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Edward and Bella have been married for two months now. Bella still hasn't reconciled with Jacob, and her transformation is only one week away. Then...Bella becomes pregnant. Choices will have to be made. Choices that could change Edward and Bella's lives forever. ^^ This beautiful banner was made by the talented Vatina!CHAPTER FIFTEEN: SHADOWS IS UP! (THE LAST ONE, GUYS!) :(BUT LOOK OUT FOR THE SEQUEL...SUNRISE!

This story is based on a theory that my wonderful friend, Maria, and I had. Hope it works! I don't own any of it. All belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer! © Edwards Rose 2007

15. Chapter 15: Shadows

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Chapter Fifteen: Shadows

“The plan is being set in motion…”

I woke up with a sharp jolt, voices drifting through my head. I rubbed my eyes vigorously, trying to recapture the bad dream.

“Bella, are you alright?” Edward asked, smoothing the hair away from my face.

I nodded. “Nightmare.”

“What was it this time?”

I looked straight into his troubled, topaz eyes. “I seriously can’t remember.” I’ve vividly remembered most of the nightmares I’ve ever had. This time, I couldn’t…no matter how hard I tried.



I sat down at the piano, flicking the hair away from my eyes. I turned to look at Meg, who was in a ridiculously frilly buggy Alice had bought. She was eyeing me quizzically, watching my fingers fly effortlessly over the keys.

I smiled. “Meg, this is called ‘middle C,’” I said.

She blinked, showing she understood. “And this is…”

“She’ll be the next Mozart, Edward!” Alice declared breezily, flashing Meg an impish grin.

“I have no doubt, Alice. We’ll have her playing at Carnegie Hall by the time she’s eight!”


I turned back to Meg. “I wrote a song for you, love. Do you want to hear it?”

“I do,” said Bella from behind me.

I smiled and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. That same tortured look was still in her eyes, though…Promising myself to remedy that later, I turned towards the keys. A collection of notes filled the room, sweet as a breeze on a warm summer’s day. Majors and minors wove together, amidst a various array of arpeggios and cadences. As I struck the last note, its voice filling the room, I turned towards Bella. There were tears in her eyes and she managed a smile.

“It’s like my lullaby,” she whispered.

I nodded. “Yes, but I added a new movement to it.”

“I love it.”

“I’m glad.” I pulled her into my arms, taking Meg out of the buggy as well. A delighted smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she reached a finger towards my face. I held it in my own and felt a sharp jolt as I rushed into a blinding maze of light…

Memories raged through my mind as I struggled to keep them back…Being sick as a little boy, Mother cradling me in her arms…Father reading a book to me…Playing on the school field…The blinding pain of my transformation…Slamming my fist into a wall as Carlisle tried to comfort me…Stalking two men who were about to attack an innocent girl…The blood pulsing sweet and glorious down my throat…Bella’s face as the van skidded towards her…Meg regarding me with her orb-like eyes…

“No!” I gasped, jerking my finger away. I doubled over, waiting until the memories faded away.

“Edward?” Bella asked, alarmed.

I looked down at Meg, her wide eyes regarding me sadly. My daughter had seen the memories, seen me during my darkest hours. Saw me acting no better then a monster you read about in books.

“Meg...” I whispered.

“What about her?”

“She touched my finger, and then…I couldn’t control it. Memories…she saw them, she wanted to see them!” I looked at her for another moment, and felt the slightest presence touch my mind…full of soothing energy and reassuring strength.


She gave me another smile and her golden eyes were forgiving…as if she were telling me she understood. For now, all was right in the world.


I managed a small laugh as Alice regaled us with the tale of a guy she’d “dazzled” at the mall. Everyone else was laughing uncontrollably, except Jasper. I didn’t find it asamusing, though. Considering I’d actually been the dazzled one before. I was curled into a small ball, Edward’s arms wrapped around me.

Meg was upstairs sleeping peacefully, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her newfound powers were a bit unnerving, and I wondered when she’d use them on me. Carlisle and Edward had arrived at the conclusion that she could “mind touch”…read people’s thoughts, like Edward, but project her own into other people. Besides some other things, which we still had yet to discover. Rosalie had been strangely quiet, an unreadable expression in her eyes.

