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Edward and Bella have been married for two months now. Bella still hasn't reconciled with Jacob, and her transformation is only one week away. Then...Bella becomes pregnant. Choices will have to be made. Choices that could change Edward and Bella's lives forever. ^^ This beautiful banner was made by the talented Vatina!CHAPTER FIFTEEN: SHADOWS IS UP! (THE LAST ONE, GUYS!) :(BUT LOOK OUT FOR THE SEQUEL...SUNRISE!

This story is based on a theory that my wonderful friend, Maria, and I had. Hope it works! I don't own any of it. All belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer! © Edwards Rose 2007

5. Chapter 5: Nightmares

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Chapter Five: Nightmares


That was the first time I had my nightmare. I lay curled up into a small ball, the sheets wrapped around me in a messy tangle. In the dream, I was running through an overgrown field. Storm clouds gathered over my head, and the only sound was the pounding of my feet on the ground.

Suddenly, a small, cloaked figure gracefully sprang in front of me. I heard snarls echo behind me as little Jane Volturi easily crooked her long fingers. I whirled around to see Edward on the ground, his body taut and motionless. But most frightening were his eyes…staring at me with unvoiced pain, suffering, anger and sadness.

I heard a small chuckle from Jane as I turned around. Lightening illuminated the sky with a ghastly perspective…letting me see her face more clearly. Her irises were a blood-red, full of some emotion I couldn’t read. Then she raised her hands towards me…the expectation of some terrible deed in her eyes…

“No!” I screamed, jerking awake with frightening realization. This had been my first nightmare since Victoria’s death. Jane’s face still danced in front of me, but she wouldn’t come here. No, she wouldn’t.

I heard rain pounding on the roof and I let myself be carried back into an uneasy sleep…waiting for Edward to return.

It seemed only minutes later when I felt cold arms encircling me, and lips being pressed to my neck.

“Bella?” Edward asked softly.

“Mmmm…?” I asked in a muffled voice, not entirely sure if I was still dreaming.

He gave a soft chuckle. “Wake up, Bella. It’s twilight right now.”

I rolled over to gaze up into Edward’s eyes. I gauged them tentatively, looking for any sign of emotion. There were none. “Edward…are you mad?” I whispered, banishing all traces of sleep away.

Edward sighed. “No, Bella, I’m not mad. Just…disappointed.”

I felt the stupidity and pain welling up inside of me. “Edward, I’m so sorry! I love you so much, but Jacob…”

He silenced me by putting a finger against my lips. “No, Bella, I’m not as upset that you went to see Jacob. I was expecting it actually, but judging by his thoughts you didn’t tell him our news.”

Our news…just like Edward to put it so eloquently. “No,” I whispered, unconsciously hiding my face in the crook of his arm.

He smoothed my hair back gently, resting his chin on the top of my head. “Bella…did you ever think what would happen when you told him?”

“He’d be upset,” I sniffed.

“Bella…he might’ve killed you.”

“What?!” my head shot up and a nervous bolt ran through me, “Jake…he wouldn’t…”

“He would’ve been furious and hurt, he might not have been able to control himself. He could’ve phased and…”

“He wouldn’t do that, Jake can control himself,” I said vehemently.

“Sam would have never done that on purpose to Emily,” he whispered softly.

His words hit their mark as I thought of Emily’s ruined face…it only took one moment before everything changed. I lay there in a numb silence for a moment in Edward’s arms, listening to the rhythmic thrumming of the rain.

“Bella…you know all I care about is you and the baby,” he said slowly, breaking the silence.

I nodded and wondered if I maybe shouldn’t see Jacob again, not unless I was sure he’d be calm…My brain felt like it was in a fog, a very thick fog at that. I unconsciously looked down at my relatively flat stomach and sighed. I couldn’t even think of Jake right now…I’d process the situation later when my mind wasn’t racing with thoughts.



“Do you think our baby will be able to eat and sleep?”

Edward’s angelic laughter floated around the room as he kissed me on the neck.


The next morning, I woke up and dragged myself to the bathroom. Edward had gone to talk to Carlisle about something...by the look on his face, it probably concerned me and my tendency to cause trouble. I surveyed my face in the mirror-the bathroom mostly used as another prop-and sighed. I looked relatively healthy...on the inside, I knew I wasn’t, though. I wished I could talk to Renee about this…even her scatter-brained advice would be welcome. Maybe I could talk to Esme…she had had a baby before, even if it was almost a hundred years ago. I leaned closer to the mirror and proceeded to run a brush through my hopeless hair.

Suddenly, out of my peripheral vision, I caught sight of someone in the mirror behind me... I whirled around in fright, knocking my toothbrush and toothpaste off the counter with my hand. Did I really see a piece of clothing whip out the glass window…? I tripped on the corner of the bathmat, slamming to the marble floors with a squeaky kind of scream. I lay there with my cheek against the cool floors for a moment, trying to clam the racing of my heart.

“Bella?!” I heard the door fly open and Edward and Alice came running in.

Edward ran to my side and scooped me up off the floor, Alice hastily glancing around the cavernous room. “I can smell them…someone’s been in here, Edward,” Alice said evenly.

Edward glanced up in a panic. “Can you follow them?”

Alice nodded, her eyes blazing. Then she was gone, disappearing out the door like a specter. Edward had dragged me up into a sitting position, watching me with anxious eyes.

“I’m fine,” I whispered shakily.

His eyes were blazing, but he tried to control his emotions for my sake. “I can’t leave you alone for a second…” he whispered, attempting to lighten the darkness that gathered like a thick cloud in my heart.

“H-how did they get in without Alice or you noticing?”

Edward shook his head. “They had to have been very skilled…to get in like that.”

“W-who would it be, though?”

Edward’s smoldering eyes were staring off into space, not seeing me in front of him. I realized he was listening to Alice. “Damn!” he hissed under his breath.

“What?” I asked tensely.

“Alice lost his scent…he covered its tracks once he reached city limits.”

“Does that mean he’s gone?” I asked hopefully.

Edward looked down at me with a pained expression.

“I don’t think so, Bella,” he said in a bleak voice.


We sat in the living room, Alice sitting opposite nervously bouncing up and down.

“Are you sure, Alice?” Edward asked in a cold voice.

She nodded urgently, her forehead creased in consternation. “I can’t see him, Edward. It’s almost like he’s trying for me not to!”

“That’s impossible, Alice. Hardly any one has the power to manipulate your talent.”

Key word, hardly.

“Can you hear his thoughts?” Alice queried.

Edward’s face turned smooth as he tried to listen. His eyes closed and I felt myself mesmerized while looking at his face. His eyelids flew open, but the eyes behind them showed evident relief.

“He was only curious…he caught our scent and wanted to investigate. He’s alone…just passing through.”

I felt relief wash over me in waves, but something still didn’t feel right. “So…it was only a coincidence that he was in the same room I was?”

Edward nodded. “It had to be, Bella.”

“And I might be trying too hard, Bella. This sometimes happens to me.” added Alice.

I nodded and leaned into Edward, taking deep breaths. All that was going on in my life…Jacob, a baby, my nightmares, an only “curious” vampire. I tried to believe Edward and Alice…they sounded so convinced.

Then why did I feel like terrible things were being set in motion?