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New Life

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Summary: Bella and Edward run to the Cullen’s home to escape. Carlisle had a plan as soon as Alice had told them all that Edward and Bella were coming to the house. They were going to pack up and all move away as they did many times before. This time would be different though, they would have a human with them. They would have to be careful. What will the next town hold for them? Will Bella be changed to a vampire and stay with Edward forever? Will Edward think that it’s too dangerous for her to come with them and make her stay human? Read and find out. Thank you for your reviews.

I am adding this note because I need to explain the beginning. Sorry for any confusion. They are running away from Victoria and the Volturi. Bella wanted to run away somewhere where she wouldn't be found and she knew that if she stayed, they would know exactly where she was. She also did not want Charlie, Renee, or Jacob to be hurt in any way. I know that this is a bit different from the actual story, but it's just that. It's a story. Thank you for reading. :)

3. Chapter 3 - The Meeting

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The Cullen’s drove home after school and arrived at their log cabin. Bella was stepping out of the car and Edward said, “Wait, please.”

“What is it?” Bella said wondering what was wrong.

“Bella, I don’t like Colin.” Edward said as he sat there looking out over the land.

“Why?” she asked.

“He thinks of you differently. He wants to get to know you better. He is always calling you beautiful.” Edward said.

“Why, Edward Cullen. You aren’t jealous, are you?” she teased and gave him a nudge.

“Well, so what if I am. You belong with me, not anyone else. I will make him understand that tonight.” Edward said under his breath.

“He’s harmless. He didn’t seem to be that into me as you say he is. I thought that he was nice as well as his sister and mother.” Bella said.

“Until you know his power, you should stay clear. He could trap you.” He warned.

“What are you talking about; he’s not going to do anything to me.” She insisted. She reached for his hand and clasped it around hers. She looked into his honey eyes and leaned in slowly to kiss him on the cheek.

Edward felt much better and gave her a light kiss on her lips. It was always hard for Bella to control herself when he kissed her. She put her arms around him as they kissed deeply. They felt as if they were in their own world.

There was a loud knocking on the window of the driver’s side door and Bella jumped. Edward smiled and said, “It’s only Alice.”

“What do you want Alice?” Edward said.

“Um, mom wants to talk to you both.” Alice said and then walked off towards the woods.

“What do you think that she wants?” Bella asked concerned.

“Hmmm… She wants to talk to us about the new family, she’s concerned about the intentions of them after the mess we had in Forks.” Edward said as they walked to the house.

“I brought on that mess in Forks. I should just go back home and take my chances with my mom and Phil.” Bella said.

“No. You were not the cause of anything. We would have moved anyway. We never stay in one place too long. Please, never think like that. You don’t know the completeness you bring to my life everyday.” Edward said as he placed his arm around Bella as they walked into the house.

“Mom, I’m sure that everything will be fine. I’m just concerned about that Colin.” Edward said.

“Edward, dear... jealousy is not a good thing for you.” Esme said with a small smile.

“Jealousy, I’m not jealous.” Edward said as he stormed off to his bedroom.

Bella looked as he walked up the stairs and turned back to Esme. “I think that he might be.”

“I know, but, don’t you worry about that. You must be careful Bella. We don’t know why they want to befriend us, but they do. We have had vampire families as friends before. But, we are on their turf so to speak now that we have arrived after them. We will welcome them into our home but we will make certain that they have our best interest in mind. Carlisle and I will speak with them.” Esme said as she placed her hand on Bella’s shoulder.

“I better go check on Edward, he seemed upset.” Bella said.

“Yes, dear. You should.” Esme said.

Bella walked up the stairs to Edward’s bedroom and knocked on the door softly before opening it.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Bella said as she walked over to Edward who was sitting in his chair staring out the window.


“Talk to me.” Bella said.

“He wants you, Bella.” Edward said coldly.

“Well, he won’t have me. I’m with you. I don’t care about him at all.” Bella said as she wrapped her arms around Edward’s neck. “Trust me”, she added.

“I do. Just not him.” Edward said.

“Well, I’m hungry. I’m going to go fix me something to eat before our company arrives. See you later.” Bella said with a small kiss to his cold cheek.

Edward decided that he would calm down for now. But, he would be keeping his eye on Colin tonight.

Later that evening…

The Mackenzie’s walked up to the large door and knocked.

Carlisle opened the door and greeted them. “Hello. You must be Ms. Mackenzie, Colin, and Jordan.”

“Hi Dr. Cullen. We spoke on the phone. Thank you for letting us come by. And please, all me Natalie.”

They walked into the living room where the other members of the family were sitting.

“What a lovely home you have. Hardly what I imagined a log cabin to look like.” Natalie said.

“Natalie, Colin, Jordan. Welcome to our home. This is Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward, Bella, and Esme. Please have a seat.” Carlisle said as he took a spot next to Esme.

“Hi everyone.” Natalie said as the three of them sat down and they talked with mostly Carlisle and Esme. The others watched. Alice tried to see the future; Edward was busily hearing their thoughts. Natalie looked over to Edward and smiled. She said to him, ‘I know that you are concerned about my Colin liking your friend. I can tell you that he only wants to be her friend. I am curious though, why is a human living here with you all? Will she be re-born soon? That is the oddest thing that I have seen. She doesn’t seem a bit afraid of all of us. She is very unique too. I can’t seem to read her thoughts.’

