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All I Ask of You

Bella and Edward’s first time could turn into a tragedy of its own, especially if Edward is unable to control himself. Inspired by the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (2004) and “All I Ask of You.”

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Edward and Bella, as well as the setting, are owned by Stephenie Meyer. Warnings: It's a sex fiction, but not graphic. So if you're uncomfortable with any part of love making, move on. <3 Angst and romance. The two keys to a good time. Edward and Bella's attempt at a first time. Enjoy.

1. Music of the Night

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All I Ask of You - Music of the Night

Her skin was soft beneath my stone touch as I brushed my finger tips along the angle of her shoulder. She looked gently up to me from her perch at the edge of the bed, her eyes piercing mine. Always trying to read my thoughts through my eyes, but I was well practiced in the way of hiding my thoughts. I knew that the only time she could read my eyes was when I was vulnerable, often times it happened before hunting trips. Sometimes it happened when I was with her, something simple, just her presence could send me into a spiral of susceptibility. The last thing I needed was for her see through me, for me to expose the impulse and rage inside me, especially now when she had put so much trust in my self control.

It wasn’t as simple as I had led on. Controlling the animalistic part of me was like taming a new wild beast every second, every moment knowing that the wild beast could snap and clamp its jaw around my throat… or hers.

There was no denying it anymore. I could finally have her, taste her inside me and let her become part of who I am, and what I will be. I can see all those images now, the old movies of Dracula seducing the beautiful women and then bringing them into his arms, drinking the life from them…

I shook my head, erasing the thought. That’s not how it was going to be between us. I wouldn’t let it be.

I left myself open for this. My insides sprawled across the bed. I knew getting this far would take more self control than I thought I had. Her body resting against mine, the gentle curls in her chocolate hair lightly brushing against my cold hand, it was like a test of the worst kind.

I was exposed, my mind was completely naked. I turned my face from her to hide the look in my eyes, a look she would see right through, now was not the time. I had to keep reminding myself. Pull it together. You need all the internal strength you have right now.

I peeled back the skinny strap of her satin dress, swallowing hard and training my eyes on my hands. She shook at my cold touch. No matter how use to it she thought she was, moments like this left her open to surges of hormones caused by physical contact, my icy contact. The strap fell to her arm as she slips her head sideways toward the opposite shoulder leaving her supple neck unprotected.

I thought for a moment that I couldn’t handle this, I had to stop, but I caught the look on her face. A soft smile etched its way onto her lips; I couldn’t disappoint her anymore. I was no longer going to hurt her in any way. I wouldn’t let her out of my sight. At least there she would be safe. I lay a gentle kiss on her neck just below her earlobe. She shuddered under the unexpected contact. I smiled as I continued kissing my way across her chest to the other shoulder. She dipped her head backward, letting her hair fall behind her and onto the pillows. I reached the other shoulder just in time to watch the strap drop by itself. I left a kiss on the now bare shoulder. I inhaled quickly, her scent filling my nostrils and my hair felt as though it was standing on end. I shook off the blood scent, the rage inside me, taking a deep breath through my mouth, parting my lips slightly.

She tipped backwards, letting her body come to rest on the large, down pillows. Her eyes are closed, as I make my way back up her neck to her jaw. A smile still tugged at the corners of her mouth, her pink lips fought back a gasp for air. The exhilaration of the breath moved greedily through her system, her heart thudded in her chest… I could lose it now, and it would be over. I wouldn’t have to be so gentle, I could… I could… My mind wandered, and I calmly collected myself while still nuzzling her earlobe. I promised. I had to make sure that I would fulfill my end of the bargain. She had said the two words I had been waiting for… for my entire life, and I, in return, would give her the last wish she had as a human, a living, breathing, blood pulsating being. The sound of blood pounded in my head, the tightening of my knuckles…

Gentle, Edward.


I could do this. I knew I could. And even if it didn’t quite work out, the agreement was only for a “try.” That’s all she asked me, and it wasn’t too much to ask for; just an attempt. I could stop at anytime, I thought I could… but I knew I couldn’t. One hundred years was a long time to wait, even with a life such as mine.

My mind had wandered too much, and she had notice. Her eyes gently examined mine, searching for something. I smiled reassuringly and kissed her gently on the lips. Within a second, her hands were at the back of my head, ripping through my hair. Humans, I huffed. Her grasping hands were hard to control, and they were starting to cause my body to react inappropriately. Her warm lips were too much, her tongue angrily ripped away at my lips, begging them to open. I seceded, letting her tongue slip slightly between them, keeping them at bay from my teeth. I reached back to loosen her grip on my hair. She gave up with an unhappy pant, groaning angrily. But her eyes were still flashing hungrily for more… I didn’t know how much more I could give without risking it. Taking it slow and one step at a time seemed smart to me, but absurd to her apparently. I couldn’t let her impatience get to me tonight.

Her flesh was so alluring… The soft scent of it stung my senses. The bouquet of an expensive wine.

