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and though you long to feel her touch


This is FEMSLASH. Girl/girl. Rosalie/Bella. No flames, please. I won't listen.

1. and though you long to feel her touch

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Rosalie can tell that Bella's blushing, even though there's the entire second floor separating them. Blood rushes to the surface of the skin and a frail heart beats faster. She's hyperaware of the human's natural responses, and she's not exactly sure why.

While she walks down the hallway at the same time Bella's going the opposite direction, Rosalie brushes against flushed skin for a second. It's so warm, and she can't help but wonder what it might feel like to have complete warmth surrounding her, enveloping her. She doesn't remember this from her human years -- it was so long ago, and no human really notices the heat until it's gone.

x x x

Emmett holds her tightly in his arms. Her pale hands are wrapped around his wide shoulders as they lay on their huge, white bed. She presses herself against him, hard, trying to touch as much skin as possible. She's craving the contact but it's not really working, because he's just as cold as she is.

She breathes on his neck and kisses him there, but even her breath is cool and she groans, exasperated.

"What's wrong, Rose?" Emmett whispers, holding her tighter.

"Nothing, I -- I just --" She pries herself loose and runs from the room, forgetting to close the door behind her.

She flies down the stairs, without any conscious direction or destination. But somehow her mind knows what she wants and takes her straight to Bella's house. She's standing in front of the worn wooden door and before she spares a thought, her long white finger presses against the metal button. A bell rings somewhere within the house and in a few moments, Bella appears. Rosalie instantly feels the difference in the air when Bella's around: it's warmer and, somehow, more filled with life. Heady scents blow across her face, weakening her. It's like Bella's a furnace and Rosalie's right there, standing near enough to feel the heat coming off her.

"Rosalie?" Bella says, and her voice is puzzled. She sounds timid, as though she's afraid of angering the beautiful blonde before her.

"Hi, Bella," Rosalie says smoothly, quietly. "I was wondering if you might like to go shopping?"

The girl looks confused, but agrees after a moment. "Can you just, um...well, I have to get my shoes on. Come inside."

Rosalie steps swiftly over the door frame, standing very close to Bella. She longs to touch that warm skin again but she knows she shouldn't, knows this is probably the best she'll ever get. So she lets Bella step back quickly, closing the door behind her as if nothing unusual had happened.

Bella walks upstairs and Rosalie sits down on the couch in front of the television, waiting. This house is so much more alive than hers. She can tell people live here -- well, Bella's scent is overpowering, that's true, but it's more than that. It's like stepping into a well-heated room after being outside in the snow. It's like --

"Okay, I'm ready," Bella calls from the top of the stairs. Her scent and her natural warmth float down, announcing her presence a few seconds before her voice does.

They walk out to the driveway, and Rosalie realizes they'll have to take Bella's truck since she didn't bring a car with her. Bella notices this too, and blushes. Rosalie didn't know it was possible for a being to get any warmer, but that's exactly what the human's doing. Her blood is flowing faster and it's all Rosalie can do not to hold herself tightly against the frail girl's form and soak up all her heat. This is harder than resisting blood, because she's never really wanted blood anyway.

Instead, Rosalie turns to Bella, casually brushing a cool hand against her arm. "Do you want to drive, or shall I?"

Bella mutters, "If you'd rather take your car, I'll wait here --"

"No, your truck is perfectly fine. Don't worry, Bella."

"Then...um, I can drive. Unless you want to...?"

Rosalie laughs quietly. She steps into the passenger seat and says, "Sure."

Once the heavy door slams behind her, and once Bella's closed into the cab as well, Rosalie breathes deeply. Bella's warming up the entire truck. This is why she didn't object to taking the ancient vehicle -- her M3 is much colder. (The truck's engine has to work harder, the old air conditioner isn't as efficient, and the seats aren't leather.) Bella inquires at their destination and Rosalie vaguely remembers responding, but otherwise the trip was entirely silent. Rosalie is too busy soaking up her personal sun to speak.

x x x

Rosalie helps unload the many bags filled with new clothing. She's euphoric. During their shopping expedition, she was able to lightly touch Bella's skin several times. Each was quite innocent: a hand offered to help Bella up after a fall, a quick zipper pulled down the back of a dress.

Bella opens the door, balancing three shopping bags on her hip while turning the key. It's difficult, but it gives her an opportunity to hide her face from Rosalie. Because she can't help but remember the innocent touches that set her nerves on fire, cool fingers gliding along her skin and leaving goosebumps in their wake.

They walk up the carpeted stairs and set the clothing down on Bella's bedroom floor. They face each other, and there's a "what now?" feeling to the atmosphere.

Rosalie can't help it. She honestly can't -- it's a desire so strong that it pulls her with bodily force. She steps closer to Bella and wraps her body around the girl, and the sudden intake of breath is followed by fragile arms completing the embrace. It's so much to take. Rosalie has been wanting (no, not wanting, it's not strong enough of a word) to do this all day, and now she's covered in the girl's warmth.

She leans down to kiss Bella and her mouth is so soft, yielding to the slightest pressure. Rosalie trails her hands down Bella's neck, and suddenly she wants more. She wants to feel all of that skin pressing against hers, alighting her entire body with the heat of life.

So she impatiently pulls her shirt over her head, throwing it to some distant corner of the room. Bella's comes off next -- and then they're crushed together with the force of Rosalie's desire. She lays back on the bed so Bella's on top of her, kissing her with fierce abandon.

It's the closest she'll ever get to being human -- but for now, it's enough.