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Edward and Bella have been married for two months now. Bella still hasn't reconciled with Jacob, and her transformation is only one week away. Then...Bella becomes pregnant. Choices will have to be made. Choices that could change Edward and Bella's lives forever. ^^ This beautiful banner was made by the talented Vatina!CHAPTER FIFTEEN: SHADOWS IS UP! (THE LAST ONE, GUYS!) :(BUT LOOK OUT FOR THE SEQUEL...SUNRISE!

This story is based on a theory that my wonderful friend, Maria, and I had. Hope it works! I don't own any of it. All belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer! © Edwards Rose 2007

4. Chapter 4: Visit to La Push

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Chapter Four: Visit to La Push


I gave a loud yawn as I stumbled into our small kitchen. It was four o’clock on a Saturday morning…uh, afternoon. I’d only gotten a few hours of sleep. Not because of some evil bloodsucker, but because I was up all night thinking…thinking about what could have been.

That was something I’d been doing a lot lately.

I jabbed my finger into the phone, seeing the red, message light blinking furiously. I stiffened as Bella’s hurried and nervous tone filled the room:

Jake, it’s Bella. I’ve been calling a lot lately, but I know you won’t even consider picking up. I know you’re upset and, believe me, you have a right to be. Jake, the thing is…Oh, never mind! I don’t care, I’m coming down there!

The message ended. My heart constricted, she couldn’t come down here! It was all different now…now that she was married to that leech. And now my Bella was becoming one too…I ground my teeth together and balled my hands into fists. I remembered the night in the tent…how I had kissed her…the last time I’d seen her…the wedding invitation…running, running, the feeling of freedom enveloping me…leaving all my thoughts behind in La Push while I ran into the ever darkening forest. I felt the familiar tremors run through me, encouraging me to leave the world behind.

Then I remembered Bella.

I hastily checked the time when the message was sent…I had about fifteen minutes until she got here.


I hastily peered out into the hallway, checking for any signs of life. Well…I was the only one alive in the house, but whatever. I quietly closed the door to our room and tiptoed out into the hallway…so far so good. Edward had gone hunting again…since Alice’s frightened thoughts had pulled him away last time. He hadn’t wanted to leave me, but I told him he had to…his eyes were beginning to fade from gold…

I sighed heavily; I felt like a dirty fugitive. I knew Edward wouldn’t let me or our child anywhere near Jacob at the moment, which is precisely why I had waited until he left. I didn’t want to hurt him…that was the last thing on my mind. I needed some sense of closure, though….Jacob would be absolutely furious and hurt when I told him.

Remembering his broken howl when he'd heard of our engagement, sent a fresh wave of pain over me. My eyes started to prick.

I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other as I descended the stairs, not wanting to trip. I gave a sigh of relief as I made it to the living room. I thought of Rosalie and Emmett…they hadn’t been back for two days. Not since they’d heard our news…I forced those thoughts out of my mind, and headed for the front door. I opened it soundlessly, running onto the porch.

I only had a matter of minutes until Alice would see my future disappear…

Suddenly, in my haste to make a speedy escape, I tripped on the last porch step. I rolled over on the ground, careful not to make a sound. I sat up and hastily brushed my jeans off, and then resumed my course towards the truck. I took the keys out of my pocket and started the ignition. The truck roared to life and I hastily raced down the shaded drive. I breathed a sigh of relief as I made it to the main road…only a few more miles to La Push.


I heard a familiar wheezing outside the window. I ran to the curtains and peeked out, feeling like a sneaky little boy. I heard the truck door slam and saw Bella walking fast towards the porch. Maybe she would think I wasn’t here…

I heard a pounding on the doorway. “Jacob Black, open up! I know you’re in there!”

Never mind.

Her tone wasn’t angry, but exasperated and almost sad. But there was a slight edge to it, one I couldn’t quite make sense of.

I saw Billy roll into the kitchen, his eyes full of wisdom and pity. “Go talk to her, kid. You can’t keep her locked out forever.”

“Who says I can’t?” I growled to Billy’s retreating form.

I took a deep breath and walked stiffly towards the door. I opened it slightly, just enough to see her wide, brown eyes. Conflicting emotions raged through me, but another prominent one met my nose first. She was covered in that sickly-sweet smell; it burned my nose with every breath I took. I forced that away as I took in her face…

“Jake!” her voice was shocked, she obviously hadn’t expected to see me.

