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The Darkest Hour Before Dawn

Bella and Edward right before and after the ending of Eclipse! This will contain spoliers please don't read if you haven't read Eclipse! Due to lack of reviews there will be no series to this!

Thank you so much for all of your positive reveiws!

5. Bella's Change

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The ride to Alaska was short due to Edward driving but that was fine it was that much sooner I was going to become a vampire. Renee and Charlie didn’t expect me to be in Alaska for another two weeks so I had plenty of time to get used to being a vampire before I had to contact them. Edward had told me he bought us a house away from the Cullens for after I had the twins that way we could have a little privacy and some time with our own kids seeing as everyone else couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

I smiled as we pulled into the Cullens home in Alaska. It was the same as Forks which made me feel right at home. We well mainly Edward moved all of out stuff into out room which looked the exact same minus the view of the forest. I sat in the middle of our giant gold bed to wait. Edward was going to bite me but he wanted Carlisle there so he could give me morphine to dull the pain as the venom spread through me. I didn’t see what difference it made I was already in pain I was pregnant with twin vampires for god sake. Every time one of them kicked it felt like someone was punching me in the stomach continuously.

Finally Carlisle arrived. Edward smiled my favorite crocked smile before coming to sit on the bed. I knew he was going to want to say some things before he changed me which was ok. I looked into his topaz eyes smiling weakly. This was it my last human experience.

“Bella are you ready?” Edward asked his voice sad but yet excited at the same time,

“Yes I’ve never been more ready for anything! You’re going to stay with me through this right?” I asked feeling the excitement get the best of me,

“Of course I will! I love you Bella I wouldn’t dare let you go through this alone! I’m not actually going to bite you either!”

“What but I want you to change me! You promised me it would be you!”

“Silly Bella I am going to change you but it’s going to be through a kiss!”

A kiss I had never thought about this. He was going to let me run my tongue across his venom filled teeth. That was the most romantic thing I had ever heard. Carlisle looked from and to Edward and then asked if we were ready. We both nodded and Edward leaned in to kiss me. It took some time but soon I started to what we would normally call misbehave. I twisted my hands into Edward’s hair and pushed my tongue into his open mouth. I ran my tongue over his razor sharp teeth and felt the hot blood and then the pain. Edward pulled back and closed him mouth making sure to swallow.

Carlisle put the needle in my arm to calm the already intense pain. Edward’s stone arms were around me as the venom spread. I kept my eyes open as long as possible staring at Edward. I didn’t feel the pain the morphine had worked. I was glad for that. I shook involuntarily as the venom spread and reshaped my body. Every now and then one of the twins would kick but that pain wasn’t felt either. As the morphine wore off my eyes closed and the burning pain finally came. I knew I screamed and thrashed while I waited for more pain medication. Carlisle came and gave me more as it was need. This cycle continued for the three days the transformation took. When I was conscious all I did was look at Edward.

Finally everything was complete I was a vampire. When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was Edward. I smiled brightly and leaned in to kiss him. He smiled back and also leaned in to kiss me. It felt good to be able to kiss him as long as I wanted without things getting dangerous. After that he told me I needed to hunt. So we went out into the forest. Edward told me to try and find an animal and then let my senses take if from there. I sniffed the air and smelt it I knew it was a polar bear. I raced to it and let my sense take it from there. The blood tasted so good amazing in fact. I had never tasted anything so sweet. When I finished Edward was at my side. He told me we needed to get back because the others would want to see me.

When we arrived Alice through herself at me and I gave her a bear hug. Next was Emmet he was laughing and said it was nice to finally know that he couldn’t break me on accident. Jasper gave me a hug something he never would do if I was human. Esme not only gave me a hug but also a kiss on the check. Carlisle hugged me and told me he was glad I was finally a part of his family forever. Finally Rosalie came forward and gave me a hug and told me she really was glad I was here.

Edward then excused us saying he wanted some alone time with his wife seeing as he hadn’t gotten any that really counted. We raced up the stairs and into his room which was nice seeing as I could finally keep up with him. We entered and both dived onto the bed. We immediately started kissing and we finally had our honeymoon night. It was amazing almost like the first time all over again. Things didn’t seem to have changed now that I was a vampire. After that was over we laid there and talked for along while.

I had something I wanted to talk to him about so I decided now was good as any time. I wanted to talk about names for the twins. I knew we still had six months before I was due but I wanted to have everything planned just in case. I mean no one had ever heard of a pregnant vampire before so know one really knows what to expect.

“Edward we need to start thinking of names for the twins!” I said turning to kiss him,

“Yeah, do you mind if we name one of the Elizabeth after my mother?”

“Of course I think that fits perfectly. But what the other one I don’t want to name her after Renee.”

“Umm we could name her Destiny. This is what all of this is Destiny.”

“Perfect. Elizabeth and Destiny Cullen two of the three most important vampires in my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.” I smiled and kissed Edward,

I was happy and my life was prefect. I had two amazing sisters and two protective brothers. I had a very loving mother and a very intelligent father. But most important I had the most amazing husband I could ask for and soon enough I would have two beautiful daughters to complete my already prefect family. I don’t think I could be any happier than I was right then. I looked down at my wrist to see my charm bracelet and sighed. Jake was still missing and it was my fault if only he would go home to Billy then and only then would my life be one hundred percent prefect.