I peered down at her, stroking her hair gently with one hand. I towered over her, but she wasn’t frightened of me, even in the susceptible disposition I currently found myself. She lifted a hand to brush my cheek in a calming way, but it unfurled something a bit more demonic, my senses heightening as I pulled her under me, hitching her leg to my hip. It happened so quickly, she giggled and turned a beautiful shade of scarlet.

How I’d miss that, the blood as it rose to the surface of her lively face, the pulse under her chin… the thud of her heart encased by her ribcage.

One life, one lifetime. It would be an eternity with her in a state much less fragile than her current one. But one without the scent of her blood and rose colour that she turned as she became embarrassed.

I could barely stand her stare, a look of confusion and utter hormones. I slipped my arm behind her and pulled her towards me, placing my lips to her forehead, her nose, and finally resting upon her lips. A gentle kiss. Her finger traveled lightly down my neck to the collar of my shirt, loosening a button with human fumbling.

Cruel. My hand curls into a ball, ripping the sheets; I released a bit of pent up frustration, as she tried to disrobe me. I try to distract my mind to another part of my body to avoid the tension between what my mind wanted and what my body needed. She had completely unbuttoned each little ivory button by the time I could focus back on her. The shirt hung open, resting on her chest.

There was a soft glow in the east, the sun would shine today. It was be the birth of something new. We would all feel it, though many of us wouldn’t understand what it meant. The room was only illuminated by the small pillar candles on the bedside tables and the new light of the east. I could see her clearer in this light. The way the new light glistened in her eyes as she noticed my stare. Ashamed, she looked away towards the window with a smile on her lips. Don’t be ashamed, I thought to myself. But I wanted her to be. I wanted to see the colours in her face for one last time as she blushed…

I lowered my body onto hers, gently as not to crush her. Her spine went rigid as she felt the weight of my body on top of hers. Biting her lip as she wrapped her arms around my neck. With my arms on either side of her body, I lowered my lips to hers. This time the animalistic side of her left, and she softly panted, letting her tongue slip between her lips and lapping softly at my own. The sound of blood pounded in my head. I left a small gap in my mouth and let my own tongue drift out to meet hers. The tips of our tongues met, almost in midair. The coolness of my touch drowned her warmth. It was like sticking her tongue to a frozen piece of metal, she couldn’t remove it.

Her hands loosened from their grip of each other and slowly traveled down my shoulders to my arms. At my elbows, they crossed my chest to rip at my shirt. I lifted off of her body, and she pulled the shirt back. I slipped one arm out and then the other. I hovered over her for a few seconds as she traced her fingertips over the curvatures on my chest and stomach. I held my balance on one arm as I forced the metal zipper on my dress pants down and the button from its buttonhole. They hit the floor with a soft thud. I traced my hand up her fleshy thigh, pushing the satin of her dress upward. She smiled and the rose colour returned to her face. I positioned my body between her hips, hitching her leg upon my hip again. I returned my face to hers, meeting our lips between us in a passionate embrace. The warmth between our bodies was odd, but incredibly pleasurable. Her fingers pushed back the hair dangling in my eyes, her lips kissing my cool forehead. I traced every inch of her precious body with a free hand, settling my weight upon the other. Her features were so human, the beauty that could only come from a living, breathing being. I felt her hands at the small of my back, her fingers digging into the skin as hard as she could, but not gaining any ground. I tipped my head back, feeling the warmth of her touch so vividly. It was a second, a sudden second. It caused my mind to spin out. Blood! It shrieked. The sounds of blood were back, the screams inside of my chest burned now. Acid spilt up my throat, almost like vomit, but it was something more sinister. Poison.

Edward!Don’t! You can’t! I heard it fight in me. My mind versus my body. Love versus blood.

Edward! It was her voice now, resonating in my head. Her ear piercing screams echoed inside of my chest. I trusted you!

No! I screamed to myself as I brought my lips down onto her shoulder so suddenly I startled myself. She shook violently, whether it was from fear or from excitement… I couldn’t tell. She gasped beneath me as her blood spilt from my mouth. I gulped, swallowing the warm liquid. It burned the back of my throat like acid. The thoughts flew through my mind, What had I done? She’ll never forgive me. I’ve lost everything for what?! For what!? I raged. I had lost my concentration, letting my body have what it needed, and my mind lost the struggle. I had to put myself back together, concentrating on holding back from draining her fragrant body dry. I pulled myself back just in time to see her face. A paleness growing, her eyes shut in terror. A tremor shook her body and the blood spilt freely from the open wound, soaking the pillow beneath her. The scent stung my sinuses, I close my air tunnels and refused to take another breath. I closed my mouth, swallowing what was left of her blood, removing the taste. I rolled off her and pulled her into mine, holding her tight and stifling the tremors.

“I’m so sorry,” I began, the words just spilling out like the blood on the sheets.

She shook her head, her hair sticking itself to the fresh blood. She choked as she attempted to respond. I pressed my fingers to her lips to quiet her.

“Don’t speak.” I closed my eyes, ashamed. It had been all she asked of me, and I couldn’t even give that to her. She would never know the way it felt to be human and to make love. I was livid with myself. I had stolen her last human request and ruined the moment for her.

She pressed a finger to my lips, whispering coarsely, “Love me, that’s all I asked of you.”