“Bella,” her name came out and low and toneless.

I saw her bite her lip and shuffle her feet uncomfortably. “Um…do you mind if we talk?”

I sighed. “We are talking.”

She narrowed her eyes…she was getting aggravated. “Not through a half-opened doorway if you don’t mind,” she said sarcastically.

“Fine,” I opened the door and walked out into the bright, brilliant sunlight, “We’ll go the beach.”


We walked towards the beach in silence. I hurried to keep up with Jacob’s long and angry strides, he still hadn’t met my gaze. The racing of my own heart was slightly calmed by the crashing of the waves…rhythmic and steady.

“How did you get away, Bells? Your husband’s letting you say your final goodbyes?” His voice was hard, but only I could detect the deep sadness and pain underneath it all.

“Jake, it’s not like that…” I began.

He turned around to face me. “No? I know exactly what it is, Bella. You left all this behind,” he proved his point with an exaggerated sweep of his hands, “You went and married that bloodsucker, and now he’s making you one of them! You’re giving everybody up, hurting them! Charlie, Renee…and me.”

I stiffened instantly as Jake hung his head down. He reminded me so much of the Jake who had been my best friend, but now he looked so sad and defenseless. The protectiveness welled up inside of me instantly, but I was too shocked to comfort him. “T-that’s not fair, Jake,” I said quietly.

“But it’s the truth,” he growled.

“Almost, but um, Jake? My uh…transformation’s been postponed.” This was my idea for a subtle lead in…

His head snapped up. “What? For how long?” his voice was urgent.

“Um…about nine months or so.” He didn’t get it.

His face automatically lit up, the lines etched onto his forehead immediately lifted. “That’s great, Bella!” He immediately reached out for me…exuberance floating off of him like a fine cloud.

I ducked away from his arms, thinking of Edward… “Just a hug, Jake,” I said softly.

His smile slipped, but didn’t stop him from enveloping me in his arms. “I’ll keep fighting, Bella. I’ll keep fighting…”

His words cut me to the core. I couldn’t tell him now…I didn’t want to ruin it. His words still echoed around inside my head…he’d sounded so sure of himself. “I missed you, Jake,” I said softly into his shoulder, because that was the honest truth.


As I drove back home, I was almost half-expecting to see a silver Volvo at the boundary line. I gave a sigh of relief as I rounded the corner…no Volvo. Then my eyes grew even wider, for in its place was a yellow Porsche.


I averted my eyes and drove carefully over the “line” and then Alice began to follow me as well. I knew she was probably seething…because of my recent disappearance and the fact that I was making her drive more than a hundred miles-per-hour less than she would’ve liked. I kept my eyes on the road, remembering how Edward had shadowed me all the way to Angela’s once…

After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled into the driveway, trying not to concentrate on the angry vampire behind me. I slowly opened the door and stumbled out into the open air. I pivot slowly to face Alice…she was leaning against the hood of her car, arms crossed over her chest. Her face was impassive, but her golden eyes were flickering with an angry and upset blaze.

“Did you have a nice time?” she asked sarcastically.

“Alice…” I started, walking towards her.

She sighed heavily. “Bella, do you know what I was doing before your future rapidly disappeared?”

I shook my head.

“Esme and I were searching catalogues for baby clothes.”

Oh, great. “I’m sorry, Alice…” I said in a pathetic voice.

“Did you tell Jacob, Bella?” Alice asked. She’d never been this angry with me before.


“You really don’t see, Bella. You’ve got to choose soon, you’re having a baby, and it’s not Jacob’s. It’s Edward’s.”

Her words stung and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes…I couldn’t cry, though.

Alice’s face softened slightly and she took my hands in her own. “Bella…I’m not telling you this to hurt you. I love you like a sister, but Edward’s also my brother. And I can see you’re hurting him…” She gave me a sad look and kissed my cheek.

Then I was left alone in front of the house. I had thought it would be easy…choosing between them. Edward was my life; I thought I could completely cut Jake out of it. Before everything would change, before I wasn’t human anymore…another choice. A violent wind shrieked through the trees, and raindrops began to fall.

Just like the tears that were spilling over onto my face.