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this is what happens when you're starved for company



1. this is what happens when you're starved for company

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"Hey, Rosalie," Emmett purrs.

The beautiful goddess rolls her eyes in exasperation. Her voice is flat -- changing the question into a statement. "What do you want."

"Well, you know," he says. "Do you think we could...I mean...tonight...?"

"You are so utterly tactless, Emmett," she retorts acidly. "Try to learn some subtlety, okay? I hear girls appreciate that, nowadays." She rustles her magazine and turns the page, following some latest fashion.

"Aww, come on, Rose. Why do I have to be subtle with you? You know what I want."

Silence. Then Rosalie carefully folds her magazine in half and sets it beside her on her bed. She speaks deliberately, with over exaggerated patience. "Emmett, what makes you think I want to have sex with you?"

He stares at her, stunned. "But -- but you're my wife."

Her eyes narrow; Emmett scoots backwards a few paces, because he knows what's coming next. "Emmett Cullen! Are you so selfish as to think I'm your sex slave? Do you think that you get whatever you want just because you want it? I'm not in the mood, okay? Just deal with it!"

Emmett says nothing, but Rosalie's not done.

"Maybe it'll be good for you to spend some time without me. I'm going to Denali for a month. I hope when you get back that you've learned something."

"Goddammit," Emmett mutters as Rosalie storms off.

Jasper walks into the room. "What happened?"

"Rosalie got pissed at me for something, I don't even know what. So she's going to Denali for a whole friggin' month." Emmett glares sulkily at the floor, and Jasper has to laugh: everything about his posture says he's pouting.

"Well..." Jasper drawls, "you're immortal. A couple weeks will go by pretty quickly."

Emmett's frustration fills the room. His answering whisper is desolate.

"How am I supposed to survive an entire month without sex?"

x x x

It's Week Two, Jasper notes, and Emmett's starting to show signs of pressure. He's actually eyeing humans in the hallways, now -- especially the blonde ones. This can't be allowed to continue. During History (which he's lived through, so he's bored as hell) he mutters too quietly for anyone else to hear:

"Don't try anything. You'll crush them."

Emmett has to stifle a snort; by the time the teacher wanders by, he's managed to turn it into a convincing cough. Unfortunately, Jasper's comment seems to have only reminded Emmett of his inner turmoil -- he glances around the classroom again, gaze settling on one of the taller, blonder girls in the front. Jasper's an unwilling recipient of these...lustful feelings, and he hisses, "Cut it out!"

A sheepish grin, and the curly-haired head is bent convincingly over his work again.

x x x

The first day of Week Four, and Jasper's starting to get worried. The threat of Emmett actually attempting something with one of their classmates is a real fear -- it could expose them all, cost a human's life, and definitely incur Rosalie's wrath.

He sits in front of the TV, idly reading yet another college text book while Alice leans against him and plays with his hair. It's another pointless Saturday: Esme is hunting, Carlisle's at the hospital, Edward's with Bella (where else?). The only other person left in the house is --

-- oh. There he is. Jasper can tell Emmett's just walked in, before any audio or visual cues, because a sense of desire so strong nearly overwhelms him. He glances up and sees that Emmett's staring directly at Alice, lust plain in his eyes. When he notices that Jasper's looking, Emmett tries to gaze at something else, anything else. But it's too late.

A low growl forms in Jasper's throat and he jumps up from his position on the couch. He grabs Emmett by the waist and hauls him bodily upstairs. With a grunt, Jasper tosses him into the nearest room.

The door slams behind him and he spins around, leaping onto Emmett's chest and making him fall backwards onto the bed. His eyes are dark and only inches from Emmett's, who grins.

Jasper tries to speak through clenched teeth. "Don't you ever...think that...about my wife."

A chuckle, and Emmett says, "Okay, okay." He keeps talking -- what's he trying to hide? Jasper wonders. "I wouldn't ever do anything to Alice, of course I wouldn't, I..."

Emmett's voice trails off and that's when the full force of the other vampire's lust hits Jasper head on. He's overwhelmed with the feeling that if he doesn't feel some bodily contact soon, he's going to implode. So he accepts the only option open to him: he crushes his lips down on Emmett's. He's gasping, he's still holding his body over Emmett's, and it's wonderful to be able to do something about this desire.

Jasper presses himself flush against Emmett and kisses him harder. He pulls his own shirt over his head and Emmett does the same. And then there's nothing as a barrier between their skin touching, between that desperately needed contact.

There's lust in the air and Jasper can feel it, and he accepts it, pouring it back into the atmosphere. It's like an endless circle of give and take, Jasper tasting the emotions and influencing with those same emotions. It's gotten to the point where he can't tell what's real and what's just a product of his gift -- and what he wants and what he doesn't want.

Jasper pulls back. He doesn't say a word, but bends down for one last kiss before standing up. He walks to the door and says, "Hope that helped."

Then he turns, readying himself for the trip down the stairs, because at the end of those stairs is Alice.

"Jasper, wait," Emmett calls from the bed, hurrying to stand up. "Don't leave just yet. I -- I mean, didn't you like it?"

"Of course I did," Jasper replies dismissively. "That's why we can't...can't keep going."

He didn't mean for his voice to break on that last sentence.