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New Life

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Summary: Bella and Edward run to the Cullen’s home to escape. Carlisle had a plan as soon as Alice had told them all that Edward and Bella were coming to the house. They were going to pack up and all move away as they did many times before. This time would be different though, they would have a human with them. They would have to be careful. What will the next town hold for them? Will Bella be changed to a vampire and stay with Edward forever? Will Edward think that it’s too dangerous for her to come with them and make her stay human? Read and find out. Thank you for your reviews.

I am adding this note because I need to explain the beginning. Sorry for any confusion. They are running away from Victoria and the Volturi. Bella wanted to run away somewhere where she wouldn't be found and she knew that if she stayed, they would know exactly where she was. She also did not want Charlie, Renee, or Jacob to be hurt in any way. I know that this is a bit different from the actual story, but it's just that. It's a story. Thank you for reading. :)

7. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 ~ Becoming

Bella awoke by a cold hand on her forehead. She opened her eyes and was surprised to see Carlisle sitting beside her.

“Hi Bella, I was trying not to wake you.” Carlisle said softly.

“Hi. What you are doing?” Bella questioned.

“I’m making sure that you are okay. Jordan was pretty bad off, but, she was too weak to speak. She will heal, but one thing was very odd about her. We thought that all of the blood on her clothes was her blood. It turns out that it was not, it was human blood. But, for whatever reason, she was in shock and hurt very badly. I want to check to see if you have been bitten anywhere that we may not be able to see.” Carlisle said in a very doctoral tone.

“What?!?! Are you saying that you think that I was bitten? Bitten.. Me.. Are you sure you have the right girl? Carlisle, I’m fine. I haven’t felt better.” Bella insisted.

“Yeah, that’s the other thing. You seem to have this new sense of confidence and fearlessness. I researched some of my books and there are cases like this, very rare, but they are there. Cases where humans don’t feel pain when they transform. They feel great; they almost have an opposite effect. They even heal quickly immediately after the first bite. Which also makes the vampire who takes the bite of these certain kind of humans; they become very weak, almost dying themselves. I want to check, please.” Carlisle said.

“You can’t be serious.” Bella laughed sarcastically.

“Unfortunately I am.” Carlisle said and added, “And I do need to look.”

Bella rolled her eyes and said, “Okay.”

Bella sat up in bed and said, “Where first?”

“Let’s look at your arms.” Carlisle said.

Bella raised her sleeves and said, “See, all clear.”

Carlisle took her left arm and turned it over in and took a deep breath and sighed. Bella looked down to see why he was sighing and she screamed.

“It’s okay, Bella. It’s okay. It looks like you were bitten.” Carlisle said calmly.

“What!! I was bitten! But, I don’t even remember it happening?” Bella said through tears.

“Well, you probably blacked out and when you came too, you were already healed and started your changing process. In my research, it says that humans, who do experience this kind of turning or becoming, will change with 24 hours. I am sorry Bella that this is how your becoming has to be. I am here to talk if you need too, everyone is here for you Bella. We will take care of you, you will be apart of our family now and forever.” Carlisle said placing his hand on his shoulder.

Bella took a breath, and said, “Well, I did want to become a vampire. I guess I should feel honored that I am one of the rare cases where I won’t have to go through a lot to become one. Do you think that everyone knows? I should tell everyone.”

Carlisle smiled and said, “I am sure that Edward is filling them in as we speak now, he’s really good about that. You should really rest though, til you do become. This is your last sleep so to speak.”

Bella said, “Okay. I will, see you in a little while then.”

Carlisle walked out of the room and headed downstairs. Before he could even get a word out, Alice was jumping up and very excitedly, “Is it true?”

“Yes, it is. It was one of those cases that I told you about. I think that there have only been about twenty cases recorded.” Carlisle said and then added, “One good thing is that she won’t be in any pain during the change.”

Edward stood up, “I can’t believe this. She was bitten and I couldn’t even stop it. I didn’t want it to happen this way. I wanted it to be Bella’s decision on when she changed. I am glad that she won’t be in pain, though. I’m going to check on her.”

“Edward, let her be. She’ll come see us when she’s ready. She’s sleeping now.” Esme said warmly.

“Well, I’ll just peek in.” Edward said as he walked up the stairs.

Edward slowly walked into Bella’s room and saw her peacefully sleeping. He watched her and knew that this was going to be the last time that she would sleep.

He left the room, and headed off to his room. He wanted to read about these cases that Carlisle had found.

Bella slept more peacefully than she had in years. She stretched back and looked over at the clock on her nightstand and saw that the time was 11:00 AM the following day. She sat up and felt wonderful. She went to stand up and looked in the mirror to see if any changes happened. She looked at the girl in the mirror and was amazed at who she saw. Her skin was now a perfect shade of paleness much like the Cullen’s. She looked closely at her eyes and saw that they were bigger and a different color. They were a dark shade of amber. She went to the closet and put on an outfit and saw that it fit her better than it ever did. She smiled and thought, ‘this is the best thing for me now. I am with a family that I love. A man that I love. And Renee and Charlie will be safe forever. I can’t wait to see Edward.’

She walked down the hallway slowly and knocked softly on Edward’s door. She opened it and snuck in. Edward was sitting in his chair facing the window and didn’t hear her come in. She glided over to him and leaned down and kissed him softly. He turned around and looked at Bella.

He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked, and her scent was so much stronger now. He hugged her and felt that her warm skin had now turned to cool such as his. “Bella, I was so worried about you.”

“I told you, you didn’t need to worry about me, my Edward.” Bella said softly.

Edward couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He knew now that he didn’t have to worry about Bella anymore. He smiled and took her in his hands and said, “So, now that you are changed over, will you stay with me?”

“Edward, you know the answer to that. Of course, I will stay with you. Forever.” Bella said as she leaned up and kissed him gently. They both realized that their passion was much stronger now and Bella was much stronger now. She took Edward and twirled him around and he said, “Okay, now, you can’t be doing that. I know that you are stronger now, but don’t pick me up again please,” teased Edward.

Bella laughed and said, “Oh, really. Watch me.” Bella started walking towards Edward and he looked at her and said, “Now you really don’t want to play this game, do you. You know that I’m fast.” Edward said laughing.

“Yeah, you may be fast, but, who knows. I might be faster.” Bella said as she ran over to him quickly.

They continued to chase each other around the room and from downstairs Esme could hear them laughing. She smiled and was thrilled that Edward had found someone after so long.

She turned to Carlisle and smiled and said, “It’s been too long since Edward’s laughed like that. He is so happy. When do you think they’ll get married?”

Carlisle said, “Soon. But, most likely after graduation. I think that Bella was pretty set on that.”

To be continued….