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Our Forever

This is just my version of what happens to Bella and Edward...I OWN NOTHING!! lol

Enjoy!! ^^ CHAPTA 2 IS UP!!

2. Chapter 2: Dream or Nightmare?

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"Edward..you know that I love you above all others...don't you?" I asked.
He had his arms around me before I could blink and was holding me recklessly close to him. "Yes...I do." He said simply. "And to prove how much I love you..." He started to say, then he leaned down and whispered to my ear.

"I'll change you..." he whispered.


I stared at him, my mind absolutely blank and still. Did he just say...what I thought he said? "I...uh...huh?"

He smiled down to me, dazzling me as he did so. "I will change you." he told me, his velvet voice betraying any conflicting emotion he felt.

"Who are you?" I asked, my mind playing tricks on me no doubt.

He chuckled and I felt as if I was hit with the bus of truth. I felt foolish for not realizing it. "I know! I'm dreaming!" I smiled. "This is all just a mind illusion and when I wake up you will be stubborn as ever about the subject. Eureka!"

Edward only grinned and shook his head slowly, then wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me onto his lap.

'Okay...that's a bit odd.' I thought before he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

I couldn't think very clearly as he kissed me, pulling me closer and closer. I twined my fingers through his hair, sure that he would pull away. Even in my dreams he had been overly cautious when we kissed, because that was all he had ever like. But then all he did was push his hands under the back of my shirt.

His hands stilled, besides the occasional rubbing the bare skin of my back. I felt trapped in a cage of ice, and I liked it.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes. "Bella my love, why do you look so surprised?" he asked and I smiled.

He may not be able to read my mind, but he could read my emotions...rather well. "Well," I whispered, knowing I would like a moron either way. But hey, this was a dream right? "I know I'm dreaming but even in my dreams you haven't been so forward."

"Well, you know what they say...'The better you know someone, the more capable they are of surprising you.'" he told me, before a bit of confusion colored his gold eyes. "Did you just say you knew you were dreaming?"

I nodded and he groaned. "Bella," he tugged me closer. "Haven't we been through this before?"

I smiled, thinking of Volterra, thinking of the night I found out the worst months of my life were the results of his worry for my being human. I shook my head, trying to dispel the terrible memories that filled me next.

"Yes," I ran my hand down his chest. "But that was on a completely different matter. Your change of opinion is something that I always dreamed about, let alone the fact that you are touching my bare back with your hands."

He chuckled again, but it sounded so much darker than before. "Bella you are not dreaming."

I just rolled my eyes and scoffed. I turned my head towards the window, but he gently grasped my face in his hand and forced me to look at him.

"I swear to you Bella, I will change you. I will do it without a complaint, and not only for my benefit. If it will make you happy, it will make me happy. Even though I would be just as joyful pushing a wheelchair around, I'm sure it wouldn't be the same for you. This is a big step for me, but I know how much you want it so..." he shrugged. "And the physical acts, well that will just get better and better from here on out."

I smiled and started to burst into laughter. My mind was seriously making me believe all this, it was official...I had a complex.

"It was a good thing I stopped that dog," he mumbled. I saw bitterness flash onto his face and I twitched. I knew what he was going to say and even though I knew it was true, I didn't want to hear him say them. "He was going to kiss you."

I flinched. Suddenly, Edward went rigid. I started to grow anxious, seeing the look of absolute shock and terror creep onto his face.

I felt odd, kind of like the feeling you get when you are home alone at night and feel scared even though you know you aren't really in too much danger. I was sitting on the lap of my love, my protector and he looked as frightened as I was when I met James in the Dance Studio.

"Bella," he said. "Charlie...Charlie is..."

I gulped and found my voice. "Charlie? What's the matter with Charlie?!"

Edward turned to face me, his eyes black. "Bella...there's been an accident..."