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Edward and Bella have been married for two months now. Bella still hasn't reconciled with Jacob, and her transformation is only one week away. Then...Bella becomes pregnant. Choices will have to be made. Choices that could change Edward and Bella's lives forever. ^^ This beautiful banner was made by the talented Vatina!CHAPTER FIFTEEN: SHADOWS IS UP! (THE LAST ONE, GUYS!) :(BUT LOOK OUT FOR THE SEQUEL...SUNRISE!

This story is based on a theory that my wonderful friend, Maria, and I had. Hope it works! I don't own any of it. All belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer! © Edwards Rose 2007

13. Chapter 13: Rebirth

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Chapter Thirteen: Rebirth


I sat on the beach, watching the sun go down. Its rays dipped lower and lower behind the horizon until I could no longer see it. A strong sea breeze rolled in, causing the smell of sea salt to waft over me. I could feel my face set in a permanent grimace as a familiar face danced through my head.


She was having the bloodsucker’s baby. Could leeches even have them…? A child was a permanent connection…she’d never leave him now. I’d hoped that maybe I could get her back…save her from that life. I felt a single tear roll down my cheek…I hadn’t cried in years. Angrily, I wiped it away and got up abruptly. I stalked back towards the house, a plan forming in my mind.

I’d go see her one last time. To put our love to the test.


I stretched out luxuriously on the Cullen’s sofa. I pushed the hair away from my face and grimaced. I’d just hung up the phone with Charlie…putting on a fake act of complete happiness. I told him I had a bad case of the flu…that’s why I couldn’t come see him. Not because I was eight months pregnant.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to repress all the conflicted emotions inside me. Our fight against the Volturi had been three months ago, but vivid nightmares still haunted me…much to Edward’s concern. Poor Edward. A few weeks ago, I’d walked into our room to see him perched on a chair…reading parenting books. His beautiful, marble face had been drawn in a mask of consternation and worry.

Alice and Esme had completely redone one of the guest rooms…it was now the baby’s nursery. They’d decided to let it have a “fairytale theme.” Beautiful drapes, new wallpaper, paintings and so much else now adorned the huge room. They’d purchased some ridiculously frilly bassinette, and managed to get Renee’s rocking chair from Charlie without him being suspicious. I thought it was over the top, but I didn’t want to hurt Esme’s feelings…and, well, you know Alice. Even Rosalie had helped…a bit. Despite her cold and bitter indifference towards me.

We didn’t even know if it was a boy or girl. I suspected Alice already did because of that annoying little smile she kept giving me. Oh well. I sighed and rolled over, only to feel an icy, cold touch against my forehead.

“Bella?” his voice, soft and gentle.

I tipped my face towards his, giving him a gentle smile. “Hello.”

He smiled too, putting a hand against the side of my face. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” I said shortly.

He nodded and I closed my eyes for a minute…trying to suppress the great weariness I felt. I was aching all over…walking was even becoming a challenge. Whenever I needed something, nobody would let me get up…they’d always get it for me. With my clumsiness, they were probably afraid I’d trip and give the baby permanent brain damage.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain which made me want to sink through the floor. My eyes flashed open and sought Edward’s, terrified.

“Bella?!” he asked, alarmed.

Crap! This wasn’t supposed to be happening…I still had a month!

“Carlisle!” I heard Edward called.

Then my eyes swam out of focus as I was carried upstairs.



I leaned against the side of the bassinette, watching my daughter sleep. Bella was sleeping on the bed behind me as well…exhausted. It had been a relatively easy birth, even if she was a month premature. Carlisle had pronounced both mother and daughter healthy, and then left us alone. I examined my daughter’s face more closely…fatherly pride flaring up in my chest.

She had creamy-white skin…not my unhealthy kind of pale, though. The little bit of fuzz on her head was almost bronze, but darker like Bella’s. Her features were beautiful, mirroring her mother’s almost exactly. Tentatively, I reached out a finger to graze her cheek…using the utmost care. I didn’t want to shock her, though, with my cold touch.

Suddenly, her eyes flashed open, locking onto my face. I nearly staggered back as I gazed into their depths…endless golden wells with no end. I smiled at her, trying to convey to her all the joy I was feeling. She smiled, too…her angelic face seeming to light up like a thousand gems. For so long, I’d been alone in life. Then I’d found Bella. Now, I knew I would love this innocent creature just as much. I would never let anything happen to her, and if anyone tried to harm her…my spine bristled just at the thought.

I heard a faint laugh come from behind me. I turned to see Bella, wide awake, smiling.

“I love to see you happy,” she whispered.

I crossed over towards her and pressed my lips against her hand. “You’ve given me everything, Bella. This is one of the happiest days of my life.”

She gave a soft smile, squeezing my hand.

“How are you feeling?” I asked softly.

“Tired, but I think I’ll live.”

I tipped my heard towards her, giving her a light kiss on the lips.

Suddenly, there was a soft rap on the door. “Can we come in now?” Alice trilled, “I’m dying to see my niece!”

I gave Bella an apologetic smile and she rolled her eyes. “Come in!” I called.

The door burst open and the entire family flooded in through the door. Alice danced over towards the crib and gently lifted her out. I bit my lip, about to say something, but Bella beat me to it.

“Careful…!” she called.

Alice turned towards us, smiling. “It’s alright, Mom and Dad. I had a baby sister once.”

Esme crooned softly to the baby, I could only guess the emotions raging through her. Carlisle was smiling insanely, Jasper eyeing the baby curiously, but happily. Emmett was wearing a lopsided grin, even Rosalie’s face was softened.

Alice brought her over and gently placed her in Bella’s waiting arms.

“What are you going to name her?” Esme asked softly.

I looked at Bella…it was up to her.

She smiled for a moment, I think she’d already had a name picked out. “Meg,” she said, “Megan Elizabeth Cullen.”

I smiled…my cousin and mother’s names.

“Hello, Meg,” said Alice softly, “I’m your Aunt Alice.”

I put a hand lightly on the top of Meg’s head and looked at Bella. I was reborn. I was no longer Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

I was Edward Anthony Masen Cullen…a father.