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Edward and Bella have been married for two months now. Bella still hasn't reconciled with Jacob, and her transformation is only one week away. Then...Bella becomes pregnant. Choices will have to be made. Choices that could change Edward and Bella's lives forever. ^^ This beautiful banner was made by the talented Vatina!CHAPTER FIFTEEN: SHADOWS IS UP! (THE LAST ONE, GUYS!) :(BUT LOOK OUT FOR THE SEQUEL...SUNRISE!

This story is based on a theory that my wonderful friend, Maria, and I had. Hope it works! I don't own any of it. All belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer! © Edwards Rose 2007

10. Chapter 10: Broken

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Chapter Ten: Broken


I watched Bella sleep, her face peaceful and serene. Her hair lay loosely across her face, arms under her head. I could still make out the faint traces of tear marks and I suppressed the swift anger that coursed through me. Jacob’s words still rang in my brain, echoing loud and painful:

“I wouldn’t hurt her, no matter how she hurt me…but you’ve given her the greatest hurt of all.”

I tightened my jaw and lingered on them for a moment. Were they true…? Now, the Volturi were after us, and if we were found…I shuddered to think. Alice hadn’t seen them coming yet, but she couldn’t be responsible for everything. We had to leave Forks, temporarily at least. Until the Volturi were thrown off our trail, or their anger sedated. Just four more months…then our baby could be born. A half-human baby, though…how could it survive in a houseful of vampires?

Carlisle said that Bella seemed to be doing fine, but I still worried about her. She’d cried herself to sleep last night, nothing I did could soothe her. Granted, it was a bad way for the dog to find out…I rubbed my fingers against my temples and sighed. Bella’s heart-shaped face was so familiar to me, I probably knew all of its contours by now.

Suddenly, a face began to swim before my eyes…one that I’d forgotten. I took in a sharp breath as a memory began to return…a memory from my human years. I clung onto it like a drowning man, tracing the fragile connection back a century…

“Edward!” a soft voice called.

I stopped playing the piano and rose from the seat, following Mother’s voice into the parlor. “Mother, are you alright?” I asked, alarmed.

She was perched on a small chair, sorting through a box of pictures…tears in her eyes. “I was just looking through some old photographs…do you remember this?”

I walked swiftly to her side, handing her a white handkerchief. I glanced at the photograph; it was of me playing with my younger cousin, Meg. “I remember,” I said with a soft smile, not really seeing the significance.

She put a hand on the side of my face, her green eyes boring into my own. “You’ll make a great father someday, Edward.”

I gave a short laugh. “Let’s not rush things, Mother.”

She smiled. “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just I feel like something terrible is going to happen soon…I want you to live your life to its fullest extent.”

I patted her hand reassuringly. “I will, Mother.”

And then, like quick silver, the memory began to fade…I having no control over its course. The only thing that remained was Mother’s face…her gentle smile…her soft, lilting laugh. If only Bella could have known her. I get up heavily, letting my fingers brush softly against Bella’s cheek. I made my way out the door, towards Carlisle’s study.

It was time for us to leave.


I woke up with a sharp jolt, panic flooding through my bones. Something wasn’t right. Dizzily, I swung my legs over the side of the bed and slid off. My feet somehow became tangled in the sheets, causing me to slam ungracefully onto the floor. Disoriented, I stood up and glanced around for Edward…he wasn’t there. To my surprise, my eyes met an open suitcase. Somewhat suspiciously, I padded over and realized it was almost packed…my clothes already neat and impeccably folded inside. Where were we going?

I raced into the cavernous hallway, questions rolling through my head. Had someone neglected to tell me we were going on a trip…? No, it couldn’t be that! Then, something in my brain clicked. The Volturi…were they coming? Were we going into hiding? I increased my speed and flew down the stairs towards the living room. I tripped on the last one, though. Of course. I was nearly sent sprawling, only to feel cold arms pulling me back up.

I met Edward’s steady gaze, filled with some emotion I couldn’t read. “Easy, love. What’s wrong?” He could obviously tell I was distraught.

“Why, pray tell, is there a suitcase with all my stuff?!” I asked, concerned.

Edward’s arms tightened around me. “We’re leaving, Bella. Just for a while…we’re going to try to put off the Volturi.”

I gasped in horror. “They’re coming?”

Edward shook his head. “Alice hasn’t seen anything yet, but we want to be prepared. We’re leaving in less then an hour…all of us except Emmett and Rose. They’re going to stay here and protect Charlie.”

All the air seemed to whoosh from my lungs. “W-will they be okay? If the Volturi…”

Edward gave a slight smile of reassurance. “They’ll be fine, Bella. Trust me.”

He turned to go, pulling me with him, but another question floated into my head. “Wait…what about Jake?”

Edward’s face was pained as he turned to look at me. “I suppose you could leave him a message…informing him of our plans. Be careful, though, Bella. He’s still hurt.”

He turned away from me, I watching him go sadly. Swiftly, I made my way over towards the phone…probably to leave one of the longest messages ever recorded by man-kind.


Sunlight flooded in through the car windows as we raced through country roads. Edward and I were in the Volvo, shadowed closely by Carlisle’s Mercedes. Trees and hills sped by, painting a tableau just for us. Edward’s fingers rested over mine, one hand on the wheel. After leaving two lengthy, apologetic, angry and detailed messages for Jake, we had left. Speeding north away from Forks, towards Canada…possibly to Tanya’s coven. The mood in the car was tense, neither of us saying much. Edward had that pained and brooding look on his face…the one that made my heart ache.

Suddenly, I felt a slight pressure in my stomach. I gave a sharp gasp, eyes probably widening to twice their normal size.

“What’s wrong?” Edward asked, alarmed.

“T-the baby…” my voice trailed off, still full of disbelief.

The car pulled over sharply, Edward by my side in an instant. “What about the baby?” he asked softly, his expression confused.

I managed a happy and reassuring smile. “Edward…the baby just kicked!”

His eyes flickered with emotion, the topaz melting softly into liquid-gold. Tentatively, he put his ear to my stomach and his eyes closed.

“Can you feel it?” I asked softly.

He nodded, drawing away. “Probably one of the most angelic moments in my life.” He gave me my favorite crooked smile.

It seemed as if time had stopped for a moment…everything was alright. We were blissfully happy…everything was perfect. He gave me a soft kiss, and I nearly jumped as Carlisle’s face appeared at the window…Edward rolling it down.

“Is everything alright?” Carlisle asked.

“Carlisle, the baby just kicked!” Edward said, his voice sounding more like an excited little child’s.

Carlisle smiled, his blonde hair waving in the slight breeze. “Well, that’s a wonderful sign! It means that the baby is alive and healthy!”

I still felt slightly disconnected from my body…like at times when you have an otherworldly, ethereal experience.

Suddenly, it was shattered as I heard Jasper’s voice call sharply: “Come quick! It’s Alice!”

Edward and I got out of the car, he pulling me along with Carlisle ahead. When we made it to the Mercedes, we saw Alice in the backseat. Esme and Jasper both had one of her hands, and her face was blank…she was having a vision. The connection broke, and she doubled over, gasping.

“What did you see?” Jasper asked gently.

Alice turned her orb-like eyes on us. “A clearing…during a thunderstorm. Jane was standing in the middle of it.”

“Here?” Edward asked sharply.

Alice shook her head. “I-I don’t know…the trees bordering it looked native, though.”

Oh, no.

Soundlessly, we all got back into our designated cars…Carlisle and Edward conversing rapidly. We sped off into the horizon…storm clouds beginning to block out the sun.