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Our Forever

This is just my version of what happens to Bella and Edward...I OWN NOTHING!! lol

Enjoy!! ^^ CHAPTA 2 IS UP!!

3. Chapter 3: Mystery Stranger

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"Bella," he said. "Charlie...Charlie is..."

I gulped and found my voice. "Charlie? What's the matter with Charlie?!"

Edward turned to face me, his eyes black. "Bella...there's been an accident..."


I jumped off of Edward's lap and glared down at him. Not in angry but frustrated shock. "What's going on!? What happened?!"

At first I didn't think he was going to answer me. And I felt a little angry when I realized he WASN'T going to answer me. He sat perfectly still on the couch, looking up at my face. He eyes held no emotion, just calm awareness.

"What are we doing?!" I shouted. "If Charlie's hurt we have to go! NOW!"

Edward seemed to snap out of what ever calm hypnosis he had and in a flash he was already running out of my front door, with me on his back.

The possibilities were beginning to flood my mind. Was he dead? That one and 'Is he going to die?' were the only thoughts that stayed in my mind long enough to hurt and forced my eyes to water.

"Dad..." I whispered in utter desperation.

It was no surprise that Edward would hear me, neither was the fact that he would try to comfort me. "I'm so sorry Bella.... If it helps he isn't dead. Carlisle is with him right now."

That did help but I wanted more answers. "What happened?"

Edward was silent.

"I swear to god Edward if you don't tell me..." I let the threat fall flat because i knew there really wasn't anything I could do. If he wasn't going to tell me, well...that was that.

I tried something else. "Please," I whispered into his ear. "Please Edward, he's my dad."

That worked. "Vampire attack."

I wasn't prepared for that. When Edward had said 'accident' I was picturing a car wreck or renegade punk with a gun.

I jumped into more questions. "Where? Who did it?"

"He was attacked not too far from our house and well...we don't know who did it. Esme found him." Edward sounded worried and I knew that was bad. "He's badly injured."

I was about to ask something else but I was silenced when I realized we were already there.

And there was blood all over the ground.

I struggled to get off of Edwards back and he didn't fight me. As soon as my feet hit the ground I was running to wear my father was lying.

Carlisle was bent over him doing something medical. He looked worried too and ... Charlie's eyes were closed.

"Keep her a little away..." Carlisle mumbled.

Edward grabbed my waist and I fought against him. "Dad!" I shouted. "Dad can you hear me!"

Carlisle didn't move, didn't look up. Then he closed his eyes. "I don't know what to do." He whsispered.

Edward began to pull me away and I fought hard. I elbowed him, I kicked him, and I scratched at his arm. But it did me no good and I knew that I would pay for it with bruises from hell. But I didn't care.

Charlie was important. Charlie could die. 'Could die...' those words lingered in my head and echoed like I was in a bad horror movie and I had reached the part where my life depended between if I dropped the car key from the slot or not.

"It'll be okay Bella." Edward said, his voice was obviously meant to be soothing but instead it ticked me off.

"LET ME GO!!" I screamed it and felt my throat burn as I did it.

He didn't obey me.

Charlie was almost completely out of my site now, all I could see was his blood soaked hand, limp on the ground. Then, as we turned a corner ... nothing.

The anger and desperation to be free turned into hoplessness and sorrow. "Please," I began to sob. I wanted to say something else but the only thing that came out was 'please'.

He turned me around and held me close. "I know it's hard." he whispered. "But you have to be strong for him."

"Is he dieing?" I asked Edward, feeling the cold of his chest. "Don't sugar coat it. Just tell me straight."

"Carlisle doesn't know. The wound slashed a little to close to his heart and he hit his head on a rock somehow. Carlisle is baffled because Charlie's heart beat will go fast and then stop. Then go faster." He pulled me closer. "Carlisle is thinking that it may be necessary to resort to desperation."

I knew exactly what that meant. Carlisle was thinking about turning him.

If the situation had been different, I would have been terrified of the very thought. The image of having an immortal father to loom over Edward and I for all eternity would have been enough to give me nightmares.