Suddenly, Alice stopped talking and her eyes immediately went glassy. Jasper leapt up and took hold of her hands. Then, I felt a strange tug, one that left me terrified…

“Meg!” I screamed, bolting up the stairs.

I heard Edward follow, alarm etched onto his face. When we arrived at the nursery, I felt like slumping down into the floor.

Meg was gone.

The crib rocked ominously in the slight breeze coming from the smashed window. A vicious roar echoed around the room as Edward ran towards it, peering out into the darkness.

“Bella!” Alice yelled, catching my arm as I fell towards the ground. “Edward, I saw her in the vision!”

“Where is she?” Edward snarled, his irises seeming to glow red.

“She’s near the boundary line…in the woods.”

“Carlisle!” Edward called, pulling me with him towards the Volvo.

He helped me in, for it seemed like my lungs were frozen…I couldn’t get enough air. I watched the speed dial go from zero to one hundred fifteen in a matter of seconds.

“What happened?” I choked, grabbing the seat for support.

“We’ll find her, Bella. And whoever is responsible for this…” he trailed off menacingly, and I shuddered to think. It couldn’t have been a vampire. The Cullens would have smelled it, and no vampire would have been stupid enough to leave shattered window! They wouldn’t have left any evidence…

Suddenly, I spotted the flashing lights of a police car and a crowd of people gathering near the woods.

“Here,” Edward said, screeching on the brakes and pulling me from the car.

We ran towards the crowd, and I saw Charlie and some other officers rolling yellow, police tape around the area. He saw me and his expression was grim.

“Bells, what are you doing here?”

I ran to him and clutched his arm for support. “Dad, what’s going on…what happened?”

He dragged a hand through his hair and looked pained. “Do you remember the trouble we had with the wolves a few months ago?”

My blood ran cold, freezing into blocks of ice. “Y-yes.”

“Well, we got a call this evening. Some hikers spotted wolf tracks and some blood, and then found…” he trailed off, shaking his head.

“What? What did they find?” My voice reached a high-pitched sound, bordering on hysteria.

“A baby, a little girl…killed by some sort of wild animal.”

The ground rose up to meet me as I fell forwards in a dead faint.


I woke up angrily as I heard a loud rap on my window. Grumbling, I rolled off the bed and stopped dead. Bella’s face was framed in the panes. I ran over and unlatched it, only to be caught off guard by her expression. It was dead…like all the life had been sucked out of it. Tear tracks glistened on her pale cheeks and her eyes were blazing with a cold fire…mixed with pain and anger.


“Which one of you did it?” her voice was angry, but a cold, deadly kind.

“Did what? Honestly, Bells…”

“Which one of you killed my daughter?” she screamed, mouth pulled into a snarl.

I stumbled back from her, shocked. “Meg’s dead? Christ, Bella, I swear the pack had nothing to do with this…!”

“Don’t give me excuses, Jacob! She was found in the woods this evening, wolf tracks all around her. The window to her nursery was shattered. Why? How could you do this to me, Jake?”

“Bella…” I began. How could she even think I would do this…?

“And you know what else? I had to ban Edward from coming after you, because I was afraid he might kill you!”

“Bella, listen to me! We had nothing to do with this, I swear…” I said, grabbing her by the shoulders.

She slapped my hands away. “We’re leaving, Jacob. We aren’t ever coming back. Don’t come after me…don’t come looking for me.”

With that, she ran away through the trees…moonlight glistening off her hair. I fell backwards onto my bed, feeling the tremors shake through me. This time, I didn’t listen to them. Instead I rolled over, face in my pillow, and let the pain take over.


I stood on a small hill, overlooking the woods where a small crowd had already gathered. It had all been so easy! It was a simple thing, really. Taking another baby and pretending like it was their daughter, smashing the window and putting evidence to make it seem like the werewolves did it.

I smiled; Aro would be pleased. I looked down at the little bundle in my arms and held it farther away from me. Meg, the girl, regarded me coolly with her golden eyes…mouth set in almost a snarl. I’d take her back to Volterra, where she’d be raised. She’d be a valuable asset to us one day, and the Cullens would never know it.

I sprang away into the forest, letting the wind brush past me. Somewhere, in the woods, a wolf howled mournfully. All the choices had been made. Now we just needed to see where they would lead us.