hug. She was prefect the best sister I could ever ask for. I knew that charm had to have cost more money than I would ever allow but I didn’t care today.

Rosalie handed me her box next this one also did not have a card. She said this was my something borrowed and she hoped I liked it. I was curios to see what was in this one. It was from Rosalie and we weren’t the best of friends. When I opened the box I was surprised to see it was a beautiful diamond incrusted tiara. She was at my side and took it from my hands and placed it on my head making sure not to ruin my hair. I smiled and gave Rosalie a hug.

There was only on box left my something blue. Esme handed me the box this also had a card. I opened it and began to read. It was from my mother who didn’t come to help me get ready because she knew I wouldn’t need it with Esme, Rosalie, and Alice. The card made me very sad. I opened the box and felt my eyes tear up yet again. There was the last prefect thing to go with everything else a pair of sapphire ear rings. I put them into my eyes and then turned to look at my two sisters and my mother. I was ready to leave and head to the meadow now.

The car ride to the meadow was short. When we arrived Charlie was waiting for me. We walked together the short way to the meadow seeing as Alice had cleared enough of a path so guest could drive most of the way. The wait to be able to move down the carpet which Alice had put down which lead to the gazebo which was serving as the alter.

Finally it was time. I moved slowly with Charlie at my side. As we walked I saw all of my friends and family seated on either side. I saw Tanya and her family which I had met earlier in the week. I smiled as I saw Emmet and Jasper standing there next to Edward my Edward. He looked more beautiful than I had ever imagined. His midnight blue suit looked amazing against his pale skin. He was prefect and he was mine. Finally Charlie reluctantly gave me away to Edward.

Soon it was time to give vows. Edward and I had decided that we would write are own vows. Edward had chosen to do his by song. I sat there listening to him sing me the most beautiful song I had ever heard. I was crying by the time it was over. As I said my vows I still had tears in my eyes and I was sure if Edward could cry he would have them in his too. When he was told he could kiss me it was as if he had fallen in love with me all over again. I let loose in that kiss not caring are family and friends were watching us. We pulled away both smiling cause just as we kissed one of the babies had kicked and we both felt it. Our family was almost complete. There was only one thing left to do.

Our guest followed us back to the Cullens where the reception was going to be held. Of course everything was prefect when we got there. I smiled and moved around talking to my friends for the last time. Mike Newton spoke with sadness in his voice probably thinking he still had a shot with me until today. I ate the wonderful steak Alice had order for out main meal. I was glad even though she didn’t eat it that she had good taste in food. The cake looked fantastic it was chocolate with vanilla frosting with midnight blue and deep pink roses.

As it came time for the bride and grooms first dance I was curious Edward had picked the song and I didn’t know what it was. He pulled me into the center of the dance floor and the song began to play. It was very sad and reminded me of the time he had left me. It was Far Away by Nickelback and the words couldn’t have been more true. I looked up into his eyes and kissed him softly.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully. As the guest started to leave I said my final goodbye to all of them. I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. I was ready to become and vampire and give everything up but I was going to miss all of these people. Soon it was only Renee, Phil, and Charlie left to say goodbye to. I gave Renee a huge and promised that I would call her when I got to Alaska and e-mail her regularly. I gave Phil a hug goodbye and they left leaving only Charlie. I gave him a hug and said goodbye crying the entire time. He also had tears in his eyes as he said he was going to miss me and to take care.

Edward and I retreated to our room. Most of our stuff had been packed and put in the car. We finished packing and I laid down to sleep for the final time. I kissed him softly and he began to hum my lullaby. I was glad my last night as a human was going to be one where nothing bad had happened. Tonight really had been the prefect ending. As I feel asleep in Edwards arm for the last time I cried but they weren’t tears of sadness but tears of joy. Tomorrow was the first day of eternity and I was ready for it really really ready of it.