But the situation wasn't any different. Charlie needed to be saved, no matter what it was.

I didn't need to say that out loud for Edward to know. He knew I would want Charlie to live.

Suddenly, Edward went stiff and he pushed me to a tree. He was standing protectively in front of me, facing a stranger.

It was a boy. A boy around our age with messy black hair that came down to his chin and curled towards the sky. Nearly white skin and tightly fitting dirty clothes. There was something about him ... something familiar and ...wrong.

But the main thing that stood out besides his obvious beauty, were his vibrant red eyes.

"Leave." Edward snarled. "Get out of here now."

The boy paid no attention to Edward. His red eyes focused on me. He winked and blew me a kiss.

Edward growled and that got the boys attention. Temporarily.

He only glanced at Edward and then rolled his eyes, giving a bored yawn.

Edward flashed out and grabbed him by the throat. "Why did you attack the man?!" Edward yelled, teeth inches away.

That was him? My eyes widened as I stared at his face, waiting for an answer. "Because he smelled good." The boy said with a strange kind of snicker.

"You're familiar..." I whsipered.

Edward didn't acknowledge that but the boy glanced at me in confusion. Wow. He either was really confident or really stupid.

Edward stared at the boy then dropped him. He never hit the ground though.

Emmett and Jasper surged in behind him and grabbed him up, making escape look pretty impossible.

"Can we kill him?" Emmett asked with that kind of innocent darkness he pulled off so well.

"No." Edward stared at the boy for a minute. "He's mine but I can't finish him in front of Bella."

Emmett grinned at the boy. "Sucks to be you. Edward's pretty pissed off. Expect him to rip your flesh away so that you feel every muscle separate."

"Emmett!" Edward hissed. "Bella..."

Emmett nodded but continued to grin. "Oh yeah, I forgot. No crazy murder talk in front of the human."

Edward didn't reply, but turned to me and scooped me up in a big hug. "Carlisle thinks it's okay to move Charlie to the operating room in the house upstairs."

I nodded, reminding myself to comment on that when my sense of humor wasn't locked in a box of worry.

"What's you're name!" Jasper yelled at the boy from behind us. Edward didn't seem to care, just kept walking at a pace I had to jog to keep up with.

"Dean." He said. "Oh! Human!"

Edward kept walking but I hesitated and looked back at the boy.

He stared at me, his eyes both frightening and strangely seductive. "I can't wait to see if you taste better."

Something in his eyes changed.

Suddenly, I felt the over whelming urgency to go to him. I needed to help him, he didn't do anything to me . Just Charlie. It was an accident.

I stopped and started to walk towards him. Everything besides Dean was blurry. I could tell the muscular man next to him was Emmett and I could tell we were in a forest but ... nothing seemed important. Nothing but Dean.

"I'll help you." I said with a strangely warm feeling smile.

I felt someone say my name. Litterally, felt it. Like a tug. Then it came into my brain like bad transmission on a radio. "Be-lla"

"Come to me Bella, help me get out. I'm the good guy."

His voice wasn't smeared. It was perfect, loud and clear. I believed every word he said. It seemed impossible that anything he said or would ever say was wrong.

The bad transmission came in again. "Wh-at are y-y-ou d-oing? Be-lla?" the blurry fuzz was getting louder and annoying. It hurt my ears.

I covered my ears with my hands as I walked towards Dean. "I'll help you my kitten." Dean purred.

Suddenly I saw Emmett's blurry arm come down on Dean and he closed his eyes.

I felt as if I had been slapped in the face. The air around me seemed cold and all I could do was gasp for air.

My eyes flew around to my surroundings. everything was no longer blurry and all of the angles seemed too sharp. Suddenly, I felt like I was too hot. Like I was sweating and then I was afraid I was going to melt. "Edward." I sobbed in panic.

Cold arms scooped me up and I looked up at the beautiful angel's face I knew all too well. "Edward..."

Then my vision blacked out and I was out like a light.