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Meadow of Love

These characters are not owned by me, but by Stephenie Meyer. Edward for the billionth time is talking Bella to the wonderful meadow. He's really nervous though...why?

well i decided that i wanted to add one more story. to be honest the song 'your body is wonderland' by john mayer inspired this stroy. if you could to make the story better listen to the song and read. it really sets the mood and so on. ENJOY!

1. Meadow of Love

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Sometimes I can’t believe my immortal eyes. Bella is so beautiful! She is my world......she is my dream girl. 100 years ago when I was a human I thought I was complete. I thought I didn’t need anyone. That girls were just there. I mean I respected them, but I would never see myself with one. I was always busy with something else like playing piano or work. The only thing that makes me happy I’m immortal is the fact I lived long enough to meet Bella. Today we are suppose to go to the meadow. I’m rather nervous. I don’t know why. If my heart was still pumping blood it would be doing double time. Isn’t it weird a vampire has butterflies? That thought made me chuckle out loud. I stood up to go to the end of the staircase when I heard my beloved Bella. She was at the top of the staircase and stared at me with those beautiful, deep brown eyes before proceeding. She blushed......I always loved it when she did so. I couldn’t help but gawk at her. She looked amazing. Like a beautiful fortress. Her hair was curled today. She also had on that nice fitting blue blouse I loved. I knew I had to thank Alice. She really knew how to make my breath go short. I just stared in pure amazement. Bella actually didn’t trip down the stairs today! Wow.

"Hey Edward!" she said happier than ever.

The only thing at that moment that escaped my lips was "you look amazing I couldn’t help but stare."

Damn myself! She looked down and started to blush. She blushed so much it went to the tips of her fragile ears.

"Bella I love it when you blush....the color looks amazing on you."

I could hear her heart rate quicken. I also loved the fact I had that kind of effect on her. Little did she know she had it on me.

"Lets go Edward. Come on! What’s so amazing about me?" she huffed. "Everything", I mumbled to low for human ears.

I walked up to her and grabbed her warm hand. Oh, how I loved her warm hands on me. Soon enough we were in the car driving. This time she didn’t complain about my driving. I was very amused by this idea and sped up. She just looked at me and smiled her warm smile. Now if my heart was still beating it would be palpitating. We were there. I got out first and as usual I opened her door for her. She was so used to it. It was like routine. She stepped out of the Volvo and stood there knowing what was going to happen next. I walked over to her at a human speed because I was nervous, Not nervous because I was alone with her. Not nervous because I was hungry. It was a different kind of nervous. Since this was still new to me the feelings hit me very hard. I wanted to shake. I never felt like this before. Bella and I have gone here before, but I was never this nervous.

"Edward before you put me on your back I wanted to do something." she said slowly.

I nodded thinking it had to deal with girl matters. Little did I know she was going to kiss me. She kissed me so warm and so passionately with her candy lips. I nearly fell over from shock. Of course I kissed her back. I wasn’t willing to pull back today, so she did when we were out of breath. I leaned my forehead against hers for a moment listening to her heartbeat.

"Wow Bella where did that come from?" I said gasping for air. "I don’t know. I just felt like kissing you right here right now." she panted.

When we both caught our breath I put Bella gently on my back. I was then off! We were there in no time. I laid the blanket down while she looked at the surroundings. She looked at me and saw me looking at her with my playful grin. She then knew what was going to happen.

"Oh no Edward! You are very scary! Please don’t hurt me!" she said with a coy smile. " you better be scared!", I growled playfully.

At that moment I flung myself at her. We went flying in the air over to the blanket. I locked myself around her and held her close to me. I hit the ground first and then flipped her and pinned her to the ground.

"Edward no! Please!" she said a little out of breath.

I caressed her cheek with my lips then moved to her neck and then to her collarbone. She laughed and tried to get away but she couldn’t. I loved how she tried so hard to get away.

" Edward!", she cried out laughing. "Yes, my love?" I said smiling. "Plea- hahahaha" she yelped.

I couldn’t help but laugh hard. If only she could have seen her face. While I was busy laughing she turned me and pinned me down. I was in shock.

"Edward Cullen I got you now!!" she laughed amused by the fact she got me. "Well that’s going to change miss Isabella Swan", I laughed.

We then laid there looking into each other’s eyes. Her deep brown always seem to capture me. In the sun her skin looked like porcelain. There’s something about the way her hair falls in her face. Everyday I fall even more in love with her. Just that thought makes me smile.

"Hey, bella we have to go now. Its late." I breathed against her soft porcelain like skin.

She looked at me and kissed me. I kissed her back once again. Again she had to pull away. I was in shock again.

"Edward Cullen I love you with all my being. Alright let’s go. First you have to let me go", she chuckled.

Dammit Edward you have to be such a love sick puppy don’t you? "Oh, right sorry." I said a bit embarrassed.

She just laughed and got up. I then got up and folded the blanket as fast as possible. I picked her up and spun her around yelling to the world how much I love her. I have no Idea where that came from.

She just looked at me wide-eyed and yelled out "I love Edward with all my heart!!"

My body want to like jump with joy. She jumped up higher on me and hugged me then put a small but strong meaning kiss on my cheek. I put her on my back and I went off running so fast it was unbelievable. I dropped Bella off telling her I will see her later and she went inside. I drove home as fast as possible smiling the whole way. I pulled up in my driveway to see Alice with a big grin on her face. I jumped out of the car dancing around happy shouting I love her, I love her. Alice ran up to me and went to give me hug but I got her hand and started to dance around. She laughed and walked inside. I walked inside whistling and dancing around. Esme walked up to me and smiled as big as ever. Then jasper like jumped up.

"Damn Edward you do love her. I can feel it. I mean I can really feel it."Jasper said with a smile.

Emmett ran down the stairs with Rosalie. Rosalie smiled for once and Emmett jumped on my back.

"You go little man! Wow I knew you would find someone as special as Bella. By the way me and Bella spent time together and she’s freaking awesome!" Emmett roared with laughter.

I ran up the stairs jumping around and singing. Carlisle walked out of his office and smiled at me. "Edward, I knew you had it in you to love. Oh, and the song your singing is horrid." I just laughed and went to my room. I laid on my couch closing my eyes seeing her wonderful, warm, brave, loving face.