‘She seems to be immune to that. And never you mind why she is here. She’s with our family and will be apart of our family one day. She is with me.’ Edward stated back.

No worries, dear. We aren’t here to harm her. We have no intentions of harming humans. It’s not our nature. We are against that. We like to hunt moose in these parts.’ Natalie thought.

Can she read minds too, Edward?’ Carlisle thought as he noticed a lot of glances back and forth between the too.

Edward looked over at Carlisle and nodded his head. Carlisle continued to talk to the three as the other members of the family joined in the conversation.

Bella excused herself to go to the restroom and Edward watched her as she left.

So beautiful. Beautiful Bella.’ Colin thought.

“I believe that Colin and I should have a chat outside, if that’s alright with everyone else.” Edward said standing up.

“Sure, if you wish.” Colin said but thinking, ‘What’s his problem. Oh. He might have the same power as my mom. Well, I don’t think so.’

“I think so.” Edward said and then motioning over to the deck outside. “We’ll go out here.”

They walked outside and Colin backed up from Edward.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you could read my thoughts.” Colin said.

“Well, I can and I don’t like your thoughts about Bella.” Edward said protectively.

“I won’t act on them. I completely admire your family for having a human live here. It’s completely fascinating to me that she likes your family.” Colin said.

“How did you do it?” Colin added.

“It’s none of your concern.” Edward said.

“So, what’s your power, since you know mine.” Edward said knowing that he would know even if Colin didn’t tell him out loud. And of course, Colin thought it before he said it.

Persuasion.’ Colin though. “Well, it sounds a lot worse than it is. See, I only have that power over humans.”

“And do you use your power?” Edward said.

“Not as much as you think. See, we don’t feed on humans. So, my powers are kind of useless. I don’t really use them unless I want to get out of a traffic ticket or something like that.” Colin said.

The back door slid opened and Bella walked outside.

“So, what are you two talking about?” Bella asked.

“Powers” Colin answered.

“Well, I see. And what power do you hold Colin?” Bella asked as she walked over to Edward’s side.

“Persuasion” Colin muttered. He didn’t really like telling everyone his powers.

“Ah. So, that’s something to be cautious of. Thank you for the warning.” Bella said.

Edward grabbed Bella’s hand and she turned to look at him. He told her, “please go back inside.”

“Why?” Bella asked.

“Because, we aren’t through talking.” Edward said.

She doesn’t have to go. She can stay. Oh shoot.. Sorry Edward. I have to get used to your power. This is going to be harder than I thought.’ Colin thought and then he looked down at the ground.

“Bella, please.” Edward said.

“Fine, I’ll go. I think that I’m tired anyway.” Bella said in a huff.

Colin laughed. Edward shot a glance at him.

“Well, it is funny if you think about it. Sleeping in a house full of vampires”, said Colin.

Bella walked into the living room and waved night to everyone and headed off to her room.

Natalie glanced up towards Bella and still nothing, no thoughts.

“It doesn’t seem to work on her, does it?” Carlisle said proudly.

“Yes, wait. How did you know? Oh, your son.” Natalie said.

Back outside…

“What are your intentions with Bella?” Edward asked.

“My intentions, what do you mean?” Colin asked back thinking, ‘intentions? He definitely does not like competition, does he…”

“I have no problem with competition. I am just telling you this once. If you so much harm one hair on her head, you will deal with me. Not only me, my entire family will be after you. We love her. She is a part of our family and will always be a part of this family. Do I make myself clear?” Edward said calmly.

“Sorry, man. I wasn’t trying to take her away or anything like that. I understand. I wish that I could find that for me. How did you do it? How did you convince a human to love you?” Colin asked.

“I didn’t convince her to love me. She simply just did. She’s not like most humans.” Edward said.

“I can see that.” Colin said with a friendly smile. “Don’t worry; all my intentions are is be your friend and hers. Honest.”

Edward read his thoughts and was satisfied with his answer. Maybe he was good. They walked back into the house and into the living room.

“All settled, then”,Alice smirked.

“Well, I can see that we have overstayed our welcome. We will have to get together soon. Please feel free to come over anytime. Here’s the address. It was so nice to meet all of you.” Natalie said as she stood up. Jordan followed suit and said bye to everyone as well.

“Come along, Colin” Natalie said towards him still standing by Edward.

They left and Carlisle turned to Edward, “Okay, do you mind telling me what that was all about?”

“Nothing.” Edward muttered.

“Edward’s jealous.” Alice grinned.

“I am not. Not of him. You know his power, what if he lures her away. What is we are wrong about them?” Edward said angrily.

“He’s not going to do that.” Alice said with a certainty in her voice.

“Are you sure?” Edward asked almost calming down instantly.

“Let me see…” and she closed her eyes and then opened them with a smile, “Yes, he will not harm her in anyway.”

“Good.” Edward said with a sigh. He still felt like something wasn’t right with Colin. He knew that he would always be apprehensive of him. He decided to go see Bella and make sure that she wasn’t too mad with him.

To be continued…