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"Far Away" version 2. He made a mistake. Now he has to fix it.

This is my rewrite of my horrible story "Far Away"

2. Author's Note

Rating 5/5   Word Count 284   Review this Chapter

Well, this story has hopped right into the back seat along with pretty much everything else I have in the process of writing.

Time has been a little short for me lately, and the muses have ditched me, probably because they're sick of the overtime work they now have to do for my english class.

Ton of writing there, but none of it's fanfiction.

I'm not sure when I will end up finishing this story, but the abosolute earliest would be around Easter.

If not then, you'll be waiting till summer unless the muses hit me like a ton of bricks.

But I do have a story in the works about Lauren. It's a little forced, but the writing style is good. Hopefully I can come up with a plotline soon (I've just started, and I'm only about 200 words in), and then I will be off. I have some more ideas for my favorite character, just have to work out the details, i.e., writing it.

Of course, it's been so long since I've posted anything that half of you probably don't even remember me, or you (no offense intended) just haven't been around for the more than 2 months required to have seen any of my work on the "Most Recent" page. If you haven't read it, my favorite piece of my writing would have to be "Spring Fling," the story that hooked me on writing about Lauren. Protezione is one of my better ones, along with this story, Redeem, which is a re-write of Far Away. Hopefully I should have something up soon, so wish me luck and enjoy my older stories until then!


Blonde Bella